Why are you doing a Tumblr blog?

When Michael and I started down this path of opening up my end of our marriage for our mutual benefit we could not find any “real” information in the blogosphere that was not either porn or fantasy.  There was nothing reliable out there that we could believe. (That we could find, anyway)

I kiddingly told my husband one time too often that I could do this, once we figured out the lifestyle.  My background is in Journalism, and during my 12 year working career I was a paralegal.

After 6 months of experience being the only real Hotwife I had met in person so far, I started my Tumblr blog entitled Hotwife 101to give the benefit of our limited experience with this wonderful lifestyle that saved and completely turned around our marriage almost overnight.

I am hopeful that other real couples that are looking for advice on how to get where we are, who happen to stumble upon my blog will find it helpful.  It has been a labor of love.


So why a Website if the information is the same as your Tumblr blog?

When I began doing research on blogging in general, almost everyone who offered an opinion on the subject was in agreement on how long each posting should be.  The general advice is that shorter is better.  I should keep my postings to 300 words and if they go over 400 words most people won’t read them.

Well, that is counterproductive to my idea of providing a service for people that want to learn about the benefits of our lifestyle, so if you want the basics in 400 words or less you can get it at http://lexiluvssex.tumbler.com.  The reason why this address is not a hyperlink is because it doesn’t work.  Copy/Paste the address into your browser.

There are some other reasons too.  It someone really wants the whole story they don’t care how many words I use giving it to them.  Another reason is because not everyone is comfortable starting at the bottom and reading upwards.  Since my postings are a chronological information sharing experience they need to be read in order if you want all of the information tied together.

On this website I can expand on certain things beyond the 400 word self imposed cut off point if I feel like it and I can post the blogs in order starting at the top so the reader can read in reverse blog order.

It has recently come to my attention that some major changes may be coming to Tumblr with regard to what can be posted.  If that happens, at least all my work won't be lost.


Why are your eyes always blurred or covered?

Because my husband wanted it that way in the beginning and that’s good enough for me.  Having said that however there are a couple of reasons why he wants it that way. When I started the blog I had no intention of putting any of my own photos up at all.

Then we learned that people wanted to see what Lexi looks like.  It sort of became an issue of credibility.  Michael picked out the photos and he blurred my eyes for deniability.  That may not be the best word but I bet you know what I mean.

The other reason is because of the same thing they used to say about AIDS.  Although AIDS is no longer always “forever” any more, photos on the internet are!