About Us

(updated April 2016)


My name is Alexis McCall.  Most people call me Lexi.  There was some confusion about that at first on Tumblr.  I am 43 years old.  Today’s date is April 13, 2016.

My husband Michael is 47.  We met at the University of Florida in Gainesville.   We have one child, a daughter.  She is a student there now.

We have been married for 23 years   We were not miserable but we were NOT happy.  I had to quit my job as a paralegal a few years ago to try and manage our then15 year old daughter, who was attending neighborhood after school sex parties as well as hosting them in our home.

Although I was successful in my efforts to at least slow her down significantly I was not able to stop it.  She did manage however, to graduate from high school without having become pregnant.

After she left for college and we became empty nesters, I discovered that my marriage really sucked.  I was lonely, frustrated, had no sex life to speak of, and was being ignored by my husband.

At the same time men kept telling me I was looking hotter than ever.  They were constantly hitting on me and tempting me.  “What’s wrong with this picture?”   I thought.

Then I discovered online chatting, which led to a few cyber affairs.  I was only a few days away from actually consummating my first real sexual affair when the events in my blog led us down a totally different path.

It wasn’t easy getting here but Michael and I are happier now then we have been at any time in our marriage and we aren't even living together at the moment but it has nothing to do with the condition of our relationship and everything to do with our careers.  That is also fully explained in the blog.

Within a few months of starting my blog I also began a new career as a Service Provider in the sex trade.  Why I did that, how it came about, and why my husband wanted me to do it, is spelled out in the blog.

This website is my way of paying it forward.  Becoming a Hotwife for the right reason will supercharge a marriage, repair a damaged relationship, bring a couple closer together, build Intimacy, and improve Communication.

It did all those things for our marriage and it can do the same for any couple with an open mind.

Alexis McCall