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To my readers:  This is the Reverse Blog format of my Blog starting at the beginning through December, 2016. 

Hotwife 101

Note from Lexi:  This is my blog starting from the beginning, reading down.  Once you are caught up if you so desire, the blog is also posted in correct blogging order with the newest posting at the top to make it simple.  The dates on the posts are the date they were posted, not necessarily the date of the event.


Lexi discovers blogging!

January 03, 2015

This blog is our journal.  It is the story of how my husband Michael and I became active participants in the Hotwife lifestyle.  I say “we” because without his support and constant encouragement it wouldn’t have happened and we would probably still be plodding along in a marriage that was not miserable, but was emotionally unfulfilling for me and almost nonexistent sexually.  To say that we were simply going through the motions in bed, would be an understatement.

What this blog isn’t

This is not intended to be a porn site although I have no idea how it will evolve over time.  If you are looking for erotic photos with captions of naked women being impaled by men with giant cocks while their husbands sit in a wing-back chair wringing their hands, there are plenty of blogs out there for that.  This is not one of them.

Michael is not a cuckold except in the deeper sense of the term, because I am a married woman having sex with men outside my marriage with the permission and encouragement of my husband.   I will have a lot to say about that part later because it’s important.

My name is Alexis and yes, that is my real name.  My husband is Michael and that is his real name as well.  I am the one with the writing skills so I am the one typing the blog but only half of this story is from my perspective.  Michael and I are writing this together because we are taking this journey together.

The main purpose of this blog is to give couples in our footsteps some help benefitting from our experience figuring out this lifestyle because when we were looking for useful information all we could find was porn and cuckold caption photos.  If you have a legitimate question that isn’t covered in my posts or even one that is, Please ask.  You can reach either of us at

Because we are still fairly new to this lifestyle I do not yet feel comfortable putting up photos of myself, although we are talking about it, and at some point I probably will.

If I do this right, my posts will appear in order from top to bottom, unlike a normal blog that has the newest post at the top.  If I don’t do it right, at least I have the post date on each post.


Our Background

January 4, 2015

My name is Alexis.  Everyone calls me Lexi.  My Husband’s name is Michael.  I am a card carrying (anklet wearing) Hotwife.  We have been in the lifestyle since midsummer of 2014.  I am happier now than I have ever been in my married life.  So is my husband.

The reason we want to tell our story is because we believe that sooooo many marriages could benefit by simply opening them up to include others sexually.  Having said that though, we only have our own example to hold up as evidence.   That’s why we began doing research on Tumblr.

We don’t actually know any other married couples where the wife is a practicing Hotwife, although we do know that some of our friends are cheating on their spouses.   Michael and I agree that open communication and trust are critical in this endeavor.  As proof of that, if Michael hadn’t been the one to bring up the subject to me first, it never would have happened.  More on that later.

We live in Tampa, Florida.  Michael is 45.  I am 42.  We have one daughter.  She is 20.  She is out of the nest attending one of the State Universities.  She does not know about her mother’s open sex life, and for the time being I prefer to keep it that way.

Michael constantly challenges my thinking about almost everything now.  We just had a major discussion about what I just wrote.  He wants to know why I don’t want our daughter to know I date.  It isn’t that he wants to tell her as much as he wants me to think about why I feel what I feel.  I really love that about him now.

That’s a two way street now  It was my idea to post our story on a blog.  Michael didn’t think that was a good idea.  I asked him why not?  He didn’t have an answer that made any sense to me.  Now he loves the idea.

About Us

January 4, 2015

I have lost the argument about posting a photo.  It’s going to happen.  I like the photo, but he has agreed to do some minor editing for me so none of my daughter’s male friends can identify me and start sniffing around again.

I am 5’8”, blonde, hazel eyes, 122 pounds.  My bra size is 32D, my waist is 24 and my hips are 34.  Michael is 6’1”, blackish hair, graying around the edges, 210 pounds, and wears a 42 long suit.  We are both physically fit.

I have been referred to as both a MILF, and a cougar, and I find both terms flattering.  I am not a beautiful woman but I have my moments thankfully.  I think the biggest compliment that my daughter ever gave to me was that she was jealous of the attention I was getting from her boyfriend’s.  That’s because she didn’t get the boob gene passed onto her.

Michael owns a business in Tampa that he started from scratch.  He now has almost 20 employees.  I am incredibly proud of his success.  In my working career when we were struggling, I was a paralegal for one of the major law firms in Tampa.

My marital monogamy was constantly challenged during my 12 years there.  You would think that of all professions, lawyers would be especially aware of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I had several close calls with marital infidelity but never actually crossed the line, but not because I wasn’t willing.  Michael and I laugh about this now but he didn’t know about it for several years until we began communicating with each other on the level we are now.

I almost had sex on top of my own desk with one of the partners of the firm after a Christmas party at the office, and an after party at a bar in Ybor City.  I was in his car.  He took me back to the office to have sex with me.  I was all about it.  I was not only drunk, I was pissed off at Michael because he was focused on everything but me!

It was a disaster!  He came in my hand while I was trying to help him penetrate me!  In the end, I never officially, cheated on my husband, although my heart was not pure. Michael says he has never cheated on me.  I have no reason not to believe him because he has no reason to lie to me.


More Background

January, 5, 2015

Two years ago, during the middle of the housing recession Michael business made a shitload of money.  When I signed our tax forms I freaked out when I saw that we owed almost $75,000.  It was the first time in our lives that we didn’t get money back.

Michael told me that he hit a business home run that year and showed me the check he had written to pay the additional taxes we owed.

I was not happy about this situation for a number of reasons:

A:  We were not living like we could afford to write a check for $75,000 to the IRS.

B: My husband was not communicating with me about much of anything, let alone his business success.

C: I was probably a week away from consummating my first real affair with a man I met in a chat room that had talked me out of my cyber panties.  We were amusing each other sharing our sexual fantasies and were negotiating what I would wear on our “real” date.  Now everything was different.

My husband was surprised by my anger but took it in stride.  He had also paid off both our cars and my credit card which was significant.

My heart was becoming cold for my husband but it melted somewhat that same night when he suddenly began to cry.  That was so out of character for him it scared me.  I asked him what was wrong.

He told me his biggest regret in life was that his father had not lived to see Michael hit his stride in business.  I was stunned by that revelation.  In 20 years of marriage I had never seen that side of Michael.  I was in for some other surprises as well.

The following week Michael took me boat shopping.  It was something we had been talking about wanting to do but never had the money.  One of our friends has a SeaRay and took us out to the Islands off Clearwater on the weekend sometimes because I could usually get talked into removing my top once we cleared the channel markers.


The Boat

January 6, 2015

The boat we bought cost more than our house and it changed my life forever.  It is 40 feet and has a huge bed below the deck that is almost round.  It also has a sun pad on the back that is perfect for having sex when you have a special someone and privacy.  (More later).

Michael says the boat turned me into a slut.  I don’t know about that but I do know it turned me into a party girl.  Things got better for Michael and me once we got the boat, but only superficially and only because there is something about being on that boat that revs up my hormones.

We had a lot of problems figuring out boating in the beginning.  Michael had Sea-Tow on speed dial for the first year because every time we took the boat out, we ran aground somewhere.

There were two things that were a given on the weekend when we took the boat out.  Alexis would get drunk and Michael would run us aground.  Memorial Day weekend was significant.

I loved partying on the weekends on the boat.  I bitched less about my life/marriage.  I drank more.  The less I bitched, the better Michael responded to me.  We spent the day on Saturday partying at Shell Island.

The boaters we met were going to overnight there.  We didn’t know how to do that and decided to go back to the marina and party there.  That didn’t happen.

Michael ran us aground in Boca Ciega Bay.  We ended up spending the night out in the middle of the bay on a mud bar rather than calling Sea-Tow.  I didn’t care.  I was drunk.  Just after sunset, and probably because I took my top off, Michael had sex with me on the sun pad.

It wasn’t dark and at least two boats saw us fucking.  We both laughed.  The reason I am telling you about it is because it turned into a life changing event and neither of us had any idea at the time.


Expanded Horizons

January 7, 2015

Memorial Day  Weekend 2014

I woke up to a splashing sound.  I didn’t know where I was but I knew I was hung over.  Michael and I spent the night on the boat out in the middle of Boca Ciega Bay.  The splash was because when the tide came in, we floated off the mud bar and Michael had felt the boat motion, got up, and threw the back anchor out to keep us in deep water since we were floating again.

It was only the second or third time we took the boat out that we didn’t have to get towed back to the marina.  The bigger milestone however, was that It was the first time we had sex on the boat.  I had an unusual amount of sperm inside me that I needed to flush.

In my mind, Michael treated me differently that day.  After I showered and dressed, he sent me to Publix to buy food while he got the boat ready to go back to the island.  He wanted us to go back out there and party with the people we had met the previous day.

I wanted that too.  We had more in common with those people we just met, then we did with our non boating friends we had known for years.

Shell Island was packed that weekend.  It was not possible to get back to the spot we had before.  A woman I met named Shar saw me waving to her.  She went and got her husband.  He swam out to where we were idling.  He came aboard and took over the controls from Michael.  He knew everyone out there.

He directed traffic. Boats were adjusted on their lines and he expertly backed our boat up next to his and the rest of our new friends tied the boats together.

That weekend was the first time my husband ever saw me being kissed sexually by a man that was planning to have sex with me.  No one could actually see us kissing but everyone on shore knew exactly what we were doing.  His name is Tony.  Although I never actually had sex with him, Tony became a significant player by example, in my life that day, by our actions.  He is also the one that gave me the nickname Sexi Lexi.


Memorial Day

January 7, 2015

Memorial Day was a three day weekend.  We spent Sunday night out on Shell Island with our new friends who were experienced boaters, campers, and weekend partiers.  After sunset the 50 or so small boat, day partiers, and picnic people, left the island.  Our new friends established a campsite, brought firewood, pitched tents, and settled in for a long night of partying.

Our contribution to the party was all the food and ice we brought, plus the fact that our boat had a generator which meant that that any of the women who wanted to take a hot shower could do so.

the group was made up of six couples and one extra single guy named Tony.  Although Tony was for the most part a gentleman, he made it very clear to me, and everyone else, that he was seriously attracted to me.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to Tony, but I was seriously flattered by the fact that a 20 something guy with muscles in places where I didn’t even know men had muscles wanted to have sex with me for real.  I was also drunk.  I’m not offering that as an excuse for my behavior, only as a contributing factor to the story.

Actually nothing happened between Tony and I Sunday night, but Tony was the reason my husband and I began communicating with each other later on.

Some of the couples spent the night in tents on the island.  Some of the couples spent the night on their boats which were anchored 50 feet off the shore.  I spent the night on our boat with my husband.  I have no idea where Tony spent the night but it wasn’t on our boat with me.

Monday morning, the breakfast rumor around the campfire was where Tony and Lexi snuck off to spend the night together.  Michael swore to the group that I never showed up back on the boat.  When I figured out that everyone was in on the joke but me, I went along with it.

Monday was the holiday and the weather was iffy.  It went from sun to clouds, back to sun, back to clouds, but there was no threat of a storm, only rain.  Early in the afternoon we needed more ice.  Our boat had a huge cooler with bags of ice on the aft deck.

I ended up going with Tony to our boat which was anchored 50 feet off shore with an empty cooler to get more ice.  Just as we stepped into the water the sky opened up.  I started to run to one of the tents on the island but Tony grabbed my hand and pulled me into the water out to about waist deep.  He opened the cooler and turned it upside down and put it over our heads.  I began to laugh.

“Get down on your knees.”  He said.  The rain was cold but the water was warm.  We got down on our knees with this cooler over our heads.  I can’t imagine what that looked like from the shore, but everyone began hooting and one of the women warned me not to get pregnant.

Tony was a very good kisser.  While he was kissing me, he let me feel his muscles, and I let him feel me.  Unfortunately the rain shower only lasted a couple of minutes or I may have felt something else.  Everyone on shore knew Tony was making out with me including Michael.

The Seed is Planted

January 8, 2015

Michael and I had sex on the boat Monday night.  It was the first time in probably ten years that we had sex two days in a row.  I was turned on fantasizing about having sex with Tony.  I found out later Michael was turned on fantasizing about me having sex with Tony too.

Michael owns his business so he can come and go as he pleases.  I work for his company now too, for tax purposes only, so I can also cum and go as he pleases.  Memorial Day last year he decided that we should keep partying along with the two other couples that talked us into staying out on the island with them Monday night after the holiday.

Shar and her husband Mark, Jill and her husband John, and Michael and I, had the entire island to ourselves that night.  I didn’t realize it the time but Michael switched me over to red wine while the six of us were sitting around the campfire Monday night.

Merlot has always been like drinking truth serum for me, so for a very long time Michael didn’t want me drinking wine because he didn’t want me telling him how much I hated him, that he was a son of a bitch, and how he ruined my life.  

Things were different now because I was happy drunk and not pissed off drunk, and my husband had sex with me two nights in a row.  His life was looking up.  As for me I was a very happy woman.  I had two men in my life that wanted to have sex with me all of a sudden.

Shar posed the question that changed my life forever.  The only reason I told her the truth was because I was trashed.  We were sitting around the campfire listening to 50’s music on Pandora Radio.  Who listens to music from the 50’s?  Old people, that’s who, but there we were loving that old music.

“Lexi, what are you thinking about right this second?”  Shar asked me.

“Tony.”  I said truthfully.  I was imagining him pulling my bikini bottom to the side and impaling me with the one muscle of his I hadn’t already felt, while our heads were covered by that stupid cooler.

“He wants to fuck you.”  She said.

“I know.”  I said.

“I think that’s hot!”  Shar said

“So do I.”  Michael said.  Shar laughed.

“So do you what?”  She asked.

“Both things.”  He said.

“Whoa!  Michael!  Are you saying you think is hot that Tony wants to bang your wife?”  Shar asked, smelling blood.

Yeah.  I think that’s hot.”  My husband said.

So do you fantasize about Lexi fucking other men?”  Shar asked.  Michael looked over to Mark for some help.  He didn’t get it.  Mark shrugged.

“I don’t fantasize about Shar banging Tony.  She already did it.”  Mark said.

“That doesn’t bother you?  Michael asked.

“No. She can’t undo it.  I love her.”  He said.

“It was a one time thing Michael!  We were all drunk.  I don’t love Tony.  I love my husband!”  She said

"it was just sex."  Mark said

The seed was planted!


Communication explosion

January 10, 2015

Both my revelation about Tony, and Michael’s revelation about the fact that Tony wanting to fuck me turned him on, seriously opened the floodgates of communication between us.

We talked about that for days and days.  Michael even started calling me from work to talk to me.  Our sex life also went into hyper drive.  There was no downside for either of us.

Michael began buying wine by the case.  Not because he wanted me drunk but because he wanted me to talk, and wow, did I ever talk.  I was stuck on one thing though because we were edging closer and closer to some sort of action.  I couldn’t believe that he actually thought it would be hot if I had sex with Tony.

We talked that one almost to death.  I have admitted this to Michael, but I really had no problem with the concept from the beginning.  I was worried about him.  If you recall I was the one getting ready to have an affair with someone I met online at the time.

We missed a few nights having sex when I had my period but in June of last year I bet we set an all time record for the number of times Michael banged me in a month.

Finally one night I had the big question saved up for him.  We were talking all the way around it nibbling at the edges.  I waited until we went to bed and the light was off.

“Michael is this something that you actually want me to do?”  I asked.

“Yes!”  He said with absolutely no hesitation.”  I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing.

“So will you do it?”  He asked me after a few seconds.  I didn’t respond right away.  He laughed.

“No hedging!  I answered you.”  He said.

“I’m not hedging Michael.  I want to, but that is a very big step.  It’s something I can’t undo after it’s done.”

“Well Shar did.  Why don’t you talk to her?”  He said.

“Ok, I will.”  I said.



January 10, 2015

Michael called me midmorning from work the next day.

“You’re a Hotwife!”  He said.  I laughed.  I had no idea what he was talking about and said so.  He told me to go on line and look it up and to spell it as one word.  Then he told he had to go into a meeting and he hung up.

He admitted later there was no meeting.  He just wanted me to look it up for myself which I did.  I am not a naive woman so I wasn’t real surprised at what I found, but I almost laughed myself silly when I found out that the husband of a hotwife is a cuckold and wears a cock cage when his wife goes out on a date.

It suddenly occurred to me that my life had just changed forever and we had gone from the theoretical part of this to the part where we had to actually make a plan.  In the blink of an eye the entire communication subject that we had had for over a week was suddenly a moot point.

He told me he was serious about it and I agreed to do it.  Now we had to make a plan to do it.  He called me back at 3:30.”

“What do you think babe?”  He asked.

“I’m not wearing an ankle bracelet!”  I announced.  I was communicating with him on a different level which had nothing to do with jewelry.  He got it.

“I’m sorry to hear that.  Now I’ll have to return them.”  He said.  He was serious.

“Michael what did you do?”  I asked.

“I ordered you two anklets from Amazon.  They will be there tomorrow.”

“You better have ordered yourself a cock cage then!”  I said.  He laughed.

“You don’t have to wear them out in public Alexis, but wearing them around the house would please me a lot!”  He said.  How could I refuse?


We’ll figure it out

January 10, 2015

Almost immediately after he got home we got into the red wine.  We began asking each other “what if” questions.  Most of them had no answer but at least we got them out there on the table.

For the rest of that week Michael’s fall back response to questions I asked were typically, “I don’t know.  We’ll figure it out.”

I was still worried about him.  The one question I refused to accept his standard reply to was, what was going to happen to us if I had sex with Tony or someone else and it turned out he really didn’t want that after all.  I made him talk to me about that possibility.

“Honey, if that happens I’ll deal with it.  Lots of couples deal with infidelity and deal with it effectively.  This wouldn’t even be infidelity because I want you to do it.  Did you talk to Shar?”

“No, I didn’t.  I couldn’t think of how to ask her what I wanted to know.”  I said.

“I wondered about that.”  He said.

I finally realized there was no answer to my “what if” question to my husband, but he was wrong about one thing.  He told me he would deal with it.  The reality was that WE would have to deal with it.

That night we got a lot of questions out there on the table with very few answers.  At least we were working on a plan.

When the lawyers I was working for were having a meeting, one of my jobs was to write down the Action Plan and put the initials of the lawyer who was tasked with that particular item.  Now I found myself doing the same thing for things we absolutely had to have answers for.  Alexis’s initials were beside most of the items.  Shit!  I thought.

“This is going to be a lot bigger deal than just Tony, isn’t it?”  I asked already knowing the answer.

“Yes!”  Michael said.

“Well we got at least one question answered tonight.”  I said. 



January 12, 2015

It occurred to me that most of the policy decisions were going to be mine to make.  It was going to be my body that was being offered up to the men that I was going to fuck.

I don’t mean to imply that I wouldn’t enjoy that immensely, I’m just saying that it  occurred to me, and when it did I wanted to talk to Michael about it.

“Technically, you’re right, but I will help you with the decisions if you want.”

“You haven’t been too helpful so far.”  I pointed out.  He laughed.

“You haven’t asked me anything I knew the answer to yet.”  He said.

“Well since I have to make a lot of decisions here, I have made one.”  I said.

“Oh good!  What?”

“I hate condoms Michael.  You know that.  I’m not going to require a condom.”  I said as forcefully as I could which didn’t sound forceful at all.  There was dead silence on his end.

The truth was that the issue of safe sex only occurred to me as I called him.  I hadn’t even thought about it yet.  What I wanted was to try and shock him to get him focused on helping me.  He went for a debate instead.

“I’m not sure I knew that about you Alexis.”  He said.

“Oh really?  Did I ever ask you to wear a condom when I was in college?”  I asked.  Michael knew he wasn’t going anywhere with that argument.

“Well, you are on birth control.  It’s not like you are at risk for pregnancy.”  He said.  I wasn’t sure I won this point yet, so I kept going.

“Exactly!”  I said.  He gave up.

“Ok honey.  It’s your call.  I’m ok with it.”  He said.  I was elated.  It didn’t have anything to do with condoms either.  It had to do with getting decisions made that affected me and not him.

