I would have liked to call this page "My Music", or "Music for Mary".  Sadly, I wasted 12 years of my life as a paralegal working for a large law firm in Tampa, FL, where the most important thing I learned was to cover my ass, because if someone can figure out a way to sue you for financial gain, they will!

So here is the legal stuff, to cover said ass.  It is my fervent belief that the links I am sharing with your said ass, have been represented to my said ass, as royaly free music.

That should probably be enough to cover said ass, but it might not be, so lets take it a step further.  If you have a claim of authtencity, which believes that the link I have provided to your content is owned by you and is not royalty free, and you wish me to me to remove it from my website, I will consider your request.

Listening hint:  Only listening to one of these tracks for ten seconds to see if the vibe speaks to you is a mistake.  I am sharing my music with not because I think it will inspire you.  I am sharing it with you because it inspires me.  Do I hope it inspires you?  Hell yeah!  People are never inspired by things they know and have experienced that didn't inspire them.  We are all inspired by things we have never experienced so far!

Accoutic breeze by Bensound (3:28)

Voyage by Lemmino (3:48)

Lost within by AHimitsu (5:33)

Moon by Lemmino (3:39)

Unconditionally by Broken Elegance (4:05)

Hot Heat by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (3:09)

Echo by Broken Elegance (4:35)

Delusion Feat. Gina Livia by FortyThr33 X Epshteyn (4:26)

Long way to go  by Miguel Johnson  (4:51) My favorite so far!

Childhood by Mike Chino (3:48)

Piano Rock Instrumental - Hyde (4:10)

Across The Nation, by Golden Age of Balloning