The Chili's Game


The Chili’s Game

updated Octber 27. 2017

Several people have asked me to explain the Chili's Game, so here it is.  I willl update this page as needed.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is an American casual dining Tex-Mex Restaurant chain that has 1,600+ locations in 34 countries.

Disclaimer:  The Chili’s Game has nothing to do whatsoever, with the restaurant chain itself, any individual restaurant, any Franchisee, the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle, Alexis McCall as an individual, a website, a lifestyle blogger, or coach. (fucking lawyers!)

The Chili’s game is a way for a married couple to build Intimacy, Open and honest Communication with each other and to expand the comfort zone of the potential Hotwife.  That’s it!  That’s the whole enchilada, so to speak, speaking of Tex-Mex.

Why is it called The Chili’s Game?

When my husband decided to recruit me to be his Hotwife, neither one of us knew anything about the lifestyle or how to go about it.  He very publicly admitted one night at a beach party after drinking all day, that the thought of his wife (me) having sex with another man turned him on.  Hmm . . . . I thought to myself.  That was a major revelation!

It was an admission that was totally out of the blue, except that he had seen me sitting in shallow water in the pouring rain earlier in the day,with an empty beer cooler over my head (drunk) along with the head of another man sitting next to me, who was kissing me underneath the empty cooler.  Everyone knew what we were doing but nobody actually saw it happening.

We had been on our way out to our boat anchored ten yards off shore to get ice, when the sky opened up.  Rather than getting pelted by ice cold rain by trying to make a run for it, we simply sat down next to each other in the warm Gulf water and put the cooler over our heads.  Did I mention drunk?

Going forward, Intimacy was a brand new concept for my husband and me after 20+ years of marriage without it, but that drip of honest Communication that night sitting around the bonfife became a drip, drip, drip, of honesty and Communication which became a trickle of Intimacy, that suddenly became a free flowing waterfall of Intimacy between us.

We were able to talk about anything and everything.  Michael wanted to share me with other men! That should have freaked me out!  I should have accused him of wanting to get rid of me!  I should have assumed he had a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or any other ulterior motive you could think.

I should have.  I could have.  I didn’t.  Why?  Because now we had Intimacy.  We were no longer Alexis, and Michael.  We were “Us”.

We talked about everything.  We talked about sex and his fantasy about sharing me with other men for hours.  We talked about how I could meet men.  It was Michael that came up with this game we could play in order for me to meet men.

It wasn’t about sex at first.  It was something we could do together as “Us" as just a way for me to meet men and talk to them in a nonthreatening, safe, environment, with no further expectations.  Obviously I had to get used to meeting and flirting with men that wanted to have sex with me first, in order to be shared with them.

There was a Chili’s Grill & Bar within a mile from our home.  It has a rectangular bar that is separate from the restaurant.  The bar area is more like a sports bar.

The idea was for me to show up at the bar alone.  Michael was going to meet me after work.  He wanted to give me a 30 minute head start.  The idea was that I was alone, wearing an ankle bracelet on my right ankle.

Men would flirt with me because I was by myself.  Could they by me a drink?  Was I waiting for my husband?  Was I waiting for a girlfriend?  Was I out by myself because I was pissed off at my husband?  The possible answers to those questions were endless depending on my mood and the guy doing the asking.

Michael would come into the bar and sit across from me pretending not to know me, or he stood to one side waiting for the bar to thin out somewhat so that he could sit down to watch my interaction with these men that were flirting with me.

When I left the bar, Michael would meet me at home and then we would talk it to death.  We built more Intimacy.  We talked about every man that talked to me, hit on me, flirted with me, gave me his business card, bought me a drink, tried to sneak me out, or anything I experienced.  We talked it to death and built even more Intimacy.

We also expanded my comfort zone that way.  Michael was trying to get me to stop wearing panties altogether during that same time frame.  The first time I played the Chili’s game with Michael watching me, when I was wearing a short skirt and no panties suddenly changed my mind set.

The men that were chatting me up didn’t know I wasn’t wearing panties, but the way I reacted to them changed.  I felt sexier, vulnerable, and naughty.  Even my husband noticed the change in the way I responded to the attention I was getting.

That night sitting in Michael’s home office while he was debriefing me over a glass of wine I heard these words come out of my mouth without even thinking about them first.

“So how far do you want me to go with this game?”  I asked, just a micro-second before my face turned bright red in embarrassment.

“Are you talking about the guy that was whispering in your ear?”  Michael asked.  He was smirking at me.  I nodded.

I told Michael the guy was trying to talk me into kissing him right there at the bar.  That is not something I would have done publically back then even if Michael hadn’t been watching me from the other side of the bar, but I was tempted and with our new Intimacy I said so.  Michael used my reaction as a teaching moment.

“I will never ask you to do anything out of your comfort zone Alexis, but the way to expand it is by letting him kiss you.”  He said. 

He was right.  I began ramping up the game a little and Michael helped by offing me challenges, like coming up with outragous stories about why I was alone, collecting business cards from men, parking lot kissing, etc.  There is no limit to how far this game can go up to and including parking lot sex which eventually happened once, but was not planned and is not something I recommend even though it was incredibly exciting and naughty.  That story is in my blog if you haven't already read it.

Having said that, please understand the Chili's venue is probably not the right venue to find Mr. Tonight, but is a good venue if you want to to look for Mr. Eventually.  If you have questions on The Chili's Game, I can only help you if you ask!