What I did not realize right away was that Michael had already figured that out and was way ahead of me there.  Once I figured it out I made a lot of decisions in a hurry because I had already been thinking about how to manage the affair I was planning to have.


More decisions

January 13, 2015

The more decisions I made about our plan, both Michael and I noticed my attitude and demeanor changing.  I was wearing my ankle bracelets every day by then at home and sometimes when I went to the grocery.  I admitted to him at dinner one night that they made me feel sexy and desirable.  He loved that!

“What if a man asks me about them?  What should I say?”  I asked. Michael had no idea what I should say but for once he didn’t dump it back in my lap.  He actually tried to help me.

“You could just say that your husband asked you to wear them.”  He said.  I loved that answer because it gave me a solution to a problem in my mind that may or may not ever come up.  A man that asked me about the anklets would already know why I was wearing them

“Beside’s they are only meant to be a conversation starter.  Anyone that asks about them already knows.”  He said as if he was reading my mind.

I announced some other policy decisions I had made:

·         I wanted total autonomy about the men I would date.

·         I wanted total control over the dating process.

·         I wanted to control the information flow with my dates

·         I didn’t want Michael trying to have sex with me after a date.

·         I’m over Tony now.  I want to do this with someone I don’t know.

He agreed to every one of my demands, such that they were.


My first up skirt selfie

Thursday morning I asked Michael what he wanted for dinner because I was going to the grocery.  He told me to get a couple of steaks and he would grill them.

At 10:30 he called me and asked me if I had gone to the grocery yet.

“No.  Why?”

“I want you to do something for me.”  He said.


“I want you to remove your panties and text me a photo proving that you did it.”  He said.  I laughed.

“Are you serious?”  I asked.

 “I am trying to play with my wife, Alexis.  Will you do it for me?  The new Alexis will.  Let me talk to her.”  He said.  I laughed.

"I’ll do it.”  I said.  I didn’t know what was going on but I would shortly.  I guessed what he wanted was an up skirt pic which I have never done before but he was right.  The new Alexis would do it.

I took off my panties, put my cell phone between my legs and took a photo.  It took me three tries to get one centered on my cookie. I texted the pic to my husband and he called me back almost immediately.

“Excellent!  Are you wearing your anklets?”  He asked.


“I want you to go Publix dressed like that.  Text me another upskirt photo proving you are not wearing panties and I want a part of the shopping cart in the photo to prove you are in the store.”

“You don’t trust me?”  I asked laughing.

“Of course I don’t trust you.  This is the first time we are playing this game.”

“You are a nut!”  I said but I was already warming to the idea.

“I’ll be waiting!”  He said.

“I had to wander around the fucking store for 20 minutes before I ended up in an aisle alone long enough to do it.  I prayed that one pic had part of the cart in it.  It did, and I sent it to my husband.  He was happy and I was seriously turned on by what I had done.

I had no idea at the time we were just getting started with this game!


Going commando changed my outlook on life!

January 15, 2015

If I thought my life had already changed significantly, my pantiless trip to Publix was only the beginning of the changes I would make.  Wearing a short skirt with no panties turned me on in a way I will never be able to explain, but I’ll try.

The combination of advertising my hotwife status by wearing my two anklets and wearing no panties under my skirt gave me a feeling of sexual vulnerability, being very naughty, and feeling sexy.

The whole time I was in the grocery store my breathing was shallow thinking that at any second some man was going to know I wasn’t wearing panties, drag me into the stockroom and fuck my brains out.

I also saw my husband in a new light.  I realized he was becoming my mentor as well as my husband.  All this time I was thinking I was on my own for the most part, but Michael was doing research on line trying to find ways to build my confidence and wow, did he ever.

Every few days he had another challenge for me.  It was the fourth challenge that officially turned me into a practicing hotwife.

Each challenge became a little more daring and got me closer to the edge.  After the fourth challenge I was where Michael wanted me to be, and he turned me loose to do it my own way.  I will always love him for being smarter than I am about what I want.  He turned me into a sex machine and I am happier than I could ever imagine.


My fourth pantiless challenge

January 16, 2015

Shortly after Michael left for work he texted me asked if I was up for a challenge.  I said yes.  He said there was a present for me in his closet.

In the box was short red skirt, a pair of black thigh high stockings with garter, an opaque beige colored see through top, and a note that said “send me a pic.  No bra!”  I sent him the requested pic but there was no way I was going to wear that top out in public without a bra.  It was almost transparent.

He wanted me to go to a bar on Water’s Ave and send him an up skirt sitting on one of the Logo bar stools.  I thought about my situation like a lawyer would.  He wanted me to go out to that bar without wearing a bra but his official instructions didn’t mention the bra at the bar, so I agreed to do it.

The hem of the skirt barely covered the top of the stockings.  There was no way I could sit down wearing that skirt with those stockings, panties or not.  Michael knew that.  He was daring me to do it.

I hurried so that I could get in the bar, take the pic and get out before the lunch crowd got there.  I hoped to be in and out in less than a minute.  I wore a white blouse and bra with the skirt.

From the second I walked into the bar I had a bad feeling about this one.  There were too many men inside.  I got caught with my phone between my legs by a young man that was looking at my breasts because is was fairly dark in there and my camera flashed.  He laughed and came over and stood next to me.

“I won’t ask what you were doing. I could see that for myself.  You were taking an up skirt for your boyfriend.  That is very naughty!”  He said. I gave him my best smirk.

“Wrong!  I was taking it for my husband.  It’s a game we play.  He challenged me.”  I said defensively, totally losing sight of the fact that wanted to meet me, not give me shit.

“Don’t worry sugar.  Your secret is safe with me.”  He said.



Caught being naughty!

January 16,2015

My camera flashed while I had my phone between my legs taking a pantiless up skirt to text Michael proving I was in the bar he sent me to dressed like a slut wearing no panties. I got caught.  I had a flood of different emotions suddenly racing through my mind, but the one that was almost overwhelming me was my feeling of vulnerability and how much that feeling turns me on.

Every time I get that feeling, my breathing changes and it makes me wet.  I have no idea why, but I sure know what triggers it and do does Michael.  In addition to feeling sexy, naughty, and vulnerable,  I was standing there like a deer in headlights as he smiled at me, picked up his drink and came over and stood right there in front of me.

I wanted to bolt out the door and run to my car but my legs wouldn’t move.  I smiled at him stupidly.  He knew what I did.  He told me my secret was safe.

He wanted me to sit down and let him buy me a drink.  I knew I would get extra credit from Michael because that is what a hotwife is supposed to do.  I told him I couldn’t sit down dressed that this.  He pointed to the end of the bar and said he would sit where no one could see me.

I was a lot less nervous that I thought I would be considering being freaked out by getting caught.  I let him talk me into to having a drink with him  I asked him if my faced was flushed.  It felt like it was on fire.

“Not too bad.”  He told me.  His name was Anthony and I smiled about that.  I asked him if he went by Tony.  He said no.  I told him my name and I sat down with him.  The topic of the photo came up as I knew it would.  He posed a great idea for payback.  I told him I would think about it and he didn’t push me.



January 16, 2015

What Anthony wanted me to do was take another up skirt using his phone and send that one to Michael instead of the one on my phone.  I liked the idea of freaking Michael out since that happened to me but I didn’t want to send the wrong signal to Anthony. 

Halfway though my drink it suddenly occurred to me that there was no wrong signal to send to Anthony.  I already knew he wanted to have sex with me, but I was not planning on doing that.  Shit!  Why was I struggling with it?

“Ok.  I’ll do it.”  I said.  He was talking about something else at the time.  I wasn’t listening.  He knew exactly what I meant though.  He got his camera set and handed it to me.

“I turned off the flash sugar.”  He said grinning at me.  I stood up and took the photo and handed him back his phone, not realizing he didn’t know I was not wearing panties.

“Wow sugar!  Very nice!  What a surprise!  Love the little pubic triangle pointing to the opening.  I could even find it in the dark!”  He said.  I smirked at him and that time my face really got red, but that wasn’t all that happened.  It made me even wetter down there.

I gave him Michael’s phone number and he sent the photo.  Evidently it took Michael a minute or so to process what had happened. 

“What the fuck!”  He texted back on Anthony’s phone.

“Oh oh.  He’s pissed!  Anthony said.

“No he’s not.  He’s confused.  He’s grinning like a hyena.”  I said, just as my phone rang.

“Yes?”  I asked laughing.

“Good one Alexis!  You got me.  I’m very proud of you.  Who took the photo?”  He asked.

“A new friend.”  I said teasingly.  I winked at Anthony.  Then everything changed.  Anthony put his arm on my back and gently rubbed it for a few seconds then leaned over, brushed my hair back and kissed me on the neck while I was talking to my husband.

It set my body on fire at the same time I felt a bolt of lightning in my lower belly which caused my nipples to become erect, which caused my breathing to become shallower.  I was trying to explain what happened to Michael about Anthony catching me.  I suddenly stopped talking and looked at Anthony.

“Alexis?”  Michael asked.

“I’m here.”  I said weakly.

“Does he want to have sex with you?”  Michael asked me.  That was really all he cared about.  He was anxious for me to cement my status as a hotwife.

“Yes.”  I said.

“Are you going to do it?”

“No.”  I said.

“I want you to.”  He said.

“I got to go Michael.”  I told him.

“I saw what that kiss did to you Alexis.  I’m not sorry!”  Anthony told me.

Less than ten minutes later I became an experienced hotwife and cemented my status!


I did it!

January 16, 2015

I had no intention of having sex that morning when I left the house for my challenge.  The series of things that happened to me along with how easy it became to actually have sex with Anthony without a lot of thought, because of the way he kissed my neck, and my feeling of vulnerability and my husband telling me to go for it, all converged in my mind at once.

I ended the call with Michael and was trying to decide what to say to Anthony about the kiss.  I didn’t get the chance.  He leaned over, put his arm around me and kissed me on the lips in a very sexual way that told me it was going to happen so don’t fight it.  I didn’t.

“Alexis I am staying right next door in the motel.  It’s 50 yards from here.  I walked over.  I want to have sex with you!  Let’s go.”

“All right.”  I heard my mouth say.  My hands began to shake.  I tried to shut out all the conflicting thoughts.  I shut my phone off and put it in my purse while he paid for the drinks.

“I don’t want to talk right now.”  I told him as we left the bar.  I felt like a zombie.  Then I violated my own rule and told him I didn’t want any foreplay.

“Right now, I just want you to do it!”  I said.  And he did it.  I will be forever grateful to Anthony for making it so easy for me to say yes to him, for getting it right and by being a gentleman when I wanted him to, and an animal later on.

I don’t know if it was my words or the urgent look in my eyes, but the second the door was closed and locked, he took off his pants. I laid down on the bed and pulled my skirt up around my waist. He got between my legs and he entered me.

I thrashed around quite a bit because I reached Nirvana within probably thirty seconds after he entered me.  I have no idea how many times I came or if I just had one long continuous orgasm that lasted until after he came inside me.  I didn’t care which way it was.  It was a magical mysterious thing and I knew that no matter what happened going forward with my marriage I was a very different woman now.



January 16, 2015

As I was trying to get my breath back after the incredible fucking I had just taken, it occurred to me that I knew absolutely nothing about this man that just had sex with me.  Then it occurred to me that he didn’t know much more about me.

“Do you mind if I undress you now?”  He asked.  I laughed.

“I don’t mind.  I would like that.  Thank you for doing it my way.  Sorry about being so needy.  No wait, needy is not the right word.”  I said, although I didn’t know what the right word was.

“No problem.  I think I understand.  Sometimes the first time can be a little awkward.”

“That’s exactly what it was Anthony.  I didn’t want to have a conversation with you about it first but now I’m ready to talk.”

“Good because I want to get to know you, but I won’t rush you.  I have all week actually.

I spent the entire afternoon with Anthony.  We talked for about an hour.  The second time we had sex was almost as frantic for me as the first time because he was so good at foreplay.  I finally had to beg him to fuck me because he could make me cum without it.

After the second time we got to some of the more serious stuff to talk about.  He asked me if I was going to tell my husband.  I gave him the long version about being a hotwife and how anxious Michael was for me to become bonafide or whatever the right term would be.

“I get the idea you have a very good marriage now.”  He said.

“Yes, we do, but I can honestly say that this is why.”  I said pointing to my anklets.”



January 16, 2015

The third we had sex was the best because I was no longer frantic, we could get into a rhythm that worked for both of us, although in the end I had to ask Anthony to get busy and climax because I had never been fucked that completely.  I was wore out.  I’m not a young woman.

As we lay together in post coital bliss, Anthony finally put the big question to words.  I knew it was coming but I didn’t have a good answer.

“Can I see you again Alexis?”  He asked me.

“I want to Anthony, but we haven’t talked about that part of my status yet.  Today was my first time and I really wasn’t planning to do it today.  I’m supposed to have control over this but I need to talk to my husband.”

“I understand. I will give you a couple of different ways to contact me if you can.  I won’t pressure you.”

“Thank you.”  I told him.

“Actually I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t called you checking on you after what happened this morning.

“Shit!  I turned off my phone!  I said.  I got up, got my phone and turned it on.  There were two messages from Michael.  I felt like shit.  I called him immediately.  It was 4:40. I had been with Anthony for five hours.

“Hey.  It’s me”. I said.

“Are you ok Alexis?”

“I’m fine Michael. I turned off my phone and then forgot about it until just now.  I’m sorry.”  That told Michael what he wanted to know after I said I was ok.

“Are you home sweetheart?  I was just leaving the office.

“No.  I’m not home.  I’m at a motel near that bar.”  I said.

“But you are ok?”

“Yes, Michael I’m ok really!”  I said.  I probably didn’t sound ok though.

“Are you coming home?”

“Yes, I’m coming home but not right away.”

“That’s fine sweetheart.  Take your time.  I just wanted to make sure you are ok.

“I’m fine.” I said again.  I ended the call.  I sighed loudly.

“Alexis if you ever need a character witness to testify that you tell the truth, I’m your guy.  You told your husband the whole truth!”

“Anthony, do you think you could hold me for a while, and kiss me without trying to stick that thing in my body again?”  I asked.

“No!  I refuse to accept responsibility for what my thing does when it gets hard.  I won’t risk it!”  He said.


Truth Serum

January 16, 2015

Anthony held me for 20 minutes.  We didn’t talk.  He kissed me nice.   His dick only got a little hard.  It behaved itself.

“Is there somewhere we can get some red wine?”  I asked.

“Sure.  There is a liquor store on the other side of the motel.”  He said.  I didn’t want to go over there myself.  My body was wrecked.  He took the hint.  He didn’t seem too worried I was going to clean him out.  He went to buy me some wine.

I took a whore’s bath and cleaned myself up the best I could while he was gone.  I put my clothes back on such that they were.  While I was alone in Anthony’s motel room I made my decision.

I was going to spend as much time with him as we both wanted until he went back home Atlanta at the end of the week.  I wasn’t over him and he wasn’t over me.  I needed some sort of resolution or closure to my first time doing this.  It had been too fucking incredible just to climb out of his bed, put my clothes on and go home to my husband.  I needed perspective.

I told him my decision when he got back.  We drank two glasses each of the wine out of plastic cups.  I told him why I wanted the wine.

It was my truth serum for when I got home because I was going to be in for a long night of debriefing, which I felt I owed to Michael for giving me my sexual freedom.

Anthony was surprised that I felt like I needed truth serum based on what he already knew about me.  I explained to him that not all of the things I needed to tell Michael were going to be easy to say, especially until I was sure I knew what his reaction was, to what I did.

We agreed to meet for lunch the next day and he walked my back to the bar where my car was.  He kissed me goodbye and I went home.  Michael was waiting for me with a huge smile on his face.  I smiled at him.

“I’m a hotwife now!”  I announced needlessly.

“Alexis  I just want you to know one thing.  You were worried about nothing all this time.  I am thrilled about this!  You have no idea!”

“I am very happy about everything Michael.”  I said with more enthusiasm than I felt right that minute, trying to remember that I owed him big time.

“I feel like a rag doll right this minute. I need to take a long hot shower.  I have cum leaking out of me.  Give me half an hour then I will talk to you all night long if you want.”

“Would you like a glass of wine?”  He asked.  I smiled knowing we were both thinking the same thing about me

“Yes please!”  I said.  I headed for the bathroom.



“Can I just ask you one question?”  He said.  I laughed.  I held up three fingers and headed into the bedroom.”

“Yes!”  He said.  I didn’t see him do it but I know he pumped the air with his fist.


My debriefing

January 16, 2015     Last post for today

My first debriefing was brutal.  It was more like an inquisition or an interrogation.  He asked me the same thing over and over and I finally snapped at him because I was exhausted.   We both immediately apologized to each other however.

How many different ways are there to explain what it feels like inside your body when a man ejaculates inside of you?  Sperm does not spray into me.  It does not explode into me.  Sperm is not hot.  The man and I both have roughly the same body temperature so there is very little temperature difference between his bodily fluids and mine.  Occasionally I can feel a slight temperature difference, but hot? No.

Gush?  Maybe.  Fill?  Yes, sometimes.  Spurt?  Possibly.  The point is, there are only so many ways to explain truthfully what it feels like when it happens.  I snapped when same question came around one too many times.

For some reason men are consumed with knowing what that feeling is like when a man cums inside a woman.

Well after midnight Michael was running out of ways to recycle the same questions and was pausing longer and longer in between questions.  I waited patiently for my turn.  I had made a few more policy decisions I needed to announce.

I suddenly had an Epiphany I never expected to have.  I was now hotwife in charge!  It occurred to me where this concept of being a cuckold comes from.  I was surprised it took me so long to figure it out.

This only works for Michael so long as I’m willing to do it.  If he wants me to do it for him bad enough, he is going to have to be willing to do it my way.

I almost laughed out loud when I realized I was the one in control of this relationship now, not Michael.  I settled for looking thoughtful.

“What?”  He asked.

“There are a few things we need to talk about that I thought of today.  I know I am in charge of who I date, and I want to be fair about this because you are my husband and my main man, but I’m not over Anthony yet and he’s not over me.  I am going to be with him tomorrow.  He is taking me to lunch.  I may not be home for dinner.”  I said.  Michael smiled at me.

“I understand that Alexis.  Today was your first time.  What else?”  His answer took me off balance.

“I did what you wanted me to Michael.  What happened to me today has changed my life.  I will never take any steps backward from here.”  I said.

“I am very glad you brought that up sweetheart.  I was going to ask you.  Your biggest fear was what if you did what you did and I didn’t like it.  My biggest fear was what if you did and you didn’t like it!”

I knew that second that Michael and I would be OK going forward, that I was in charge, and he was my cuckold.  I would be a benevolent dictator however.  Wait until Michael reads that!  Whoo-hoo!



January 17,2015

I knew I went a little too far with that last post and Michael called me out on it.  Rightfully so.  He didn’t ask me to delete it but he asked me to clarify a few things which I will gladly do.  I’m not saying that I didn’t have all those thoughts because I did.  But remember what I said in the beginning.  This is a journey we are taking together.

I’m sure that both of us have different thoughts about it different days.  I love my husband.  We are doing this together.  I have his love and support, and he has mine.

Although I really am hotwife in charge about the other men in my life, and it’s true that Michael couldn’t do it without me, he could be doing it with someone else.  I understand that.  I was trying to explain as well as I could, how I felt about my first experience with dating, and I got a little carried away.

Here is an update.  My first time was in September of 2014.  That is when my fourth public pantiless challenge led to meeting Anthony.  It took me all of that week to get over Anthony, or to be able to put that experience in perspective.  I realize now that It wasn’t Anthony that was special, it was what Anthony represented in my life at that time.

Michael is the one that helped me figure that out.  He has always been smarter about me than I have been.  I love him for that.  We have made some other adjustments as well.

In the beginning I was doing mostly daytime dates.  I felt bad about taking time away from Michael.  He finally convinced me that wasn’t what he wanted.  What he wants, is for me to date as if I were a single woman.  I will explain how I do that in the next few posts.

I want to remind you that we are doing this blog because we couldn’t find a reliable resource for our lifestyle that wasn’t a porn site full of misinformation and fantasy.

If you have a serious question about our lifestyle or how we got here, I will tell you anything I can.  You can ask us anything that makes sense to us.  My email address is  Please don’t waste my time with inappropriate emails.  I won’t respond.  This blog is not meant for the masses.  It is meant for the serious few trying to figure it out.


Ashley Madison

January 18, 2015

Michael and I are big fans of the Ashley Madison website.  It’s a website for married people that want to have an affair.  It is a perfectly safe environment for sex dating for a hotwife if you approach it with common sense.  It’s something that he and I can share together.  He can see all the correspondence I have with these men that want to meet me for sex.

I am a married woman.  I posted a profile/bio with no public profile photos but I offer a detailed explanation about myself and the type of man I am looking for.  I prefer to target (and be targeted by) professional men travelling to the Tampa area on business.  I can get to know them slowly, learn about our common interests both socially as well as sexually, before meeting them in person.  In other words I can demystify the experience up front.

Once I feel a certain comfort level with these men via email, I exchange photos with them, which leads to more information sharing if there is mutual physical chemistry.

When I meet a man this way we both know why we are there.  In that situation it makes perfect sense to me to discuss what I like, what I don’t like and vise versa.  For example, I am not a fan of anal sex.  There is nothing in my anal canal that is going to stimulate me, so I end up masturbating myself to get something out of the coupling.  I also don’t like a man’s tongue in my ear.  It doesn’t turn me on, it grosses me out.  Some women like that, some don’t.

Some men lie regardless of how you meet them.  I don’t mean this to be a gender specific complaint either.  I’m quite sure that some women lie about themselves as well.  The thing is, Ashley Madison gives me the chance to tell men the truth about Michael and me and why I am there.

No man has ever refused to meet me in person after finding out that I am not cheating on my husband, especially after I explain that he doesn’t want to watch us having sex. :)  The point is, I am a big fan of telling the truth and I am a big fan of the Ashley Madison website!


Tramp Stamp

January 19,2015

Michael is trying to talk me into getting a butterfly tattoo on my lower back. (It doesn’t have to be a butterfly. It can be anything.  You get the idea.) I’m not sure why I need that but I am trying to be supportive of his perspective of my new life.  I have agreed to try and present both sides of this discussion fairly and if this post actually shows up it will be only because we agreed and what I typed.  I already learned my lesson about that!

Michael wants me to be more of a slut than I have exhibited so far.  I have a problem wearing some of the slut wear he has bought for me.

He spent 200 bucks on an anklet for Christmas with the initials S-L-U-T.  I have worn it around the house, but not to Publix, the gym, Walmart, the bank, or any of the other normal places I go on any given day.  Here’s the problem:

Michael believes that being a slut goes along with being a hotwife.  His position is that since I have no problem being considered a MILF, by our daughters male friends that want to fuck me, and a cougar by the younger  men I meet on line that want to fuck me, being a hotwife slut is no different.  It is simply a compliment.

Part of me thinks that the tattoo is less symbolic than the Anklet because I can cover the tattoo but not the anklet.

The problem with that is going to be, when for Groundhog Day, Easter, my Birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other day Michael can use for an excuse to buy me a present, its going to be a low rider skirt and a crop top sweater that presents my lower back tattoo.  Do I Know how my husband thinks, or what?

I know what some of you are thinking.  I am blessed because my husband loves me and buys me presents.  Just so you know, I am aware of that.  That’s not why we are are having the discussion though.

I think it is has more to do with the fact that I admitted to him that when a man is having sex with me doggy style, pulling my hair, it turns me on a lot.  We would like your tactful, non pornographic, thoughtful, opinions on this subject.  Email me at if you are so inclined.


 Random thoughts

January, 20, 2015

I am alone tonight.  Michael is working on a huge proposal for his business.  I am very proud of his business success.  I am listening to my Today’s Country Music Radio channel on Pandora radio, and thinking about sex.  It’s nothing specific.  The new Alexis thinks about sex almost 24/7.

I love being able to let my mind wander in that direction now and not feel like a pervert.  I especially love being able to admit those feelings to my husband as well as anyone else out there who cares what I think.

I wish I knew how to reach more women that share my feelings.  That is the main reason we started this blog, but I digress.

The song that prompted me to write this post, is on my mind right now.  I was not listening to the song until I heard the words, “I’ll wreck your bed!”  I can relate to that.  I wrecked a bed last Friday night at the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown Tampa with a man I met at Shula’s Steak House that turned my head.

I am not normally that needy but a few times a year all the stars align along with the timing of my period, and I need a fireman to put out my fire.  I found one!   


 Mind Fucking Truism

January 20, 2015

The easiest way to get into my panties is to get into my mind first.  Think about that.


 A great email!

January 21, 2015

Yesterday morning I got the best email so far!  I decided to write a post about it. This woman didn’t tell me her age but she said she was curious about the hotwife lifestyle and she and her husband are talking about it.  She asked me a ton of really great questions and I spent a large part of my day answering them.

I have also decided to answer them here as well, in some upcoming posts.

She is worried about a couple of things in particular  The idea of dating, flirting, teasing, and making out like a teenager excites her but the idea of going to bed and being penetrated by men doesn’t.  She asked me if there was middle ground.

Hell yes!  It’s almost all middle ground.  Being a hotwife is as much about your attitude as your actions.  It does not require you to have sex.  For every twenty men that approach me with intent, I probably get laid once.

I love men hitting on me in a hotwife environment.  I love the whole process.  I love it when they talk sugar smack to me!  I love it when they test me by touching me to see if I am receptive.

I’m talking about touching me on the arm, the hand, or the shoulder.  I’m not talking about feeling me up.  I love men flirting with me.  The truth is, I get just as much out of an emotional orgasm out of bed as I get from a physical orgasm in bed.

Her other major issue was with the concept of Cuckolding.  Look, I’m pretty sure that most hotwives are not into any of the stuff you see here.  I think that is mostly fantasy and I think it scares a lot of otherwise willing couples away from the lifestyle.

It is the question men ask me most often when they see my anklets.  I’m going to write a separate post about it now that I think about it.



January 21, 2015

In my opinion Cuckolding gives the Hotwife lifestyle a bad rap.  As I mentioned somewhere here already, Michael does not wear a cock cage around the house while I’m out, nor does he do anything to me sexually when I get home from a date.  A lot of the stuff we see here on Tumblr grosses me out about that.

No man that has approached me because I’m a hotwife has ever said anything to me sexually when we first meet, but ALL OF THEM ask me if my husband is a cuckold.

Technically Michael is a cuckold in the sense that his wife is sex dating with his knowledge and consent.  Other than that, he is not involved with my dating sex life, with a few exceptions.

It seriously turns him on watching me get dressed for a date particularly when there is a high expectation that I am going to have sex during the date.  He sits on the end of the bed and talks to me non-stop the whole time.  The subject of me not wearing a bra is a high priority of his.  If he had his way I wouldn’t even own a bra.

It turns him on by trying to turn me on.  It’s a game we play.  If he gets really, really turned on, occasionally I will give him oral sex before I leave.

We had a brief debate about whether I could write that last part.  I won.  The point though is that we talk about everything.

Michael’s biggest thrill about me dating is that he gets to debrief me when I get home and sometimes I have to finally tell him to shut up about it or we would talk all night.  That’s what he gets out of it and I don’t mind at all except when I want to go to sleep and he’s still asking me questions.


Queen of Spades

January 21, 2015

I got an email this morning from a guy that wanted to know if I was a Queen of Spades and if not, is that something I would consider doing.  The answer to the first part is no I’m not.

I am not opposed to the concept of interracial sex though.  I know a couple that we hang out with out on Anclote Island.  They take two vacations each year.  They take one vacation together and one separately.

The wife takes her vacation to Jamaica to some resort that caters to white chicks that go down there just to spend the week having sex with Jamaican men.  That is not something that interests me because I am not normally attracted to men outside my race.

But having said, if I ever am, I will probably do it. I’m just as curious as any other woman probably.  I asked my husband if he had any thoughts he wanted me to share on this subject.  He told me I was on my own with this one.


Cyber sex

January 22, 2015

Michael calls me “Princess” sometimes to tease me because I don’t work and have a part time housekeeper now.  That was a scam.  I told him I wouldn’t have time to be his wife and somebody else’s sex kitten because we live in a rather large house now and cleaning it is a big job.

He knew I was scamming him but he went for it anyway because he thinks that being a hotwife should be my career.  He wouldn’t want me breaking an acrylic nail scrubbing floors after all.

The point of this is that I have quite a bit of time on my hands during the day and there are a couple of men that I chat with on online fairly regularly.  I have never met either one of them in person but both would like to meet me in person sometime.  They both think I want to cheat on my husband because that is what I was planning to do when I met them.

One of them is an Army Officer somewhere in the desert over there.  He can’t tell me where.  The point is we started amusing each other with Cyber sex quite some time ago.  I’m not really into that but it was something I could do for a very lonely guy a long way from home.

About six months ago I sent him a topless photo that was taken of me out on a boat.  He told me about a friend of his who saw my photo and wanted to meet me.  I said sure why not.  The guy began emailing me.

He told me that he took my photo into the bathroom jerked off on it.  I said, “Well doesn’t that ruin it?”  He said yeah it ruins it, but we just print out another one.  Do I have great friends or what?


More from E-mail

January 22, 2015

Michael and I only really disagree on a couple of things about this blog which has to do with how we got started in the lifestyle.  He does not think he pressured me in any way to start dating outside our marriage.

It is my position that he did.  We have negotiated how I am going to answer this question however and we do agree on my answer.

Here is the setup to the question.  It is my (Alexis) belief that it is probably almost always the husband that wants his wife to do this.  That was the case with Michael.

Here is my answer to her.  Tell your husband to slow the fuck down.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  You can’t have too much communication with each other.  You need to truly understand your husband’s motives first.

This was a problem for us in the beginning because we didn’t communicate with each other.  I was unhappy and getting ready to have an affair.  Michael was totally focused on business, golf, and everything but me.  For all I knew he was the one having an affair.

I may have been a little more receptive to the idea than many women because my sex life sucked at that time and all these other men were telling me how hot I was.  What’s wrong with this picture I thought.

If you go into this for the right reasons which we ended up doing but only because we learned how to communicate with each other, I can guarantee you that your marriage will improve tenfold because you will be working together.

Some people think we are swingers.  We are not.  Michael is totally focused on me and my dating life.  You may be asking how do I know this for sure?

Because he doesn’t have time to focus on another woman.  He calls me six or seven times a day.  Our sex life together is still in hyper drive and I still drink red wine every night.  I absolutely love my life!  If he wants another woman in his life I would have have no problem with it.

He still pushes me to do more.  He wants me to be a slut.  I am resisting.  After all, I am now hotwife in charge!


More answers

January 22, 2015

As I already mentioned, Michael does not watch me having sex with other men but I never said why.  My serial email bomber asked me about that.

We tried that one time at a swingers club when we were getting started and he didn’t care for it.  Neither did I for exactly the same reason.  He told me it made him uncomfortable listening to me making noises and watching me cum several times from a new lover when I didn’t do that with him during marital sex.  I was thinking exactly the same thing.

We talked at great length about his feelings.  It wasn’t the idea that the man was making me crazy with passion, as much as it was that I respond very differently when Michael and I are having marital sex.

We talked it all out.  All women are going to respond differently to a new lover the first time she has sex with him, than she does with her husband of 22 years.  He thought he would enjoy watching another man take me to sexual nirvana, but he didn’t.  I get that.

 He prefers me having privacy during sex and sharing my dates with him verbally later.  What he does love however is watching me interact with men that want to have sex with me while we are in a social situation and the men don’t know who he is.


More about Lexi

January 22, 2015

I am a Florida native, born and raised in Lakeland, Florida.  Hell Yeah!  I have a distinct Cracker accent.  It has been described as Southern Mush Mouth.  I hated it growing up. I got teased in school because my classmates were mostly transplants from the north, but men love it!

I grew up as a Nascar loving, mudding, grove partying, tractor pulling, boot wearing, cowgirl hat wearing, farm raised, southern country girl.  I still love that country girl life but I don’t get live it much anymore.  I’m married to a Corporate executive now after all :)

Sex discovered me when I was 16 in the bed of a pickup truck in an orange grove in North Lakeland and from that moment I became hooked on sex!

The night I met Michael at a fraternity party in Gainesville I was do drunk I barely knew my name.  I was almost 19.  The thing that attracted me to him besides the fact that he was a football player was because he said he wished he could fuck my accent.  How could I not love him?

For me it was (drunk) love at first sight.  Michael lived off campus and took me home with him but we didn’t have sex because I spent most of the night in his bathroom throwing up.  How romantic was that?  We didn’t have sex the next day either because I was so hungover.

But you know what?  He didn’t give up on me and we spent all of Sunday in his bed cuddling.  I was a very happy girl except that I was never quite sure I wasn’t going to throw up one more time!


Hotwife sex

January 22, 2015

My new best email friend Michelle (bitch) (just kidding) wants to know how many hotwife sex dates I have had since the beginning of time.  The truth is, I don’t know because I have not kept a journal although now I probably will have to .

Michael says that is bullshit and I know exactly how many men I have had sex with.  That is not what she asked me though.  I was trying to not answer the question at all.  Michael reminded me that I was the one that wanted to do a blog, so now I am getting payback of my own.

I have had sex with 7 different men including Anthony, but not including Michael since I became a practicing hotwife about 5 months ago so you can do the math.  Three of those men I met in hotel lounges and were a onetime thing.  I have repeat dated all but one of the rest of them.  I dated Anthony four days in a row.  That was the first and last time I was with a man 4 times.  I’m thinking that the total number of sex dates I have had is maybe 20?

If you are tempted to judge me harshly and tell me I am not taking my status seriously, you have an ally.  If Michael had his way my date book would be full and I would be going out almost every night on a date.

I wonder what he would think if I actually did let him turn me into the tattooed, labia pierced, cum slut, he wants me to be?


Epic Fail                               

January 23, 2015

I’m going to prove to you just exactly how human I really am, in case you are thinking that being a hotwife is all roses and cherries.  If you are a man reading this you may be thinking how easy it is for me to go out to a bar alone and get picked up and meet men that want to date me.

Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.  Consider this:  Say, I’m out at a sports bar and I am a two or three days away from starting my period.  A woman doesn’t necessarily realize that when she goes out to a bar to meet men.

I get approached by a string of losers who want to know what I think about the Cowboy’s chances, or want me to shoot pool with them, or throw fucking darts!  I’d like to plunge the fucking dart up to the hilt, in the center of his fucking forehead!  But I don’t.  I simply smile and tell him to fuck off.  Then he calls me a cunt!

Then I throw my drink in his face.  Then he tries to hit me.  Then the other men at the bar protect me and beat the shit out of him.  Then the cops show up.  There was blood all over the place because his nose got broken in the fight.

Then they call my husband to come and get me because they aren’t going to let me drive myself home because I am both drunk and suffering from PMS.

Michael was amused that his wife got into a bar fight or brawl or whatever it was.  I was not amused.  I seriously thought about trying to rip his face off!  LOL . . Yes this really happened!


Hotwife Dating Protocol - Communication

January 23, 2015

I learned the hard way early on, after becoming a hotwife not to give my phone number to men I meet, regardless of how I meet them, unless it’s critical to do so, like if you are running late for a date or something else that matters.

I’m not saying that these men were stalking me but they would blow up my phone with phone calls and text messages just being chatty, or insecure, or letting me know they were fantasizing about me, or whatever.

My husband solved that one for me too.  He bought me a Trac-fone and a card for minutes.  I never turn it on unless I need to call someone or to be called.  If I meet a man somewhere and he wants to call me, I give him my email address instead.  I can read my email from my phone.  He doesn’t need to talk to me.

An email gives me time to think about how I want to reply too.  I’m a blonde after all.  I need time to think.

And when I have time to think I can think up some pretty interesting questions like, when was the last time you ever saw a pay phone?  Do they even make them anymore?

Most men eventually want to real time chat with me so they can talk to me about sex.  Isn’t that’s why I’m a hotwife?  I love chatting with men on line.  I’m a bored housewife!  J  I can do that with Messenger through my email.


Hotwife Dating Protocol - Motel Sex

January 23, 2015

Disclaimer:  My experience with this subject matter is limited to the Tampa, Florida area, but I bet Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, or any other major metropolitan area is no different.

Never! Never! Never! Have sex in any motel along Dale Mabry Hwy, or US 41 without removing the comforter off the bed first!  Laying your naked ass on a motel comforter is asking for a UTI or worse!

Think about it this way.  Do you think you are the first woman that has been talked into going to that motel for sex?  Girlfriend you may not even be the first woman to end up in room 209 that day or night!

This is a common sense thing that fortunately I didn’t have to learn the hard way.  The first time I ended up in a motel that way I was ass up, face down and smelled the comforter.  We ended up having sex on the bath towels after I stripped the bed.

In case you think I am being somewhat dramatic about this you can prove it yourself simply by looking at some of photos and videos here on Tumblr.

After I told my husband about that, we did some Tumblr research.  I’m not saying that all motels are nasty, but I am saying that to be warned is to be forearmed?  Or is that the other way around?  I only went to college to get my Mrs. Degree and I got it!


Lexi is a bi-curious hotwife.

January 23, 2015

A year ago I would have never made this admission, and now I am making it publically.  Last night Michael and I were discussing his fantasies for a change instead of mine.

He said that he has a fantasy about me being with another woman.  I didn’t tease him about it because I have the same fantasy.  I was unable to get him to open up to me so like most other aspects of our marriage I had to go first.

A year ago we went to a Kiwanis fundraiser.  We sat at a table for eight.  There were three other couples at the table.  We did not know any of them but one of the wives kept making eye contact with me and smiling.  I didn’t get it.  I just thought she was being friendly.

At the end of the night Michael and I left the hall with her and her husband.  Her name is Gayle and she is a few years older than I am.  Our husbands went to get our respective cars leaving us standing there under the porte cochere.

Her husband pulled up first.  We said goodnight to each other.  She held her arms out and I thought we were going to air kiss each other on the cheek. She turned into the kiss and kissed me on the lips.  The kiss paralyzed me.  It probably lasted one second, but she knew what that kiss did to me.  She took hold of my hand and squeezed it.  She smiled knowingly at me.

“You and I have unfinished business Alexis!”  She said.  When Michael pulled up in front I got into the car.  He knew something happened to me, but I never told him what it was until last night.  Now he’s trying to figure out who they are and how we can get together.


Emotional Hotwife Sex

January 24, 2015

I see the term “anonymous sex” used here on Tumblr and other sites to describe what I sometimes do when I get picked up in a bar and go somewhere for sex an hour later.

Having hotwife sex is an emotional experience for me.  It doesn’t matter whether It happens when Michael watches me get picked up in a bar by a man I just met, and leave with him to have sex, OR when I am going out on a date with someone I already know, while Michael sits on the bed watching me get ready to go out like the good little cuckold that he is. I was kidding.  Both of those sexual events are emotional experiences for me.

The only real anonymous sex I can think of is glory hole sex and I have no idea if that’s even a real thing.  I have led a rather sheltered life until the last year or so.

Men sometimes say to each other, “I just wanted to fuck her!  Not talk to her!”  That thinking only works when the sex you are having with a woman is a business transaction where the prostitute knocks on your door, you hand her the fee, and she takes off her dress and hangs it up.  At least I know that actually happens, even though I have no firsthand experience with it.  Hmmmm . . . .  I wonder . . . .

Lexi is dangerous when she starts wondering things.  Just ask my husband.

The point here is that even if I did met a guy in a bar and the sexual chemistry was so incredibly high that he simply dragged me out to my car and fucked me, it would be an emotional experience and therefore not anonymous.  I do have firsthand experience with that. (Sort of)

It reminds me of the husband who gets caught cheating on his wife and tells her “It was just sex!  It meant nothing!”

“I say bullshit!  It meant something.”

Even meeting men in a bar and going somewhere to have sex with them is an emotional event for me.


Hotwife Dating Protocol - Lexi’s Personal Safety - Part One

January 24, 2015

Michael asked me to write this particular blog post because he wants you all to know that we both take my personal safety very seriously.  Yes, being a hotwife the way we go about it is somewhat risky behavior on my part because of how we approach it.

Michael’s favorite turn on is for us to be at a bar pretending we don’t know each other, but sitting close enough together that he can both see and hear the sweet shit men say to me when they are trying to get into my panties, as if I were wearing panties.

If Michael had his way I would probably spend more time in motel beds that I spend in my own.  The truth of the matter is that we have more misses than hits because of our rules, but when the stars align and I agree to leave the bar with someone for sex, this is how it is done.

There is a GPS tracker on my car.  He can also track my cell phone.  I NEVER get in a man’s vehicle!  NEVER!  Michael knows where I am with Earth maps or whatever it is.

As long as my cell phone and my car are in roughly the same place, everything is fine. He doesn’t follow me and sit outside the room but he doesn’t go home either.  He wants me to be able focus on experiencing sexual nirvana so I can tell him about it, rather than worrying about my own personal safety.

I can honestly tell you we have never had a problem.  I can also admit that I have only gotten that far four times in five months.  On the other hand, practice makes perfect!


Hotwife Dating Protocol - Lexi’s Personal Safety - Part Two

January 24, 2015

I rarely go out with girlfriends any more to party.  Our marriage is so much better now that I focus mostly on that, with my status as a practicing hotwife as a very high priority because it pleases my husband so much.

In addition to going to sports bars together (separately) Michael also likes me to go out at night alone sometimes to meet men either to fuck, or to date, and then fuck later.  That was pretty graphic huh?

He likes me going out at night after he gets home so he can watch me getting dressed up to be undressed later.  We have different safety rules for that.

I only go to upscale places.  That’s easy to do because I drive a Mercedes so I’m not likely going to get asked to leave the bar by hotel security confusing me for a working girl after I valet park and go to the bar.

My upscale hotel, hook up success rate, is similar to my bar pick up, motel sex, success rate.  That was a mouthful.  My success rate could be higher, if my standards were lower, but it isn’t, because there not.

When I go to The Hyatt lobby bar alone, I either end up in a room hopefully experiencing multiple orgasms to share with my husband verbally, or I collect a business card, or I make a date.  Then I go home.  There is no plan B because I am alone.

Just so you know, my “after I get home debriefing” is just as meaningful to Michael whether I have experienced orgasm or not.


Input from Michael

January 25, 2015

Michael wants me to clarify some of the things I have posted, so here goes.

1.    The dates on my posts are the date I posted them not the date that whatever I am blogging about actually happened.

2.    He wants me to explain why my hook up rate is so low.  Well, first of all, I don’t know if it’s low or not because we don’t know any other hotwife couples in real life that do what we do. The truth is that my standards may be a little too high to suit Michael.  He and I have had that discussion.  My response to him was that he is not the one spreading his legs.  That ended the discussion but not the debate.  If I don’t feel chemistry I don’t fuck!   Even when I do feel chemistry things don’t always work out.  If a guy kisses me like a plunger after we leave the bar, it doesn’t go further.  I’m perfectly content with my success rate.  Michael is not.

3.    In a blog I posted yesterday about hotwife sex I made reference to the fact that I did have firsthand experience with car sex then I said “sort of”.  Actually I have more experience with car sex than that, but the reference I made was about an incident that happened to me in the parking lot of a Chili’s restaurant where I actually had sex on the hood of my car while I was negotiating with a young man about where we were going to go to do it.  We ended up doing right there.  We were kissing and he said he was thinking about pulling my panties down right there.  I told him I wasn’t wearing any.  That was that.  Michael is bugging me to post that incident.  I wrote it down almost a month ago but it’s way too long.  Maybe I’ll work on it today.


Sunday Hotwife Musings

January 25, 2015

I got another email today requesting me to post a photo without my eyes blurred.  The reason I blur my eyes is because my husband asked me to.  Personally, I am nobody.  I’m an open minded proud hotwife and don’t care.  I think my topless pic proved that.

The thing is, it’s my husband’s business, because of who he does business with.  One of Lexi’s “Thou Shalt Not’s” is to talk about Michael’s business.  I already got in trouble for saying he sells widgets. (kidding)

I will ask my husband if there is some way to post a clear eyed photo of Alexis.  If the answer is no then it’s not going to happen.  Sorry!

I’m not a porn person.  I’m not a member of the Moral’s Police either.  I wanted my blog to be different, truthful, informative, and helpful, so Lexi only posts her own material and photos.  I’m not a re-blogger of any porn. You can find that anywhere.  You don’t need me.

 Michael on the other hand loves the hotwife photos with captions and he sent me one that I almost reblogged because it describes me perfectly.  The photo with it however did not meet Lexi’s standards.

So neither the photo nor the captioner is going to get any credit from me.  I’m going to plagiarize it instead.  Here it is:

“I love being a hotwife!  I have the perfect marriage.  I am inspired to explore my sexuality, desires, and fantasies.  I am encouraged by my husband, who is my best friend, to satisfy my needs, even when those needs involve the touch of another man.”

I love that statement, I love my husband, and I love our new life!



January, 26, 2015

Note from Lexi:       My husband requested this post.  It is his favorite thing that has happened to me so far. I happened in November.  I had to break it up into three parts.  The reason it is so long is because Michael kept adding more he wanted me to say.  So blame him, not Lexi!

Michael and I have this routine worked out when he wants to watch me play with men at a bar.  We go in two cars.  That gives me options.  This works best at a place like Chili’s.  He sits across the bar from me if he can’t sit near me.

Michael does not normally tease me about the age of the men that I attract at a bar.  I am conscious about that because we have a 20 year old daughter.

Tuesday night was different.  I attracted the attention of a 24 year alpha male that almost instantly overpowered my will, captivated me, and practically owned me.  I can’t explain it.  It was purely sexual.

He knew it too.  My husband knew it.  I didn’t even try to fight it.  I let him touch me, kiss me, and practically make out with me at the bar.  I wasn’t wearing a bra and he accidently felt me up twice which was no accident.  He was an extremely confident young man.

I needed some help.  I picked my phone up and looked at it.  That is Michael’s signal to call me.  He left the bar and called me from the lobby.  I asked him if he was almost there.  He asked me if I wanted him to get us a table.  I said yes.

“Was that your husband?”  Jason asked.

“Yes.  He’s just pulling in to the restaurant.  I’m going to have to go in a couple of minutes.”

“You have your own car, right sexy?”


“Don’t leave after dinner.  I’ll wait for you right here.”  He said.  I thought about that.  I liked that plan!  It would give me a chance to talk to Michael.


Chili’s Part Two

January 26, 2015

“You’re fucked!  You practically crawled into his lap!”  Michael said.   I didn’t know what to say.

“Stop it!  He is calling me his baby girl!  Why is that turning me on?  I’m almost old enough to be his mother!  Shit!  He wants me to come back to the bar after we leave.  He knows I have my car.”  I said.

“Then that’s what you should do.  We both know it’s going to happen Alexis, and we both know you want it to happen, so just be careful.  Don’t get in his car!”

I had no appetite.  Michael was right.  I knew what was going to happen because I wasn’t going to stop it from happening.  I went back to the bar after Michael left.  He didn’t go home but he left Chili’s.  Jason was waiting for his 42 year old baby girl.

He intercepted me and steered me to a high top bar table for privacy.  He kissed me like he owned me.

“What did you tell him baby girl?”

“I told him I was going back to the bar.”

“What did he say?”

“He said to get my ass home and then he left.”

“You should have told him your ass was going to take a little detour first baby girl.”  Jason said.  I laughed but he was right.  A half hour later my ass did take a detour.

Jason bought me another drink and he was in my personal space the entire time.  I let him do anything to me he had balls enough to do without both of us getting asked to leave.

To his credit he didn’t do anything outrageous to me, but twenty minutes later we both knew he was going to have sex with me so it was no surprise to me when it happened.

Baby Girl gets nailed in Chili’s parking lot!    

January 26, 2015

The word “No!” was not in my vocabulary that night.  Jason made it clear to me that he intended to soil me for my husband.  He didn’t use those words but I got the idea that the thought of taking me away from my husband and having sex with me, was a large part of the reason he chased after married women.

I had never had public sex before that night and wasn’t intending to have it that night either.  That is to say I never had sex where I had to look out for other restaurant patrons happening by, out in back of the parking lot seeing a married woman with her skirt up around her waist, with her ass on the hood of her car, with a young man standing between his baby girl’s legs with his pants around his ankles.

We were trying to decide where to go.  We were standing beside my car.  He started kissing me and then he said he was thinking about just pulling my panties down right there.  I told him I wasn’t wearing any.  Thirty second later we were doing it!

I never once had a thought in my brain that was probably not one of my better decisions.  As a matter of fact, I still look back on that night that fondly.  On the other hand, it is probably not something I will ever repeat.  Daring?  Yes.  Turned me on?  Absolutely.  Smart?  No.

Almost before I left the parking lot, I was over the experience and by the time I parked my car in the garage I was laughing about what an idiot I was.  To his credit Michael kept telling me over and over how hot that was to hear about.

He took his camera out in the garage and took a photo of my butt print and hand prints on the hood of my car.  He made an 8X10 photo and framed it.  It’s hanging in his home office.  I took it down when our daughter came home for Christmas.

Some things have no logical explanation other than the obvious.  I already mentioned in a previous post, I’m not ready for my daughter to find out her mother is a cum slut, tattooed or otherwise.

Career move for Lexi?

January 27, 2015

Michael is home with the flu and he is driving Lexi crazy.  Men don’t handle sickness well.  It turns them into babies.  I’m not saying that the flu is not serious but I am saying if men had to deal with a monthly period, it would toughen them up!

In between naps he said he wished there was a way I could make a career out of being a hotwife.  I said there is a career for that.  It’s called prostitution.  He said to me “Yeah? . . .and?”  I laughed.

“I’m not doing it!”

“What’s the difference Alexis?  You would be getting paid for something you love to do anyway.”  He said.  I decided to humor him and it backfired.

“I don’t know anything about prostitution!”

“You didn’t know anything about being a hotwife either!”  He said.

Hmmmm . . . .

Does the flu cause delirium?

January 27, 2015

Michael has the flu.  He is at home in bed and now he has a one track mind.   He said he wished I could make a career out of being a hotwife.  I told him there is a career for it.  It’s called prostitution.

I opened a can of worms by mentioning that.  Now he is consumed by the thought of turning Lexi into a prostitute.  I think he is delirious.

He is only doing one of two things today.  He is either napping or trying to talk me into doing research for him about how I can become a sex worker.  When Michael gets an idea in his head like that, he is relentless.

This is exactly how I got turned into a hotwife though and I will admit to you that it was the best decision I ever made in my life both for me and my marriage so I’m trying to keep an open mind!

I will also admit that Michael does have a couple of pretty compelling arguments.  Why not get paid for something I love doing anyway?  He doesn’t think it changes anything in our relationship except I will have more dates which for him would be a huge plus because he would get more debriefings.

It’s a good dam thing I didn’t say anything about becoming a dancer at a gentleman’s club giving 60 dollar oral sex to men in the VIP, not that Lexi knows anything at all about that lifestyle!

Expanding my Hotwife Horizons

January 28, 2015

I am getting ready to expand my horizons.  Michael and I were planning to spend 5 days in West Palm Beach this coming Super Bowl weekend which we have planned for quite some time.  Part of my time down there was going to be dating a man I have already met on Ashley Madison in Tampa, who lives in Denver.

He wanted to visit me again when he was not on business.  I agreed.  This week worked out for both of us in West Palm Beach because I will have quite a bit of free time.

Now Michael has the flu and is not going to be able to go, but still wants me to go and could possibly be able to join me down there by Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Because he wants me to keep my date, I now have a lot more time on my hands because he will not be there with me.  I am going to do my first overnight date where I spend the entire night with someone and it may turn into an actual hotwife mini vacation.

I am both excited and nervous.  I have incredible sexual chemistry with this man, but it will also be the first time I am completely on my own.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I am going to find out because I’m going to do it.  I’m sure I will write about the experience when I get home.  Wish me luck!


Lexi Unleashed

February 2, 2015

I got my ass shipped off to West Palm Beach alone last week.   Lexi was off her leash.  My flu riddled husband decided he wasn’t going to die in the meantime.  He wanted me to go.

I didn’t put up much of a fight.  Between his whining about being sick, and the constant discussion about turning Lexi into an income generating hotwife, made it easy for me let him talk me into going on the trip by myself, to practice my hotwife craft.

What was only supposed to include a dinner date on Wednesday and a South Florida Fair date on Thursday with my friend from Denver, turned into much more.  Lexi became a hotel sex slave and surrogate honeymoon bride for two days and two nights.   It was beyond anything I ever imagined!

Although we didn’t have anything else to do anyway, I never expected we would do what we did for as long as we did it.  Wow!  He came over to the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott to meet me for a drink shortly after I checked into my room.  He called me from the lobby and I gave him my room number.  He knocked on my door.  We took one look at each other and that was as far as we got for the next two days.

I’m not saying I didn’t get any sleep during that time but I am saying I didn’t get any rest.  We finally left the room for a few hours Friday morning so I could get my room cleaned but that was it.

I had a non-hotwife commitment late Friday afternoon that Michael wanted me to keep, so that was the end of my hotwife honeymoon. 

I’m glad I did it.  I wouldn’t want to do it again anytime soon though.  I called Michael and told him that he is still stuck with me.  His response was, “Escort!”


“I want you to be an escort!”  He told me.  Here we go again!


Friday Night

February 4, 2015                             

I went out for pizza early Friday evening with one of the investors in the bar. He is a friend of Michael.  It was not a date.  He does not know about me.  We sat at a table for two that was next to table of four.  Three men and a woman sat down at the other table.

The man sitting next to the woman began making eye contact with me then he noticed my ankle bracelets.  He smiled at me.  He studied my two anklets throughout the meal. 

Dan and I talked about Pirate Fest on Saturday.  Finally the man at the other table spoke to me.  He said he heard us mention Pirate Fest.  He asked me if we were going.  I told him I was going to be there working at one of the bars.  He said maybe he would see me there.

I went to the ladies room after dinner to wash my hands.  He was waiting for me in the hallway when I came out. He said he wanted to ask me a question about my ankle bracelets.  “What?”  I said.

“Are you?”  He asked.  He was asking me if I was a hotwife.  I nodded.

“Are you with your husband?”  He asked.  I told him I was not.  He wanted to know if he could get to know me.  Could he call me?  I told him I don’t even give my phone number to men I am seeing, but he could have my email address If he wanted it.  That thrilled him.  He assumed I was on a date.  He told me his name was Jim.  I told him I had to go.  I was not interested in hooking up but I was curious.  I knew I was going to hear from him.


Pirate Fest

February 3, 2015

By the time I got back to my room Friday night Jim had already emailed me twice.  I called Michael.  I woke him up but even so he still kept me on the phone almost an hour.

I knew Jim was going to find me at the festival and he did.  The festival site is a very large city park on the intra coastal waterway in Lake Park.  We set up four bars and even so he found me less than ten minutes after the festival began at 11:00.

He was not intrusive but everyone around me knew I had a not so secret young admirer. He rarely left the bar area I was working.  Whenever I took a break to sit down for a few minutes he was right there with me.  He bought me a taco.

I wasn’t sure if he was more interested in having sex with me or interviewing me.  He asked me just as many questions as my husband, except his were better than Michael’s because Jim was not consumed with the point of exchange of bodily fluids.

No, that is not a shot at my husband.  It’s an explanation of the different points of view they have.  If Michael is consumed with Lexi taking a sperm bath, Jim is consumed with Lexi wearing anklets and what that is like in the bigger picture of my day to day life.

Michael didn’t want my status to be common knowledge down there but he is trying to get to the point that I never take off my ankle jewelry, so I did have to shush Jim up once when he was talking about it.


February 3, 2015

Twice during the day of Pirate Fest the other women I was working with, asked me if I thought Jim was stalking me.  I said no.  I did not tell them why he was talking to me though.

I did finally tell him however that having sex with me was not going to happen because there was simply not enough chemistry on my end.  I didn’t want him to waste his time with me.   He took it well and asked me if we could still be friends.  He would settle for information instead.

I said yes, because he was being a perfect gentleman and I don’t live near him. He asked me if he could have my panties as a consolation prize.  I almost laughed myself silly.   I made the mistake of admitting to him I wasn’t wearing panties.  He told me I was killing him.

We talked until we started breaking down the bars at the end of the day.  He volunteered to help but was invited to leave while I was in the restroom.

We didn’t get out of there until almost 9:00.  All the bars pooled their tips and I was paid 275 bucks for eight hours work.  That is more than I made in one day in my whole life and I’m not going to pay any taxes!

I didn’t check my email until I got back to the hotel.  Two of my emails were from Jim.  The first one wanted to take me out to dinner.  The second one was asking permission to come to the restaurant where I was going to be helping out for Super Bowl.

I told him he could but I was going to be too busy to do a lot of chatting, knowing full well that he was going to show up and try to talk to me anyway.  I was ok with that.


Super Bowl

February 3, 2015

I was going to sell beer out of an ice tub outside of the restaurant for the game.  Jim was already there waiting for me when I got there.

The instant we were alone he handed me a jewelry box.  I refused it.  I had no idea what it was or why he was giving it to me.  I made him explain it to me which ruined the moment for him but, tough shit!  He wouldn’t be the first man to give me jewelry because he wanted to have sex with me.

I understood his explanation perfectly and accepted his gift.  It was a small understated silver anklet.  That made sense to me because he was totally consumed with that one aspect of me being a hotwife.

He told me that he had been watching for a woman wearing an ankle bracelet on her right ankle for almost three months and I was the first one he ever saw in person.  In his fantasy his hotwife wears a small gold anklet which is hard to spot from any distance.

He wanted to get me a gold one but couldn’t find it on such short notice.  He said I probably couldn’t wear it because Michael would be jealous.  I laughed and told him Michael would probably love it although this was new ground I was covering.  I honestly wasn’t sure.

He told me he found my blog and read every one of my posts.  He already knew about the hotwife section of Tumblr but didn’t know about Lexi until I told him.

He said it would make his day to take a picture of me wearing it, but I didn’t get the chance to try it on while he was there with me Sunday night.

After checking with Michael I told Jim I would meet him in the parking lot of the restaurant Monday morning before going home, if he wanted to take a pic of me wearing it.  I told him I would post it in my blog if he sent it to me.  He did.


Lexi Luvs Life

February 3, 2015

I am a very happy country girl (hotwife) right now!  I had a great experience last week in West Palm Beach.  I learned a lot about my life and my lifestyle.  I also learned a lot about my marriage and how much better it is now that I let Michael expand my sexuality to include wifesharing me with other men for the emotional benefit of both of us.

I realized that although I can do this on my own without my husband being within 200 miles of me, Michael completes me as a woman, as a wife, and as a life partner by his support and encouragement.

It makes me sad in a way to think that most people think of our lifestyle as Hotwife/Cuckold in the extreme sense.

I am grateful that the stigma of traditional Cuckolding bothers me more than it bothers Michael.  I just wish there were other hotwives out there besides me telling the truth about our lifestyle.

The only problem is, until more hotwives stand up and say Lexi is telling the truth, I’m not sure I really am.  Ok.  Lexi is stepping down from her soapbox now.

For anyone that cares, my husband is still not over the flu, but did go to his office for a few hours this afternoon which gave me the chance to think about what I just said so I could say it the way I wanted.

Well, so much for that.  Now Michael wants to turn Lexi into an income generating prostitute.  He wants me to become an Escort.  What The Fuck?


Important Advice from Lexi!

February 4, 2015

Lexi keeps telling you how important open and honest communication is when trying to figure out if this Hotwife lifestyle is right for you.

I got a great email today from Sheri. Her husband, who has never communicated with her before during their marriage, suddenly wants her to become a hotwife.

Her thinking is that the only reason he wants her to do this is because he wants to cheat on her.  Look everyone!  Lexi is not a Psychiatrist.  I can’t look into his head or his heart and tell Sheri what his motive is.

I can do something a hell of a lot more important than that.  I can give her the benefit of my experience being a mile or so further down the same road she is traveling.  I know what the scenery looks like where she is.

I have seen the road from her perspective but she hasn’t seen it from mine.  She doesn’t know what the upside potential is.

Sheri, it doesn’t matter what his motive is.  If he is doing this so he can cheat on you he is going to do it anyway no matter what you do.

I thought the same thing.  Michael and I did NOT communicate!

You have absolutely nothing to lose by embracing the lifestyle and everything to gain.  Any normal emotional thinking woman is going to question the motives of a husband that suddenly begins communicating with her especially if he never has, AND the communication seems bizarre and comes out of nowhere.

Embrace it!  Don’t question it!  Just go with it!  The only thing that should matter to you is that he is communicating with you now!

I guarantee you more emotional happiness than you have right now, a much improved sex life with or without your husband’s participation in your marital bed, and although I’m not a Psychiatrist, I am a betting woman.  I bet your marriage gets better than you could have ever imagined!

Alexis  McCall  a.k.a. Lexi!


Updates from Lexi

February 6, 2015

Life around my household is slowly returning to normal.  Michael is pretty much finally over the frigging flu.  I could have strung in a few more F words there I think.

I have taken down my profile on Ashley-Madison at least for a while.  It worked too well!  I was inundated with emails, way more than I could answer.  I have begun getting to know a couple of men locally that seem very nice, so we’ll see.

It turns out Michael is seriously serious about Lexi becoming an income generating hotwife.  He wants me to become an upscale escort.  There are a lot more things we don’t know about it than things we do know, but he wants me to keep an open mind as we learn more about it and I have agreed.

If I hadn’t kept an open mind the last time he asked me to consider something, our marriage would still suck and I would probably be having an affair.

I have been contacted by a “business enterprise” out of New York or somewhere up there who found my blog and seems to think I would be a good fit in their Tampa market.  I have agreed to meet their representative with Michael either Sunday or Monday when she is in Tampa interviewing someone else.

Here’s my question:  If I become a working professional, do I lose my status as a hotwife?  Are the two things mutually exclusive?  Who decides these things anyway?


Hate Mail

February 9, 2015

I got my first piece of hate mail today, and yes it hurt my feelings a little.  It didn’t make me cry, but it made me call Michael at work, to talk to him about it.  That turned out to be a fruitless phone call on my part because I didn’t get the sympathy I hoped for.

I have been saying all along that the bloggers out there that glorify the cuckold aspect of having a hotwife and claim to wear a cock cage while she is out on a sex date and then clean her with their tongue when she gets home, are giving those of us that are actually living the lifestyle the wrong impression.

Well, today I got told off.  I don’t know whether my hater is a hotwife or a cuckold because the email was not gender specific but it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about.

OK!  Your point is taken.  Maybe I don’t, but I did make it clear up front that the only experience I have with this lifestyle is my own.

Michael’s point was that it’s none of our business what other people in our lifestyle do and does not affect what we do.  My husband is right about that.  How other people in our lifestyle go about it is none of Lexi’s business.

So where does that leave things?  I should probably keep my opinions to myself, but I’m not going to.  Lexi is unrepentant.

I started this blog to try and help real people understand the truly positive benefits to opening up their marriage without all the porn and fantasy on here.

Personally I wouldn’t want to be married to a man that was willing to lick another man’s sperm out of my body.  I would have no respect for him at all!


Going Pro?

February 10, 2015

I had my interview on Sunday with my potential employer.  Michael and I both went.  I have to say I was very impressed with her organization.  It’s huge!  It’s worldwide and it’s run very professionally.  She manages the Southeast US and has women in 20 cities.

Yes, its prostitution plain and simple, but no money changes hands between the client and the escort.  Their clients are screened very carefully and belong to a very upscale private Club of some kind with a Members only website where they can view the profiles and portfolios of the women in whatever city they are going to be traveling.  They cannot contact the woman directly.

She believes my biggest asset is that Tampa is a cruise port, I can travel because I don’t work, and my husband is supportive.

Supportive is an understatement.  He is pushing me.  I had to remind him again that Lexi is the one spreading her legs.  Tampa is also a convention destination city.

She says many of the men take women on cruises, so if a woman can travel and be gone a week, she is a valuable commodity.  I live in a port city so the client doesn’t have to pay my travel expenses, if the cruise leaves from Tampa.

However, if he wants me, and wants to cruise out of some other port he has to pay my expenses in addition to my time.

Michael and I have decided that if I do this I will change my hotwife status to part time and not give it up, because Michael will have no involvment in my business life other than getting to debrief me.

It is important to keep him happy.  He is the one that brought Lexi to the dance!  

Beyond Strange                

February 11, 2015

Every time I think I have seen it all, something even stranger happens.  I got an email yesterday from someone that saw my blog while searching for women in Tampa.  Evidently he didn’t read all of it, and got the impression that Lexi is for hire in Tampa.

I was amused.  A young guy was willing to pay me for something I give away.  I decided to go on an information gathering mission.  I asked him how he found me.

He said he searched Tumblr in Tampa.  He was going to be in Tampa for one night Wednesday, February 11th.   I played along.  I asked him to send me a photo.  He agreed.  lol . . . .This is where it gets seriously strange.

He told me he only had one photo on his phone and he sent it to me.  I swear to god I actually wet myself when I opened it.

It is a photo of a scenic lake shore somewhere.  A guy with a beard wearing jeans, boots and a woodsman shirt is standing on a rock in the water a few from shore smiling at the camera, holding an axe in his left hand and a wooden spear in his right hand.  WTF?

I doubled over laughing and wet myself.  I actually laid my head down on my desk and laughed myself silly.  What could he possibly have been thinking sending me that photo?

I emailed him back and asked “What the fuck were you thinking emailing that photo of an axe murderer to a woman you want to have sex with?”

He said he hadn’t thought about it that way but he did see the humor in it once I pointed it out.  I asked him why he didn’t take a selfie.  He said he didn’t think about it.  I asked him how old he was.  He was 25.  I told him I was old enough to be his mother.

I asked him for his permission to use the photo and he said no.  Dam!


The Decision is Made

February 12, 2015

On one hand this was the easiest decision I have ever made. On the other hand, it was one of the hardest.  You are thinking Lexi is stereotypical blonde.

Michael and I got almost no sleep last night.  We spent the whole night talking, considering my options.  For once, my husband didn’t try and influence my decision making with Merlot, but I did drink two pots of green tea.

The bottom line is that Lexi has decided to join the sisterhood of women practicing the world’s oldest profession.

The easy part of my decision is that I have the love, support, and encouragement of my husband, in addition to loving my lifestyle as a hotwife.  I owe the turn around and success of my marriage to this lifestyle we share together.

As Michael pointed out from the beginning, when I first got this offer of employment, “It’s no big deal Alexis, they are willing to pay you for something you are already doing for free!”

How do I argue with logic like that?

Michael has always been able to put things into perspective for me even though it usually takes me a while to understand it because I am an emotional thinker.

We are working together as a team now. I have learned it takes both of us to think through major decisions like this one.

I think about things Michael doesn’t consider, which brings us to the hard part of my decision to become a prostitute.  What do we tell our daughter?

I pointed out to Michael that telling her nothing is not an option.

 “Why not?”  He asked me.

“When Cammie shows up from UF on a weekend unannounced, to do five loads of laundry and I am on the second day of a five day cruise with some guy from New Jersey, what are you going to say when she asks, Where’s mom?”

I need to get some sleep now.

Not So Random Thoughts

February 12, 2015

Now that Michael and I have agreed on a plan of action for Lexi, I have a shitload of communications to communicate.

First to my husband:  I promise you that that being your hotwife will remain my highest priority as I try and blend in my additional status as a Working Girl.  I want to go on record publically even though you and I have been discussing this ad nausea.  I owe my happiness to allowing you to guide me down this path.

To the two men I am currently seeing:  I do not anticipate any changes except for my availability.  Michael specifically wants me to continue hotwife dating when I can.

To the two men that I met from my latest adventure with Ashley Madison that I am slowly getting to know, it has been pointed out to me that you should be “grandfathered in” since I met you both before making the decision to become a working professional.

Michael and I agree.  If you are patient with me and accept the fact that’s it’s not going to happen as soon as you hoped, your patience will probably be rewarded.  I am going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks at least.

As I have been telling everyone, there are more things about this transition that I don’t know that things I do know.

Lastly to my daughter:  I hope you never read this!  :)   At least not before I can figure out how to explain to you what your mother is doing, in a way that will make sense to both of us.  I am neither ashamed nor embarrassed by my lifestyle, but when I try and explain it to you I just hope I can do an adequate job  . . . for both of us.  I love you!



February 13th, 2015

I am probably going to get more hate mail for my opinion about this but, oh well . . . .One of my biggest issues with Tumblr is that almost every blog on the subject of my particular lifestyle is filled with porn, which for the most part is fantasy. (No I’m not positive about that!)

I’m not an agent of the Morals Police either ok?  To each their own, but come on!  There is no originality.  This may piss off what few followers I have, but almost every hotwife blog is the same.

A woman is on her elbows and knees.  She is getting it put to her either doggy style or anally from the back while she is providing oral sex at the other end.  She appears to be is in sexual ecstasy.

Please!  Lexi is admittedly not as worldly as most of these women BUT, Lexi has the same parts, and if I get kicked out of the hotwife union for saying so, in my limited experience with anal sex, there is nothing in my anal canal that is going to stimulate Lexi to make her cum.

My idea of MFM sex does not include anal sex, or double penetration, or 69.  When I have a penis inside my womanhood, I am not able to concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing at the same time with a penis in my mouth.

My experience with MFM sex is to be sitting on a man’s lap in a hot tub, facing out while a different man is on his knees in front of us, penetrating me.  Then the men change places.

OK I’m done with my rant.  I will go back to advising couples who have a serious interest in figuring out how to ease their way into this incredibly rewarding and wonderful lifestyle.


Lexi Discovers Nipple Jewelry

February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll!  Michael gave me a present this morning.  It was in a jewelry box, so I was pretty sure I was going to be adding to my impressive collection of anklets.

I laughed when I opened the box and looked at the pieces.  I didn’t know what I was looking at.  Michael had to explain it to me.

It’s a gold chain with a pendant that looks like a necklace and wears like a necklace in the front but it doesn’t go around the back of my neck.  It hangs from my nipples by two circle clips that expand to go over the nipple and then contract to hold the clips in place at the base of my nipples.

I may have mentioned I have led a fairly sheltered life.  The only nipple jewelry I have ever seen is when women get their nipples pierced. Lexi is NOT going down that road!

Here is what I have learned so far.  Michael loves it.  Wearing the clips at the base of my nipples make them erect the whole time I am wearing them.  The pendant is a weight.

When I walk, the pendant tugs on the chain, which tugs on the clips, which feels to me like having my nipples massaged when a man is kissing me during foreplay while pressing his erection into my thigh shortly before he . . .Where was I?

Oh!  The other reason Michael loves it is because I walk around the house in a constant state of arousal.

His chances of getting me to wear this rig in public is marginal at best because even if I can get past my nipples being in a constant state of arousal, wanting to be touched, kissed, fondled, licked, gently bitten, rubbed, massaged . . .where was I?

Oh!  My bigger fear is that during the initial connection during frantic sex the necklace thing is going to get snagged on a belt buckle or other manly article of clothing and both my nipples are going to be ripped off my body accidently!


February 15, 2015

Lexi is a hotwife widow today.  My husband is playing in a golf tournament.  He suggested I go out and play, but I did too much Day Drinking yesterday.  I drank a pitcher and a half of Bloody Mary’s.

Last night we went to Ruth Chris’s where I drank vodka, and then got into red wine when we got home.  We talked half the night.  I am a 42 year old woman.  You would think I would know not to do that, but . . . . I am hung over.

Last night’s topic was the purchase of a high rise condo in downtown Tampa for Lexi to use as a playpen.  Michael wants us to make some refinements to how I meet men that I hook up with that night, or day, as a onetime thing.

His thinking is that it is easier and safer if I meet men in a private club setting who are in town on business, and staying at one of two upscale hotels on the bay that are connected to the club via pedestrian overhead walkways.

We learned that the club has reciprocal rights with other private clubs in other cities.  We have been there three times now and the clientele was different each time.  Michael was disappointed that I didn’t hook up the other night when I could have, because I stupidly parked my car on the street and had no intention of being on the street late at night to get my car.

The club has a parking garage but I didn’t use it for some reason.  Duh!  He also thinks I can use the condo to entertain clients once I get started with that new aspect of my life.

I’m not opposed to any of this so it will probably happen.  I’m also pretty sure that Michael is going to use this as a reason for Lexi to go out alone more often because I won’t need my car.  The the condo comes with two parking spaces in its own parking garage.  We’ll see.


Back to Basics - Hotwife 101

February 16, 2015

The question I get asked the most by both men and women, is the hardest one to answer.

“How do I start the conversation?”

I’ll be honest.  There is no easy answer to that and here is why.  Most couples do NOT communicate.  Michael and I were a classic example of that.  When either one of you suddenly begins communication about opening up your relationship to include sex with others, you are going to be met with suspicion.

Michael brought it up in a way that caught me off guard but I didn’t become suspicious right off the bat.  We were already well into the conversation when that happened, but  by then he already had my attention.  Here’s what happened:

I was carrying one end of a large cooler, and some guy we met out on the island was carrying the other end.  We were taking the cooler out to our boat, anchored off shore,  to fill it with ice.  We were in thigh deep water when the sky opened up.

We got down on our knees and he opened the cooler, turned it upside down, and put it over our heads.  The water was warm but the rain was cold.  Our friends on shore began hooting.  We were all drinking.

He started kissing me.  I liked it a lot!  Everyone on shore knew what we were doing even though they couldn’t see us.  It only rained for a couple of minutes but everyone teased me about it the rest of the day, including my husband.

Sitting around the campfire on the island that night the subject came up again.  Michael said the he got turned on knowing what Tony and I were doing under the cooler.

I didn’t say anything to him about it until we were alone later.  The conversation we had opened the floodgates of Communication between us and here we are.

More to follow:

Back to Basics - Hotwife 101


February 16, 2015

“How do I start the conversation?”

If you are the one that wants to plant the seed then you are going to have to go first. Now that I told you how NOT to do it, you have some options to have a conversation with your spouse without putting her or him on the defensive from the beginning.

You could say that you have been thinking about your marriage and you are wondering if there is a way to spice things up for the benefit of the marriage.  Ask for some ideas.  Trust me, if you think it needs more spice, so does your spouse.

This is NOT a good time to bring up the hotwife lifestyle but it is an excellent time to respond positively to any idea that your spouse has.  I mean anything!

Embrace it and go with it for a while.  Then have another conversation on the subject and ask for more advice.

If you don’t get any suggestions, are met with indifference, are told to fuck off, or told that your marriage is fine just the way it is, you need to re-think your marriage altogether.

I am not done with this subject but in case you happen to hit a home run with your first swing you need to understand how to keep from scaring her by moving too fast.

Michael started buying me anklets before I even agreed to go forward.  He spent a lot of money buying me ankle jewelry I will NEVER wear in public.

Don’t be that guy, and don’t push!  If you want to buy her an anklet just to prove to her you are serious about wanting her to date, buy her one small understated gold or silver anklet with no charms, no initials like I-L-2-F, or S-L-U-T, or one that spells “hotwife” in script.

Michael realizes not that was a mistake to push me, but now I wear two of them almost always.

More Hotwife 101 coming soon


My Monday

February 23, 2015

I spent the weekend in Gainesville bonding with my daughter, giving her the first spoonful of information about her mother’s sex life.  I told her I was seeing someone.

I got a very unexpected response.  She asked my why it took me so long.  She is thrilled for me.

I didn’t lie to her, but she thinks I am having an affair and that her father doesn’t know.  I understand why she thinks that.  For the last several years she was living at home, my marriage sucked.

I have decided to let her think that for the time being.  Rightly or wrongly, at this moment in time I am more interested in the result of bonding with her, than the reason for it.

I may or may not correct her misunderstanding with the next spoonful.  Michael and I talked for several hours after I got home last night.

I met him for lunch today at Outback near his office to talk more.  We ate at the bar because that’s where I was when he got there.

He noticed a young guy staring at me from across the bar.  These days he usually notices that before I do.  He gave me one of my old training challenges and made a bet with me.

He wanted me to stay there after he went back to work and he bet me ten bucks that the guy would try and buy me a drink within five minutes after he left, to keep me from leaving.

I took the bet because that’s what I am supposed to do.  On the other hand I wanted to win the bet, so I made no move to make it look like I was in a hurry to leave any time soon.

I won the bet, but Michael ended up getting what he really wanted out of it which was a story and a debriefing.


Pampered Princess!

February 24, 2015

During the busiest and most intense week in my new lifestyle as a hotwife and my even newer lifestyle as a prostitute, a man I know had the brass ball balls to imply that because I love my husband and don’t mind that he likes me to share my body with other men, he thinks that Lexi lives a cushy lifestyle.

This is what I think.  If you can walk a mile in my size 7 and a half, 2 inch platform stiletto heel shoes, than you can call me a pampered princess.  It’s not easy being me!

I’m just kidding about the 2 inch platform part.  Lexi is 5’8” naked, so in 5 inch heels plus 2 inch platforms, that would make me . . . lets see, 5 plus 2 plus 8, carry the five . . .never mind!  Shit!  It’s not easy being blonde either!

Anyway the point is that if I was that tall, men wouldn’t think I was hot regardless of my bra size.  They would think I was an Amazon . . . or a freak!

Where was I? Oh yeah, this is a busy week.  It started with me bonding with my daughter over the weekend, then playing a bar pickup game with my husband on Monday, then defending my virtue on Tuesday, then having my first professional dating experience on Wednesday, then spending all day Thursday being debriefed and being asked at least ten times, ten different ways, what it feels like when a man cums inside me.

Friday I am going back to Gainesville to spend the weekend partying with my daughter who now thinks of me as her new sister and wants to get me laid!  I love my life!


 Part time Hotwife

February 25, 2015

I was wandering around Bed, Bath & Beyond this morning in a daze, looking at everything, and seeing nothing.  I was supposed to be looking at towels for my daughter.

I was there because I can’t focus on a dam thing today, thinking about my first paid date tonight.  I am useless today.  I am both nervous and excited.  I have never done anything like this before.

A woman in her late thirties (I guess) blocked the aisle so I couldn’t get past.  She was looking at me and smiling.  I wondered if I should know her.  She said, “I noticed your anklets.  I was wondering if you know the significance.”  I told her I did. She asked me if I was a hotwife.  I confirmed it.

She pointed down at her feet.  She was also wearing one on her right ankle.  I was instantly thrilled that I had finally met another woman that shares my lifestyle.

“Are you too?”  I asked excitedly.

“Part time.”  She said.  She told me that she only wears it when she goes out alone.  Her husband doesn’t know.  She’s cheating on him.  “Shit!”  I thought to myself.

I talked to her for like a half hour.  I offered to coach her, I offered to let her talk to Michael.  Her story is just like the men that want their wife to be like me and are afraid to bring it up.

I told her to start wearing it all the time even with her husband.  She said she is afraid that some man is going to approach her when she is with her husband for dinner somewhere and ask her out.

I assured her that has never happened to me in six months.  It told her that men never approach me when I am with Michael.  They wait until he goes to the restroom or leaves.

I told her about my blog and if she wants to talk more she can email me.  I hope she does!  Are you reading this Kathy?



February 26, 2015

Lexi experienced her first giant penis last night!  My first thought was that I could not take it!  My second thought was that I could not take that very often!  My third thought was that I need to re-think my views on interracial sex.

Evidently my sisters out there that are BBC lovers know what they are doing, or at least know what is being done to them.  Wow!  This wasn’t even an interracial experience.   It was just . . .well, I don’t know what it was.  Yes I do!  It was gigantically enormous!

Lexi is a little sore today but smiling at the memory because this was sex at a level I have never experienced before.

If you follow my blog you know that Lexi has a weakness for young hard bodied Alpha males.

This was not one of those times!  In fact I almost forgot to mention the other reason why last night will always be special to me.

It was my first experience as a working girl, a paid professional, an escort, or however else you think of my new career as a prostitute.  Last night I lost my prostitutorial cherry if that’s even a word.

I have thrown around the term being “fucked out” a few times to describe a very through sexual experience I’ve had, but last night I realized it really happened for the first time in my life!

This man was not otherwise remarkable in any way.  He is a mid forties, Caucasian, businessman from up north.

He told me that he loves his wife, that she is petite, and that sex is painful for her.  Trust me!  There are a lot of things men tell me that I know is bullshit.  This is NOT one of those times.

He told me that she does not mind that he pays for sex on occasion.  I believe every word! He said he is going to ask for me again the next time he is in Tampa.  I heard my mouth say yes, before I could even process the thought in my brain.  Wow!

On top of everything else he was generous!  Wow!


Party like a Rockstar!

March 1, 2015

I spent the weekend partying and bonding with my daughter and her friends in Gainesville for the second weekend in a row.  She is not aware that her mother is both a hotwife and a prostitute.

Michael and I decided that she needs to know about me being a hotwife but not an escort.  I have decided to spoon feed her a little information at a time.  Last weekend I told her I was seeing someone and she drew the wrong conclusion that I am cheating on her father, and she is thrilled for me.

I let her think that as her first spoonful, so this weekend I was not at all surprised that she tried her best to get me laid, not only Friday night, but Saturday afternoon, and again Saturday night.  She is consumed!  Finally I had to tell her I was capable of finding my own friends.  I may as well have been talking to a wall.

My second spoonful is going to be that her father and I have decided to have an open marriage. I was going to tell her this morning before going home but she was too hung over to meet me.  I was pretty sure that would be the case by the time I left them last night.

I was prepared to give her two spoonfuls this weekend.  I only removed one of the two anklets from my right ankle and if that subject had come up I was prepared to address it, but it didn’t.

She was totally focused on partying with her new sister (Lexi) and getting me laid.  I’m not going to go back up there anytime soon.  I can’t party like a rockstar any more!

Now that the groundwork had been done in person, I can tell her on the phone what’s up with her mother, one spoonful at a time.


Hotwife Panties

March 3, 2015

I got a question from a female reader who asked me about wearing panties.  I have said several times that I don’t wear panties any more.  Before I get to her question though let me clarify what I mean.

I mean that I NEVER wear panties any more unless I get a special request from someone that wishes to remove them from me.  That has only happened once so far and it was on my first paid date.

It says in my Bio that I don’t wear panties and he requested that I do, so I did.  Other than that, Lexi is living in a panty free zone.  The question I got was regarding how I made the transition, if it was comfortable, and how I felt about it.

In other words she wanted to know about the physical part as well as the emotional part.  At least that’s what I got out of her question.

Yes, it took me a while to get used to feeling a breeze down there.  I didn’t simply go cold turkey like people who quit smoking sometimes do.  It was a slow transition over several weeks actually.

The physical part was the easy part.  I don’t know any woman who enjoys digging a thong strap out of her butt crack 16 hours a day.  I sure as hell don’t miss THAT, and to reinforce how little I miss it, I was reminded last week when I bought a new bikini.

The emotional part is a different story, and for a hotwife that is truly into the lifestyle is the most rewarding.  Being bare down there makes me feel vulnerable, naughty and deliciously sexy.

It makes me susceptible to doing some very naughty and daring things especially when influenced by alcohol!


Hotwife Dating vs. Swinging

March 4, 2015

OK right up front I know this is probably going to get me in trouble again, and once again right up front, I am going to admit that this is simply my opinion.  It is only worth what it cost you to get, which was zip!

Lately I have been chatting with a few men that would like to turn their wife into a Hotwife.  I am very supportive of their success because so far I am the only one I know.

They are of the opinion that it would be easier to talk their wife into trying Swinging first and then graduate into the hotwife lifestyle.  The problem with that is you have men here that are not communicating in the first place.

Michael and I tried Swinging a few times to get Lexi used to having sex with different men.  That goal was achieved, but neither my husband nor I enjoyed the experiences, and because of that we almost gave up.

Lexi’s problem with that environment is that it is too restrictive.  If there are 40 couples at a party that means there are only 20 potential playmates.  I have already admitted previously that my standards may be too high, but of the 20, if I felt any chemistry with more than 3 of them, that would be a lot.  Then maybe none of those three feels the same chemistry.

It is my opinion that becoming a hotwife first would be an easier sell especially if you give your wife total autonomy to make her own dating decisions, in her own time, and in her own way.  Do not restrict her selection based on who is available at any given party.

Wife Swapping is even more restrictive.  I have some friends here on Tumblr that I know feel differently about this than I do and I will very happily post any responses I get, unless you make Lexi cry!


Shoes & Sex

March 6, 2015

Lexi is going to share one of the similarities of men I noticed between hotwife dating and paid for sex dating.  The uniforms I wear to bed are the same!

I almost can’t remember the last time I went to bed to have sex without wearing my shoes.  What’s up with that?

That’s a rhetorical question that I will answer for you.  According to Michael it’s a guy fantasy thing.  The really interesting part of that is since Michael and I are now communicating with each other, it’s no different at home either.  I have a funny story about that for later.

My second escort date last night was very nice and he was a gentleman.  When we got back to his room after dinner he asked me if I would mind leaving my shoes on when we got into bed.

I told him that was fine.  I asked him to direct me into position.  He was planning on a little oral foreplay.

“How do you want me?”  I asked.

“Point your heels at the ceiling.”  He said.

So I did.  The second time we had sex the heels of my shoes were pointed in different directions.  I’m not going to try and explain that one.

The first time Michael and I had marital sex at home, in bed, with my shoes on, I was seriously influenced by red wine if you know what I mean.  After we finished, I went to sleep.  I still had my shoes on.

At some point during the night I woke up and had to pee.  I was probably still drunk, I’m not sure.  One thing I am sure of however is that I did NOT notice I still had my shoes on when I tried to stand up.

I twisted my ankle, and fell on my ass.

“Fuck!”  I yelled as I went down, grabbing at the sheets to break my fall, waking up my husband.  I was lying on my back on the floor laughing.  I wasn’t hurt yet.

Michael came running around to my side of the bed, in the dark, to see what happened to me, because I was not in the bed.  He fell on top of me.  And THAT was how my twisted ankle turned into a sprain!


Dr. Lexi

March 5, 2015

So far the response to my rant yesterday has all been surprisingly positive.  I received a very sweet Fan Mail from one of the men that liked my Post.  If I could figure how to post it I would have.  This is what it said: (copy/paste)

Dear Dr. Lexi: I like it because you tell it like you think it is. I like it that you are willing to help us non communicators figure it out. I like it because your blog has information instead of porn and I like it because you are hot! Until I read this post today I was one of those guys that thought maybe swinging would be easier, but now I get it! Thank you Goddess! Please keep it up.


This was my response:

“Hmmm … Dr. Lexi huh?  Dr. Lexi likes that title. I’m thinking about using it going forward.  Do you mind?  Thank you for the kind words. I hope any other responses I get are as charitable as yours was.”

So . . . . Dr. Lexi is cautiously optimistic that any nerves I struck yesterday were mostly open minded nerves.  Anyway, enough about that.

I have my second “prostitutorial” date tonight.  I can’t imagine that it could go any better than my first paid date did, but you never know.  I’m not as nervous as I was last week, so that’s a good sign.

It was 84 degrees in Tampa yesterday if anyone cares!  I was watching people shoveling fucking snow up north on TV.  Hee-hee. 



Freedom of Hotwife Speech

March 7, 2015

My husband is quite concerned that some fairly radical negative changes are coming to Tumblr soon.  You may ask “Why would you care Lexi?  Your blog is not porn!”

That’s true.  Lexi’s blog is VERY different from all of the other blogs using the same keywords.  I’m still new to this, but Michael who does happen to be a curious guy about the other hotwife porn blogs, emails me photos with amusing captions.

It’s all porn, but I don’t care.  I’m not an agent of the moral’s police.  I can prove it.  I’m a prostitute in real life besides being a hotwife, for crying out loud. (my mother used that term all the time)

My blog is different because my mission is different.  I’m not here to build a following by re-blogging other peoples stuff.  I don’t care how many followers I have.  I’m not selling anything and I’m not advertising anything.

I’m recruiting!  I have no other motive.  Because I was receptive to entering into this alternative lifestyle, it saved my marriage.  There may be a few happier women out there in the blogosphere than me, but not many!

When you use search words on Google like “hotwife” and all the rest of them, you mostly end up on Tumblr porn sites.  I know this because that it’s how we found Tumblr when we were looking for information about the lifestyle.  We couldn’t find anything that wasn’t porn, or fantasy.

Michael says we are using those blogs as bait and that sooner or later people that are serious about learning about the non porn, non fantasy side of our lifestyle will find my blog and hopefully the information they need to make an informed decision without being scared off by all the bullshit!

We know it’s working because of the number of non-Tumblr emails I get.  Our concern is what happens when we run out of bait because Yahoo makes their threatened changes to Tumblr.

We are making a contingency plan.  I will keep you posted!



March 7, 2015

Not for me, but for Michael.  He got busted last night watching Lexi sitting at the bar in the U Club.  A man was talking sugar smack to me and I was going along with it.

Michael wants nothing to do with the men in my life or the ones that would like to be in my life even it’s just for an hour or so at a motel.  Last night he didn’t have a choice.

We went to dinner at the club.  I got there before he did by a half hour.  My standard story when Michael and I play this game is that I am waiting for my husband who may or may not show up because of a business emergency.

When I finally signaled Michael to come get me by looking at my phone, he did, I excused myself from the bar, and we went to our table.

What neither of us knew at the time was that there was another man in the bar that was interested in me and assumed I was a hotwife because of the two ankle bracelets on my right ankle.

He was trying to figure out a way to talk to me when he saw Michael also watching me talking to the man at the bar.  When Michael came over and got me, the third man figured out what we were doing.

As we were leaving, I needed to “powder my nose”.  When I came out into the lobby Michael was talking to someone.  He didn’t admit what happened at first.

Michael told me that the man would like to get to know me and had asked Michael if that would be ok with him.  I didn’t believe that for one second.

The other man began to laugh and he told me the truth.  He approached Michael because he wanted to compliment him on the game we played.  That was also bullshit because I am the one that ended up getting handed his business card.

On the way to the front door I called Michael out.

“You weren’t going to tell me, were you?”

“Eventually.”  He said.



Questions & Answers

March 8, 2015

Lexi is a hotwife widow today.  Michael is playing golf.  I am answering lifestyle email.  It occurred to me that when I get an email question from someone there may be other people out there that wonder the same thing either about me or the Hotwife Lifestyle. 

Without a doubt the question I get asked most often is from men that want to know how to have “the conversation” with their wife.  I could probably write a book about and maybe I will but a 350 word Tumblr blog is not the place to try and explain it.

Today I want to focus on some other things I have been asked that I can answer in a word restricted way.

Does Lexi always wear two ankle bracelets?  No, I don’t.  Sometimes I only wear one.  Lately I have been wearing a gold choker necklace in a double wrap around my ankle that looks like I am wearing two anklets.  There is a photo of that here somewhere.

Does Lexi always wear an anklet?  No, I don’t, but almost always.  In the beginning I was more self conscious about wearing one but not anymore.  I never wear one when I go to Michael’s office because he asked me not to.

The other times I have not worn an anklet, at least so far, is when I am being paid for my time as an Escort.

How do I approach a woman wearing an anklet on her right ankle?  Should I assume she is a hotwife?  That is a great question!  The answer is no!  Most men that approach me compliment me on my anklets first.

If she wants your attention she will respond positively in some way.  If you get positive feedback it is ok to ask her if she knows the significance of wearing it on her right ankle as opposed to the left but make sure you have something non-threatening to say to her as a follow up in case she says she doesn’t, or asks you to tell her.

The word “hotwife” should not ever come out of your mouth at that point in a conversation.  Not Ever!  Tell her you have heard that it signifies an open relationship or something else non-threatening.  Always give her an out, and always let her take it, and always be a gentleman!


My Husband

March 10, 2015

I have said several times that Michael is not the type of cuckold portrayed on sites like Tublr.  In fact the only trait that qualifies him as a cuckold is that Lexi has sex dates with other men with his knowledge and approval.

So because I said that a few times, and also because I said he does not watch me having sex, I was asked what’s in it for Michael?

·         Because we began communicating with each other, including sharing our fantasies, and acting on them, our marriage went from shitty to spectacular in the blink of an eye.

·         Michael likes watching the front end of Lexi meeting men in a social situation, typically, but not always, in a bar or lounge.  He loves watching men flirt with me, he loves me flirting back, and he loves knowing these men are investing time in me because they want to have sex with me, and he knows I may or may not do it that night.  That part absolutely thrills him if I do.

·         Michael’s biggest thrill is debriefing me after I get home.  Sometimes we talk for hours.  If he had his way I would have sex every time I go out or every time we go out to play our bar pickup game.  But whether I do or I don’t, he loves debriefing me afterwards.

·         Lexi has become a very contented woman.  I will do anything that Michael wants me to do now.  As proof of that, I let him talk me into becoming a prostitute, working for a high end service.  He gets almost as much out that that as he does watching me be his Hotwife because he gets to debrief me afterwards.

·         Our marital sex life is off the charts better than it was, including physically, emotionally and in frequency.  Michael says that my hotwife activities are foreplay to our marital sex life.

·         Being his hotwife has given us both a closeness and intimacy that we have never known.  I can’t even remember the last argument we had about anything at all.



Hotwife Lifestyle Question

March 11, 2015

I got an interesting question about my blog post yesterday.  I mentioned that I let Michael talk me into becoming a prostitute.  The question I got was about comparing my hotwife lifestyle to my work lifestyle.  Is Lexi the Hotwife different from Lexi the Escort?

She was asking me if the experiences were the same, different, or comparable.  My first reaction was that they have almost nothing in common except the result and that what I began to type.

Then I read it and realized that wasn’t really true.  It took me another hour of thought, during which I ran though reasons in my mind why all three things were correct at least partially.  Part of it is the same, part of it totally different, and part of it is comparable.

When I meet a man for a work date, it has been prearranged with a specific result.  On the other hand that date is conducted pretty much like a hotwife date when the result is not always certain.

My Hotwife dates have rarely been prearranged with a few exceptions in the beginning with men I met on Ashley Madison.  My Hotwife sex dating for the most part has been one and done.  That is not a house rule it’s just typically how it has worked out because of how I meet these men.

Both my hotwife dates and my work dates know I am married but my work dates think I am a bored housewife looking for excitement.  That is not exactly what they think but you get the idea.  My Hotwife dates know my husband knows where I am and what I am doing.

So which is it?  I’ll let you decide.

Note:  this is going to change in a week or so because I am going to become a work related traveling companion for a few days to Las Vegas.  I’m hopeful my experiences in West Palm Beach on my suedo-hotwife mini honeymoon date will come in handy.


Hotwife Varieties

March 11, 2015

Lexi is curious about how many different types or varieties of hotwife Lifestyles there are, based on what you see depicted on Tumblr.  This is not meant to be the definitive answer on the subject but like most other Posts I have made, its food for thought about our (general) Lifestyle.

There is the caged Cuckold whose wife flaunts her sexual freedom and forces her Cuck to lick cum of out her when she returns home from wherever.

There are the Cuckold’s whose wife brings men home and make her Cuckold watch her bull make her cum a 100 times while her husband anguishes.

There are the Cuckold’s who invite his friends over to have sex with his willing Hotwife either in another room or in front of him.

There are Hotwives who invite men over during the day to have sex with her in her bed and text photos to her Cuckold at work.

There are the hotwives that go to a bar pick up men, take them to a motel where her husband watches her having sex.

There are the Cuckolds that want their wives to breed interracially.

There are Hotwives who are banging their co-worker’s or boss?  Not sure what that one is called.  Work spouse maybe?

There are a few other’s too I am sure.  Like Michael and I for instance.  We are into none of those things although I do go to a bar to pick up men sometimes, and it’s also true that sometimes Michael likes to watch that part, but if I leave the bar with someone for sex, that is the end of Michael’s active participation in the event.

So far as I know, I am the only one depicting our lifestyle on Tumblr.  I have a lot more to say on this subject but my husband has warned me to tone down my rhetoric about a lot of my opinions lately, so we’ll just leave it as food for thought!

As always, your opinion will be tolerated if it’s different from mine.


Lexi’s Sandbox

March 13, 2015

It turns out my husband was serious when he said he wanted to buy a condo downtown for me to use for recreational purposes.  At first I didn’t think he was serious.  Then I wondered if he was trying to get rid of me.

The good news is that now that we talk about everything openly and honestly, I understand his motives.  He wants to buy the condo as an investment because downtown Tampa condos are beginning to skyrocket in value from a seriously depressed market, while other Tampa property is not growing much.

Over time as we have gained experience with our Hotwife lifestyle, we have refined how I meet men.  This is because I wasn’t real comfortable meeting someone in a bar and going to a nearby suburban motel to have sex.

Michael thinks that my success rate is lower than it should be.  I don’t share his view but that’s not the point.  The point is that he thinks my success rate will be higher if I have my own space for entertaining some of the men I meet.

This one has 24/7 manned security with a key card required for entry at night, an internal parking garage for residents, a 24 hour concierge, and 350+ high rise units.  I won’t be getting any unexpected visitors unless they live in my building.

Since I am now meeting men that are mostly business men in town for business for a few days, he believes that I will be more comfortable entertaining men in my own space, I won’t need my car because you can go anywhere by taxi downtown for 10 bucks, and I will have my own clothes and personal things.

The plan is to rent furniture except for my bed.  I’m ok with that.  Michael sometimes likes me to go out alone at night to do my hotwife thing and he thinks having my own place will make it easier for me to hook up.

I bet you anything that when Michael goes out of town for business, he is going to try and talk me into staying at the condo, if we get it.  He is making the offer today.  I’ll let you know!

 Hotwife Contingency Plan

March 14, 2015

Lexi is not going anywhere unless Yahoo decides my Tumblr blog doesn’t meet the new standards, and if it doesn’t, Michael made a contingency plan.

I do not know if this is true or not, but it’s what we believe.  We believe we have just as many, if not more non-Tumblr account holders following my blog, than we have Tumblr account holders.

The reason Michael thinks that is because of the amount of non-Tumblr email we (Lexi) gets.  We did the same thing when we started out.  We looked at the blogs without having a Tumblr account when we were doing our fruitless research looking for useful information.

Lexi only cares about not losing her followers.  I’m talking about the ones that really care about getting helpful information by my example which I guessing is most of you since there is no porn on my Blog.  So, Michael has decided that I need to have my own website.

When I told him that I didn’t know anything about being a webmistress his response was predictable

“Alexis, you didn’t know anything about being a hotwife either!  You didn’t know anything about being a blogger!  You didn’t know anything about being a prostitute, but you are all of those things now!”

It’s going to be basically what my Tumblr blog is.  I’m not going to sell anything, advertise anything, track anything, or redirect anything.

I DO NOT want to lose my Tumblr family.  I do not want to lose my non-Tumblr family.  The website will have the same stuff as the Blog and maybe a few more photos.

Michael wants to use some of the non copyrighted captioned hotwife photos from the public domain and comment on the kernels of truth they contain about our lifestyle.

I do NOT do that currently on Tumblr (except once, because it was too good not to use) because I don’t want my blog to be like all the others.  The website is NOT a replacement for my blog unless the blog goes away.

I’m simply giving you a contingency option and another way of contacting me if Tumblr changes.  Http://


Lexi’s Sunday Update

March 15, 2015

Lexi is a golf widow today with time on my hands.  This has been a busy week and there are a few things I’d like to share with you.

Last night I had my 4th paid date as an Escort, and like the first three dates, things went very well.  I commented earlier in the week about the similarities of my type of prostitution as compared to Hotwife dating.   As I gain more experience I see less differences and more similarities.

One of the notes in that particular blog post asked me if I liked both types of dating.  Yes, I do!  I am going on my first trip as an Escort midweek.  I will be spending three days in Las Vegas attending a convention with someone.  I’m excited.  Michael is ecstatic!

The website is now fully functional and although it’s not the most professional website you will ever visit, It’s probably one of the most informative as far as getting real information about our wonderful Hotwife Lifestyle without the porn.

I mentioned that the question I get asked most often here is “How do I get my wife to be where Lexi is?”  I’m paraphrasing.  I said I could probably write a book about that and I almost did!  The entire conversation about how to turn your wife into a Hotwife is posted on

I had a conversation with my daughter this morning.  I gave her another spoonful of information about her mother’s lifestyle.  Until yesterday she knew I was dating but thought I was cheating.

I told her this morning that Michael is now aware of it and I plan to keep seeing other men and plan to stay married.  I did NOT use the term hotwife.

“Wow!  Dad is cool with that?”  She asked.  There were a number of truthful answers I could have given her which varied in complexity.  I opted for the simplest one and the only one that would keep the conversation between her and me for the moment.

“I didn’t say he was cool with it sweetheart, I said he is going to allow me do it.”  That is true.  What I didn’t tell her is that he wants me to do it!


OMG!  Revisited!

March 16, 2015

Holy shit!  Lexi has encountered her second monstrous penis in less than a month!  The last time this happened to me, the owner of that appendage seriously got my attention not only because of his thing, but it was also my first experience as a working girl.

I said at the time I could relate to my hotwife sisters that are BBC lovers and why they would wear Queen of Spades ankle jewelry and/or tattoos to draw attention to themselves.

I am beginning to understand better now, from a hotwife perspective this time, how that could possibly become an addictive lifestyle.

I’m not yet ready to divorce Michael and move into a colony of Black Owned Blondes, that want to be bred by their Owners, but on the other hand, I haven’t decided against it either.  I’m only 42!  (kidding)

The point is, I can see better now why many married women are attracted to that particular, umm, feeling of sexual Nirvana, because that is exactly what it is!

I am going to try and explain this, but it’s probably not going to make sense to any man.

All women are sexually stimulated by contact in their womanhood, at various locations and various times during a sexual event involving penetration by a penis including, but not limited to their clitoris.  There, I said it!

Our hot sports are not a constant thing.  They move around.  No, I do not know why!  I only know that contact by a penis that stimulates me in one place for several seconds may not stimulate me in the exact same place a few seconds later.

It doesn’t go away, it simply moves around to a different place close by.  When I have experienced a giant penis, it doesn’t matter where my hot spots move or try and hide.

They all get stimulated at once for as long as that penis is inside my body.  The result is that there are no peaks and valleys during intercourse.  It’s all peaks all the time!  I experience multiple orgasms for as long as I am being stimulated.  I don’t have a choice.  My body simply overrules my brain.  I’m like the Energizer Bunny with her batteries in backwards!

Actually that wasn’t as hard to explain as I thought it would be, whether it makes sense or not.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Ya’ll!

March 16, 2015

This was going to be another Lexi Tumblr rant, but cooler heads prevailed and I got talked out of it. (threatened)  It’s amazing to me how much smarter my husband has gotten in the last year considering the fact that he basically ignored my existence for the last twelve.

Anyway the point is that he often sees the bigger picture when I only see something that pisses me off and I write a scathing rant about it.

Michael says I need to attend a Dale Carnagy? course.  I looked him up on line.  He’s dead.  How could he help a Belligerent Blonde Blogger?  What I got out of his bio thing is that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Fuck that!  I’m pissed off and I want the blogging world to know about it!  Michael told me to calm my ass down and think about what happened after my last rant.

OK.  He has a point.  I got hate mail.  I got told off.  I got told I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about and I should mind my own business.  Point taken!

I ended my post about that experience by saying that Lexi was unrepentant which only served to put Michael on high alert and now wants to see everything I post before the fact.

So now in addition to being monitored I also have to get my Tumblr blog postings approved by my local red army “government agent husband” before I can post them if they contain something that he finds politically incorrect or offensive.

WTF?  I’m being editorially gagged.  I’m being silenced!  Lexi is back under the thumb of “the man”!

All this happened just because I wrote a blog post about 10 photos of Lexi that you will never find online.  Maybe I should have used the word “cookie” instead.


Stupid Stuff!

March 17, 2015

Michael and I sometimes share his home office when we are both sort of working and sort of talking.  We don’t do that when we have something important to discuss but last night he was working on a business proposal.

I was having cybersex with my Army Captain friend in Afghanistan (doing my part for freedom) and we were sort of discussing my work trip to Las Vegas.

I heard Michael say “poonk”.  I looked up in time to see him holding up his index finger and middle finger and then bend his hand forward like people do with “air quotes”

“What are you doing?”  I asked.

“Poonk!”  He said again and pointed to his wastebasket making the same hand gesture.

What?”  I asked.  He laughed.

“It swished.”  He said.  He has a small plastic basketball hoop with a net attached by a suction cup to the side of his file cabinet above his trash can which is several feet away from his desk.

Poonk?  How do you spell that?  I wanted to know.  He became exasperated with me.

“I don’t know!  Who cares?”

“Well what does it mean?”

“Look!”  He said.  He was going to show me.  He began tearing off sheets from his legal pad, wadding them up and tossing them at the trash can.  I think three of them went in the trash can but none went through the hoop.  I smiled at him.

“Give me one.”  I said.  He wouldn’t do it.  I laughed.

“So what does poonk mean however it’s spelled?”

“Alexis you are taking all the fun out of this ok?”  He said.  I stuck out my lower lip and gave him my most sincere pout.  I made him feel like shit.

He explained in great detail that “poonk” is what happens when the paper wad sails cleanly through the basketball hoop and only touches the net.

“It swishes?”  I asked.  I wanted clarification.


“So why didn’t you say swish instead of “poonk?”  I asked reasonably

Michael laid his forehead down on his desk.  “Why me?”  He asked.


Las Vegas

March 22, 2015

It’s amazing how much stuff you can type with two fingers on a Tablet computer when you have almost 7 hours to kill on an airplane.  This was a work trip.  It was my first time going on a trip somewhere as an Escort.

We stayed at the Wynn Hotel.  There is a killer nightclub there called Tryst.  The man I was with is an executive with a company that was having their annual convention there.

He didn’t seem bothered having me on his arm socially during non business hours and he spent a fair amount of time with me during the day, but I did not go near his work stuff.  He took me to see Elton John and he took me to dinner at Ruth’s Chis Steakhouse.  Everything else we did together was in the hotel.

Those were the only times I went anywhere by taxi.  The weather was cold by Florida standards, but when you are in Las Vegas there is always something to do wherever you stay, like shopping!  Lexi loves to shop!

Fortunately Lexi likes to look good more than Lexi likes to eat, but if I had to spend much time there working, Lexi might end up looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  My metabolism hasn’t started slowing down yet but when it does, I am going to be in big trouble if I’m still a working girl!

I really only had to make one decision that bothered me a little, that is to say, only one thing came up that I hadn’t either talked about with my “manager”, my husband, or thought of myself.

In an extended situation like this, men typically either give you a gift of money as a tip, which is credited to my account, or they buy a personal gift.  My client took me to a jewelry store because he wanted to buy me an Emerald.  There is simply something about Blondes loving Emeralds.

He knows I am married but he does not know about my lifestyle.  He wanted to buy me a sort of cocktail ring.  I wasn’t sure how Michael would feel about that.  I told him that a ring might be a little hard to explain.  He understood.  He bought me a beautiful Emerald necklace instead.


Things that make you go hmm….

March 22, 2015

Lexi is typing this with two fingers on the new Tablet Michael got me. It is very slow going.  I’m on the airplane coming back from my first work trip to Las Vegas. I’ll write more later but just so you know it was awesome!

I have not talked to Michael in three days but have kept in touch by email when I could.  I knew this about my husband before I left on my trip but I thought it would go away while I was gone.  It didn’t!

Michael has a new fetish.  I made a mistake posting those two encounters I had with a rather large penis on my blog.  Michael is now consumed with that.  He asked me dozens and dozens of questions about that, before I left on my trip.

Although he has not actually said it to me specifically, I get the idea he would not be disappointed if Lexi did some interracial dating of the BBC variety.  The other day I mentioned kiddingly in a blog post about becoming a Black Owned Blonde that was Bred. I added “kidding” at the end.  When Michael read it he asked me which part I was kidding about.

One thing I have learned about my husband since we began communicating is that he doesn’t say stupid shit to me about our Lifestyle.  He said that to me for a reason I didn’t get at the time, but now I have had several days to think about it.

And what I have decided is that he wants me to think about the subject of interracial dating in order to experience some BBC.  There is more than one reason I think that.  He asked me to show him how to post stuff on his page of the website before I left.  While I was waiting for my plane back to Tampa I got a chance to look at our website.

Michael has been a busy boy while I have been gone and a lot of his new stuff is Q of S.  I’m not sure what is up yet but when he reads this post, I guarantee you the conversation will be out on the table.


Las Vegas Wrap Up

March 22, 2015

Michael put something into words for me last night (early this morning) while we were lying in bed with the lights out after we had talked about everything else and we were fading out towards sleep.

“Your life is different now Alexis.”  He said.  I had been thinking the exact same thing ever since getting on the plane to come home from Las Vegas, but I didn’t know what to say to him about it.

He’s right.  Everything is different now.  My whole life is different since I decided to pursue my new career as a prostitute.  Evidently I am good at it.  I am getting stellar reviews.  I was told that I was recruited because I had a special quality.

That quality is a combination of appearance, sexuality, attitude, personality, and education.  I didn’t know I had all those things but someone saw them and here I am.

“I know.”  I told Michael, but I didn’t know what else to say about it.  I just wanted to let him know I was also thinking about it.

When I left Tampa I was extremely nervous.  My guy met me at the airport and took me to one of the airport lounges at McCarran Airport and bought me a drink and gave me my briefing.

It was exactly what I had been told to expect and after that, I became the confident, attentive, companion he expected me to be and I felt very comfortable in that role.  I don’t think I will be nervous at all the next time I do that.

“Don’t forget about me ok?  I just bought you a condo.”  Michael said.

“I know.”  I said.

“More changes are coming.”  Michael said.

“Michael, I’m not going anywhere!  I’m still going to be your hotwife.”  I told him and then I began to cry.  I don’t even know why.

I don’t wear my anklets when I am working and it felt very strange not feeling them on my right ankle for three days.  They have become a part of me.  I would have told Michael that if I hadn’t been crying.

I would have told him later but I fell asleep in his arms while I was still crying.  I can’t tell him now, he golfing.  I’ll tell him here.


Lexi’s Playhouse

March 22, 2015

While I was gone to Las Vegas my husband signed a sales agreement to buy Lexi a hotwife pad, or hotdate pad, I’m not sure what the term is, but a place for me to entertain men I meet when doing my thing as a hotwife.  He swears he is not trying to get rid of me.  Hmmm.

Actually it’s an investment (he says) but what he is hoping is that Lexi will use it as a hotwife sandbox and will spend more time dating because I will feel more secure than I do going to a motel or hotel with these men for sex.  He is trying to improve my hook up rate which he thinks is deficient.  We have already had that discussion ad nausea.

I understand his thinking and he is probably right.  If I am downtown at one of the clubs and I find a man that meets my standards and I’m willing to spread my hotwife legs for him, I can invite him to come “home” with me and if I feel like making a night of it, rather than driving home, I can.  Not to mention that I will have my own stuff.

It really is more secure for me because of all the security.  These same men can’t just drop in on me later just because they know where I live.  They can’t get in.  I like it because I can go out at night downtown without taking my car.  It’s a ten dollar cab ride practically anywhere I would go.

There is really no downside to trying this.  If I decide I don’t like it then we will simply put it on the rental market and offer it as furnished.  If I do like it, and my numbers improve (according to Michael) then I will endure more debriefings, but endure less of Michael’s snoring.

It’s a win-win for Lexi, I’m thinking!


Mail for Lexi

March 22, 2015

I got some interesting mail while I was gone and some not so interesting.  The first one was from a woman who wanted to know if I personally answer every email I get.  I sent her back an email that said “Yes.”

I actually respond personally to every email I get.  The ones that ask good questions I answer personally AND I mention them here as well because that’s why I am doing this.

Two of the emails I got were about my ankle hardware. Yes, I always wear two on my right ankle except that lately I have been wearing a gold choker in a double wrap around my ankle that looks like two gold anklets.  This is not a Lexi policy or a rule, I just like the feeling of having two of them on.

No, I don’t think it draws any extra attention to me by wearing two ankle bracelets.  I believe I got just as much male attention from wearing one as wearing two.

I wish I knew some other local hotwives to confirm, or correct, what I am about to say, but it has been my experience that most men that notice my ankle jewelry do not approach me unless I am in a bar or some other social situation where men approach women.

Only once has a man actually asked me about my then, single anklet in the checkout line in the supermarket.  They notice, but they don’t do anything, or say anything, except maybe smile. Maybe they hope I will speak to them first.  Who knows?  Not Lexi.

What is the most unique approach have I got from a man so far?  It actually happened yesterday on my flight back to Tampa.  He said, “If I said the word ‘hotwife’ to you would you know what I was talking about?” I laughed which gave me away.  I am going to write a whole Post about that tomorrow.

Before that one, the most unique approach I ever got was from a young man that simply asked “Are you?”


I knew it!

March 23, 2015

I was right about Michael’s new fantasy, but I need to explain to my blog readers familiar with our situation, Michael and I are in this lifestyle together and we are in this blog sort of together as well.

Lexi does the writing but I respect Michael’s input.  This was a tough one to write.  This is the fourth revision before we both agreed on the words I used.

In the Blog Post I wrote on the airplane, I used the word “fetish” to describe Michael’s desire for me try a specific type of interracial dating.  He took exception to the word “fetish”.  Now that we have spent quite a bit of time “communicating” about this particular subject, I understand where he is coming from.

It is not a fetish.  It is a fantasy.  He explained it this way:  A fetish is something that you have an “irrational commitment to achieving”.  A fantasy is “thinking about something that you would like to happen that may, or may not be, improbable or unlikely to happen”.

That made perfect sense to me because most guys in high school that I dated wanted to have sex with me, but one in particular did not.  He wanted to suck on my toes.  I thought he was gay, but he wasn’t.  THAT was a fetish.

Michael has a fantasy about Lexi experiencing BBC.  He does not want me to renounce my race and become “Owned.”  He does not want me to have a black baby suckling at my breast.  He does not want me to get a Queen of Spades tattoo on my breast or my ass.  He only fantasizes about that particular subject.  He wouldn’t want me to actually get pregnant!

I have a fantasy about being gang raped by bikers too, but I wouldn’t want it to happen in real life.

So now what?  I love my husband with all my might.  Those feelings are returned to me tenfold.  Our marriage is off the charts and through the roof good.  I am doings things for both of us that I would have never considered doing 8 months ago.  So now I will see how much of his fantasy I am comfortable trying to fulfill.


A Unique Hotwife Approach

March 23, 2015

It was a 7 hour flight home from Las Vegas to Tampa.  I amused myself by playing with my new Tablet computer and drinking vodka, which caused a few trips aft to use the umm, facility.  Lucky for me I had an aisle seat or lucky for my seatmate depending on one’s perspective.

Anyway there was a man in the rear who was noticing my ankle bracelets.  On my third trip he almost spoke to me.  I was sure that sooner or later he would.  He was standing up waiting for me when I came out.

“Can I ask you a question?”  He asked.  I said yes.

“If I said the word ‘hotwife’ would you know what I was talking about?”  He asked me.  I laughed which gave me away.  I wasn’t laughing at the conversation I was laughing at the way he asked me about my lifestyle.

I didn’t have to confirm it for him, he knew.  He told me his wife was a hotwife and asked me if we could chat for awhile.  The plane wasn’t full but I had to sit in the aisle seat across from his aisle seat.  We had to lean out and talk very low.

He was not hitting on me he was trying to compare what I do to what his wife does.  I couldn’t really hear him and we were annoying the flight attendants so I gave him my website and returned to my seat.

Here is my point about this.  He did not know how to ask me about my status in a straightforward way because he was afraid he would offend me if he was wrong.  The more I thought about it the more I realized that no man ever has simply asked me if I am a hotwife straight out.

I think there should be a secret code.  Now before you say, “But Lexi, there is!  It’s wearing an ankle bracelet on your right ankle!”  I’m here to tell you as an anklet wearing practicing hotwife, that ain’t enough!


Hotwife Limitations

March 23, 2015

I got a great email yesterday.  The question was, “Do you and Michael have an agreement about anything you do with these men that is off limits?”

We specifically have an agreement that nothing is off limits for me as it relates to expressing myself sexually or non-sexually with other men.

I should probably explain this.  If it were up to Michael I would be expressing myself a lot more liberally and a lot more often than I do.  I can tell you for a fact without even asking him that he wouldn’t be disappointed if I was into multiple sex partners, M-F-M, M-M-M-M-F, BBC, Bondage, and Girl-Girl.

So far in our new Lifestyle, Lexi is the one that has been getting her horizons expanded, not Michael.

If I were forced to pick one thing I do, that Michael is uncomfortable with, it would probably be my aversion to condoms.  I carry condoms in my purse.  They are gathering purse dust.  I have never used one!

The idea was that if I met someone and wasn’t sure about him, I could hand him a condom.  In real life however, if I’m not sure about someone there is no need for a condom.  So that’s me, now let’s talk about you.

You said you were asking because you were curious about the lifestyle but weren’t sure if you should set limits.  You should ABSOLUTELY set limits as a couple, even if they are temporary because you are not sure how far you want to go.  Ease your way into this.

Not all hotwives do sex dating.  Maybe you limit your hotwife activities to kissing, or petting, or flirting.  There is no wrong way to do this!

The fact that you and your husband are communicating means that you can talk about this and reach an agreement that makes sense to both of you.  One last thought for you.

I have said this before a few times but if you are the one spreading your legs, your husband should give a lot of weight to your opinions.  If you are not comfortable with your arrangement, it’s not going to happen.


Now what?

March 23, 2015

Michael made a deal for the high rise Condo in Downtown Tampa while I was gone to Las Vegas.  We went over to take some pictures Sunday afternoon and the movers were there moving her furniture into storage.  The woman that owns it lives in Dubai right now.

I had absolutely NO idea that we were taking possession immediately!  Michael failed to mention that to me!  The closing isn’t for another month!  So now what?

On top of everything else on my very full plate I am now hotwife in charge of getting my new Playpen ready to play in.  I agreed to take charge of this project only because if I didn’t, I would probably end up with a revolving round bed and mirrors on the ceiling with a sex swing suspended from the ceiling in the living room of my bachelorette hotwife pad!

This is somewhat overwhelming.  I now have a place of my own to use for entertaining men that is larger than the first three houses Michael and I owned after we got married.  I have a balcony that looks out over Downtown Tampa and the Bay, from the 25th floor.

Tomorrow I can pick up my credentials, get the key, have my orientation, get my garage sticker, and meet the staff.

Michael is anxious for me to “move in”.  I’m not planning on “moving out” of our home in Avila, what he means is that he is anxious for me to get it set up so I can use it for its intended purpose as a hotwife sexpad, if that is a word.

Tomorrow I need to find a Move In/Move Out cleaning specialist to deep clean it, decide if any renovations are needed, and then see what Michael wants to do about furniture to  make his hotwife “Very” comfortable in her new environment! J

Lexi is thinking she needs an interior decorator.  That is probably not going to happen though.  Michael wants results right now, not a couple of women talking about intended space usage, color coordination, image, panache, color temperature, flow, and Feng Shui.  He’s more of a Rooms To Go kind of guy, and he is the one writing the check.

Mirror’s on the ceiling . . . . hmm. . .


Lexi’s Hotwife Playpen

March 24, 2015

I am now technically a new resident of a high rise condo community in downtown Tampa.  I don’t live there and I’m not planning to.   It is currently vacant, but that’s going to change real soon!

The idea is that I am going to have my own place to entertain men on hot dates rather that doing traditional hotel/motel sex, and the somewhat popular but less frequent, car sex.

I am in agreement with my husband that having my own place to party is less risky, and I will have more control over who has access to me.  It has 24/7 security and a 24 hour Concierge.  Nobody can get in to see me unless I bring them with me or invite them.

I got the key, access cards, codes, and garage pass yesterday.   Today my unit is being deep cleaned.  Michael and I spent almost all of last night looking at “in stock” furniture on line, making my wish list.

Last night he confessed why the big rush to get me set up by the weekend.  I knew there was an ulterior motive.  He is not going to be here.  He is playing in a weekend golf tournament in Hilton Head and will be gone for four days.

He thinks that is going to give me more incentive to get used to my own play space and you know what?  He’s probably right.  He also thinks it will give me more incentive to “play”.  I don’t know about that but it certainly won’t give me less incentive.

After I let the cleaning people in, I will go buy furniture.  That is pretty exciting actually.  I’m not going to furnish the second bedroom right away until I see how this goes.  According to the ad, I can buy furniture today and have it tomorrow.  That will thrill my husband!


Playpen Update

March 24, 2015

Michael’s thrilling anxiousness about getting me situated into my new hotwife playpen is becoming infectious as I realize he was right.  I CAN be in by the weekend when he leaves for Hilton Head, and spend my time there in the condo this weekend setting it up.

Most of the furniture is being delivered tomorrow, some is being delivered on Thursday, and only the dining room set is left for Friday delivery.

I made him go with me to help me pick out the living room set. (approve the higher end purchase than the one I showed him).

We had an interesting conversation in front of the salesman in which he either didn’t understand my status, or was very cool about pretending he didn’t get it.

The conversation was about the televisions.  Both the living room set and the bedroom set included a TV.  Michael was telling me that I should upsize the televisions and I was telling him that I didn’t want any TV’s, let alone upsizing the free ones.  The conversation went like this at the end:

"I don’t even want the free TV.”  I told him.

“Alexis you need TV’s!”

“Why?  I don’t watch TV.”

“Well you need one in your bedroom at least!”

“Tell me why?”

“What if you have company?”

"Michael, if I have company that wants to watch TV in my bedroom, I’m not doing it right!”  I said.

It was at that point that Michael ended the debate by telling the salesman to upsize both TV’s and gave me his look that said this particular discussion was now closed.  I gave him my best smirk.


Condo Move In Day One

March 25, 2015

Its Day One getting my playpen set up to play in.  I know I’m probably going to be here all day waiting on furniture so I brought along my computer because there really isn’t a lot I can do.  Too bad I didn’t think to bring along a chair to sit in.

Some funny things have already happened and it’s only 10:00.  I’m taking a break.  Hah!

Last night Michael watched me go through my closet pulling out clothes to bring over here as my ‘party wear’ (slut wear) base of operations.  We loaded my car full of hanging garments and shoes and other stuff I can put in the closet.

“Loaded” is the key word there.  I have already made four trips from the parking garage to the condo and I’m only half done.

I will probably never wear some of clothes I brought over here since I haven’t worn them so far anyway, but at least they are out my closet at home, and you never know.

I am considering abandoning this project for the time being until I can figure out a better way to do it than carrying two armloads of stuff at a time.  I’m quite sure that people that really live here have a system.

I called Michael and he suggested I go to West Marine and buy one of those collapsible wagon things like we have on the boat.

Not only would I not be seen dragging a dock cart back and forth, up and down the elevator from the garage to my condo, the second I left the building, my furniture would show up and I wouldn’t be here.   Something tells me this is going to turn into a saga!


Unintended Consequences

March 25, 2015

Michael’s grand plan about Lexi’s hotwife playpen has just taken an unexpected twist.  I was totally focused on moving stuff from the parking garage into the condo.  I was not paying attention to what was going on around me.

There is a deli in this building and I went down and got a salad and iced tea to go, because I am waiting for the furniture.

When I came back into the lobby, the Concierge said “Ma’am?” He was holding out an envelope.  My mind was a million miles away.  I took the envelope and thanked him.

I assumed it was from management. I took it with me up to the condo, and lost interest in it when I got upstairs because I realized I was going to have to eat my salad with my fingers.

There was no plastic ware in the bag and no flatware in the condo.  Fuck!  There was also nothing to dry my hands on after washing them, because of eating my salad like a cave woman.  Lucky for me there was half a roll of TP in the bathroom.

Then I noticed the envelope on the kitchen counter and opened it.  It wasn’t from management.  It was from someone that lives in the building that “noticed” me.  I am going to paraphrase it because it was half a page long.

He saw me moving in.  He sees from my rings I am married, but gets the idea I may be moving in alone.  He is an admirer that wishes not to be a secret, but does wish to be a gentleman.  He has put the ball in my court by asking me to respond back to his note and give it back to the Concierge. (high school!)

Now before you go thinking it’s the Concierge, I will tell you it was signed along with man’s Unit number.

He suggests I respond either by telling him he is mistaken, or that I am not interested, or that I am curious.  He is willing to do the work to get to know me.  I have a call in to Michael.  I need some help with this one!

I already know what Michael will want me to do, but since we hadn’t considered something like this, it makes me wonder what else we haven’t thought about.


Lexi is a Miffed Hotwife!

March 25, 2015

I bet you don’t need me to interpret that for you!  Michael played football at UF for Steve Spurrier.  When I told him that one of my neighbors in the building wanted to get to know me, probably in the carnal sense, and told him about the note he left for me, predictably there was dead silence on his end of the phone, so I filled it for him.

“We weren’t expecting that, were we?”

“No.  So what do you want to do?”  He asked.

“What I want, is to have you tell me what you think I should do?”

“You have to ask me what I want you to do?”

No, Michael.  I know what you want me to do, I want you to consider what else we might not have considered and how to deal with it.

“Alexis, this not rocket science.  We’ll call an audibell(?) audibull(?)  I didn’t ask him to spell it for me, he probably would have insulted me.

“What is that?”  I asked instead.

“It’s a football term.  It means we will change the play, or the game plan, whatever!”  He said.  I got the clear idea he thought this was a trivial matter that I should have handled myself without bothering him at work, so that’s what I did!

“Fine!  I’ll take care of it” I said.  I not only ended the call, I turned off my phone.  I do that occasionally when he has screwed up and forgets that part of his “Team” also includes me, and then he wants to try and fix it, after the fact.

I wanted him to understand I was not pleased with his attitude about my situation nor his lack of support.

We did not consider the fact that maybe one of my new neighbors would like to get to know me, or would at least be curious about me.  I was hoping that Michael could offer some worthwhile input on how to deal with this.

I got a football analogy instead when I needed help with a cover story about why a married woman was taking up residence in a downtown high rise condo, and entertaining men.  You can bet there will be more to this story! And where is my god dam furniture!


Lexi is an Embarrassed Hotwife!

March 25, 2015

OK!  Lexi screwed up!  I am NOT having a good day!  I was pissed off at Michael for not being as helpful as I hoped he would be and I did something stupid.  I shut of my phone because I didn’t want to listen to him groveling when he figured out he fucked up.

Which, by the way, according the time stamp on the first of his six phone messages I received after turning my phone back on, took less than three minutes after I hung up on him.  This is what happened next:

At 5:30 Lexi was pacing in her empty condo waiting for the furniture I was promised would be delivered “mid morning”.  I was pacing because there was nowhere to sit, except on the floor!

I blasted the two hapless delivery men for their incompetence when I opened the door after they knocked.  I vented!  They took it in stride, and waited for me to calm down.

“Ma’am our supervisor says he tried to call you several times to let you know our truck broke down and we had to wait to reload what we could onto a replacement truck.  I’m very sorry!  We couldn’t re-load everything on this smaller truck and you will need to call and re-schedule because they couldn’t reach you.  I’m very sorry.”

He was right.  There were two messages from the furniture company on my phone when I turned it back on.

I felt like shit.  They made several trips just bringing the bedroom furniture.  It took them over an hour.  I apologized profusely and gave each of them twenty dollars as a tip.  While they were working I called Michael and we got everything worked out as well.

We decided that I am going to be separated from my husband, considering my options, and dating other men.

I like that, because it covers almost every possible situation about why I would be there sometimes but not there every night.

Michael wants me to get to “know” my neighbor and hopes it is in the carnal sense.  No surprise there.  I already decided how I was going to handle it anyway.

I wrote “Curious” on his note and nothing else.   I signed my name and put my unit number on it just like he did.  I gave it back to the Concierge on my way out.

“You can tell him I am separated, if he asks.”  I told him knowing he would be interrogated because we were playing a high school game.  I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!


Condo Move in Day Two

March 26, 2015

Today is going much better so far.  Michael was very helpful after seeing the error of his ways yesterday.  We loaded up my car again with small boxes of stuff I packed which I considered a start up care package of bathroom things, kitchen things, a camping chair to sit in, etc. some cleaning supplies, hand towels, a few more clothes, a bottle of wine, etc.

I was bitching about carrying everything from the garage to the unit.  I made 7 trips back and forth yesterday.

“Why didn’t you use the valet cart?” He asked.  It was a truly “Duh!” moment.  The answer was because I didn’t know they had one but the truth of the matter is that I should have known they would have something like that for residents to use, but didn’t ask.

“If you make a blonde comment, you’re a dead man!”  I said pointing my finger at him.  He smiled.

So this morning I looked for one and found where they keep the one on my level.  Eureka!  I took everything up in one trip!  I smiled to myself when I saw the envelope wedged into my door frame.

It began “Dear Curious”   He welcomed me to the neighborhood, thanked me for responding, and apologized for his juvenile approach, but did it that way so he would be as non intrusive as possible.  The more I thought about that, the better I liked his approach because if I wasn’t curious I could have said so and that would have been the end of it.

What I liked most of all is that he did not give me his phone number and ask me to call him, nor did he ask for mine, but he did give me many options including his email, business website, leaving a note with the Concierge, or delivering a reply the way he delivered his.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet, but now I am even more curious than before!  I have something to think about while I unpack and wait for more furniture.


Condo Hotwife

March 26, 2015

Lexi is a dangerous thinker when left to her own thoughts.  My bedroom furniture has been delivered and set up.  The bedroom is now completely furnished including the over sized TV I didn’t want.   Now I can completely focus on this one room and getting it decorated.

As I was cleaning the drawers of the new dresser it occurred to me I don’t have much to put in them.  At home I have a drawer full of panties that I never wear anymore and a drawer full of bras which I am wearing less and less.

Looking at the clothes I brought with me so far, I won’t need any bras either. I have a drawer full of panty hose at home which I will NEVER wear again, so that leaves me with a sock drawer for my running shoes, a drawer for accessories, and a drawer for stockings which is almost overflowing at home so the extra storage capacity here is welcomed.

Since Michael claims he is not planning to spend nights here with me, I bought a queen sized bed rather than a king.  My reasoning is that if I am alone I don’t need a king sized bed and if I am entertaining, I sure as hell don’t need a king sized bed.

That was one bit of Lexi logic that Michael couldn’t argue.  Unfortunately the bedroom is king size so now I need to add something else to make it proportional.  As I sit on the bed with my notepad making a list of things I need to make it look like I live here, I have bedding on the top of the list.

Since Michael is leaving today for Hilton Head I can shop tonight for anything else I need to be able to spend the nights here this weekend.  Saturday night I have a work date but all the rest of my weekend is free time so I should be able to stay here.

I have decided to answer John’s note using email.  I plan to answer it tonight from home but I have not decided what I am going to say.  I looked at his photo on the bio page of his business website.  I was NOT disappointed so Michael probably won’t be disappointed either, I’m thinking.


Condo Move in Day Two Recap

March 26, 2015

Lexi now has an almost furnished Hotwife Condo except for dining room table and chairs, two breakfast bar chairs and balcony table and chairs, which will allegedly be delivered tomorrow “mid morning”.  Since nothing I bought has been delivered mid morning as promised so far, Lexi will not hold her hotwife breath!

Having said that, being furnished is one thing, but being decorated to look like more than a model home is something completely different.  Lucky for Lexi that Michael wants her to feel at home in her hotwife playpen, but equally for Lexi is that Michael is gone the weekend and won’t find out until next week that I spent almost 400 bucks on the bedroom today at B,B&B to make it look like I actually live there.

I’m my defense, I want you to know that almost half of that was in bedding, which if Michael has his way is where Lexi will spent most of her time entertaining.  I’m actually not worried about the money I spent.

Michael will bitch about it because that’s what he’s supposed to do.  I will offer to pay for it out of my ill gotten gains as a prostitute and Michael will tell me he loves me and wants me to be comfortable in my new umm, playpen environment and that will be the end of it.

I sent my new admirer/neighbor John an email giving him hope.  I told him I was flattered by his interest, impressed by his bio photos, officially separated from my husband, but still in and out of the marital house, considering my options including dating other men, and not sure how much time I will be staying in my condo as yet.

That covers all the bases.  Michael says we can spoon feed my neighbors a spoonful at a time just like we are doing for our daughter and if the question about being a hotwife is raised I can say that is the current spoonful.  I like that plan!


Condo Move in Day Three

March 26, 2015

Lexi is exhausted and it’s only 8:30 AM!  I did something this morning that was so out of character for me that I’m not even sure I can explain it.  Michael is gone for the next three days to Hilton Head Island, SC, playing in a golf tournament.

I was up, dressed, out of the house, and parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot by 6:15 AM.  Who does that?  Nobody!  That’s who.  But there I was, having a Martha Stewart home decorating early morning orgasm.

The truth is, I couldn’t sleep.  The reason I couldn’t sleep is because I have a man on my mind.  That is problematic for me. I have never been captivated before by someone I haven’t even met.

I called Michael at midnight to talk to him about what I was feeling.  At least I didn’t wake his ass up.  He was partying.  He went outside and we talked for about fifteen minutes.

I told him everything that happened with my secret admirer and everything I was feeling about it.  I told him this man has my attention and I had no idea why.

I already knew he would tell me to “go forward and let’s see what happens”, but it was comforting to be able to tell my husband the truth about what I am feeling even about another man when I’m pretty sure I don’t even know what I think about it myself.

Michael was very cool about it.  He told me to follow my feelings and get my questions answered.  He thinks that this could become a distraction for maybe a week or so and then I would be over it, so that’s what I’m going to do.

The really funny part about this is that I spent almost $900 at Wal-Mart and I don’t think there was anything in my cart that cost more than $28.88.  The Manager saw me struggling to push the seriously overloaded cart out the door and sent someone with me to help since it wasn’t quite daylight outside yet.

Kudos to the Wal-Mart management and staff at the Supercenter on Dale Mabry just south of Water’s in Tampa!  I love ya’ll!

Even with the valet cart it still took three trips to get everything up to the 25th floor.  I’m in no hurry to deal with everything on the kitchen counter.  I have all weekend!


Day Three Update

March 27, 2015

Since I have been haranguing the furniture company for missing delivery promises by at least half a day for the last two days, I thought I should let you know that the first of two deliveries scheduled for today is happening as I type this at 10:30.  Yea!

The other news is that I heard from my neighbor John via email.  Last night I laid out my cover story for him, which is that I am currently separated, moving out of the house for a while, exploring my options, and dating.

Michael told me that the only one of those things he would care about is the last one, and Michael was right.  John invited me to meet him for a “sundowner” this afternoon at a bar called Taps which is in this building but I think I have to go outside to get to it.  I’m not sure.

Michael warned me last night on the phone that John would not waste any more time trying to hook up with me when I told Michael how patient and slow going he had been so far.

“That will change when he learns you are dating.”  He said, and he was right.  So now I have to decide how I want to do this.  I admitted to Michael last night that I would probably do it, but I didn’t expect him to ramp up his game overnight either.

He and I both essentially live in the building.  I don’t want to do this the way Lexi the Hotwife would do it, so I’m going to do it the way newly separated Alexis would do it, just as soon as I figure out what that is.

Regardless, Alexis would not have sex with him the day she meets him for the first time and tomorrow night I have a work date so that puts off a potential second date until Sunday.  Am I over thinking this?

I will send him an email telling him I will meet him for a sundowner drink at 5:00 unless I am still waiting on my table and chairs.  Then I will go look in my closet and see what my options are, but I’m pretty sure my options are going to be Lexi-wear!


Day Three Wrap Up . . . . Date Night

March 27, 2015

Alexis is going to meet her new neighbor for a sundowner drink at 5:00.  I’m thinking that means the same thing as TGIF.  The last of my new furniture is being delivered as I type.  What an ordeal!  I’m glad this part is over.

I will not have time to go home and change clothes and since what I am wearing is the most conservative skirt and top here with me in my new Hotwife Condo, that’s what I’m going to wear to meet him.

The Tampa weather is extra shitty today.  It has rained on and off all day, so I’m not driving home afterward.  The object was for me to spend the night here anyway so I’m planning to do that.

I’m sure there will be things I didn’t think about but like Michael said, “That’s why we make lists.”  If you don’t have something you need the first night, that’s nobody’s fault.  It I’m missing the same thing the second night, that’s my fault!  Thank god for Walmart!


Lexi’s Final Condo Update

March 28, 2015

What a bizarre week I have had, but it is ending the way Michael wanted.  If I were a betting woman I would bet my new bed is going to get initiated on Sunday for something other than sleeping.

The sundowner drink I agreed to have with my new neighbor turned into spending most of the evening with him.  First was happy hour, then a dinner date, then an after dinner drink, at three different places that are all in the same building as my condo.

I could get used to this urban lifestyle I think.  He asked if he could see me today or tonight but I can’t because I have a work date.  I told him I was going to be with my husband tonight but agreed to spend the day with him on Sunday.

He was a perfect gentleman, until it was time to let me know his intentions at the end of the night.  We rode up in the elevator together talking about Sunday.  We are going to be together but the exact plan is weather dependent.

When the elevator stopped on his floor he pressed the hold button and asked if he could kiss me.  I said yes.  He kissed me so completely that when he was done I almost grabbed him and jerked him back into the elevator.

“That’s just to let you know I’m not gay Alexis!  See you Sunday.”  He said.  The door closed before I could think of a response.

I decided a hot bath and a glass of wine was in order and would relieve my pent up sexual tension.  I patted myself on the back about how smart I was for thinking ahead by bringing a bottle of wine from home the previous day.

I ended up laughing myself silly as I chipped the cork out of the bottle with my nail file and then ended up pushing the cork residue down into the bottle, because I hadn’t been smart enough to remember to bring a wine opener.  Oh well!


Sunday Morning

March 29, 2015

I woke up this morning to my second downtown Tampa sunrise from the 25th floor.  If someone had told me 8 months ago that my marriage to Michael would be stronger than ever, that I would become his hotwife, and even stranger, that I would become a prostitute, and that Michael would buy me a high rise condo to use as a playpen, I would have tried to have them committed to a mental hospital.

But yet, here I am.  I spent my second night here last night after my Escort date.  Michael is in South Carolina for a golf tournament.

I have begun corresponding with a woman I met through my website.  She wrote to me initially because I mentioned a few times that my opinions were my own because I didn’t actually know anyone else that was living the hotwife lifestyle the way Michael and I are.  So now I do.

She asked me not to use her name and location because she is a schoolteacher.  She doesn’t wear anklets either, but she dates other men with the support and urging of her husband.

Anyway she asked me what I thought about the situation with my neighbor.  Would he be considered as a hotwife date? A boyfriend?  Something else?

That’s a great question.  He doesn’t know the truth about why I am here.  He doesn’t know about my status as a hotwife.  I wear my anklets though so I am prepared to tell him at least part of the truth if that comes up.  Michael knows about him and Michael wants me to date him.

I am pretty sure that we are going to consummate our relationship later today though and I’m looking forward to that!


Love Thy Neighbor!

March 29, 2015

Alexis was welcomed to her new neighborhood today in style.  Wow!  I have only spent two nights here so far but I have had sex on two different floors already.

My new neighbor John made it very clear to me today that he likes me a lot! I mean really a lot! I don’t know whether Michael will have a problem with this or not, but right this minute I am very happily doing what he asked me to do.  He wanted me to be neighborly!

I was pretty sure Michael was going to get his wish about me hooking up with John so I made it happen since we were going to be together most of the day anyway.

There was just too much sexual tension between us to drag out the inevitable so when I turned on my computer this morning and saw an email telling me to let him know when I was up, I invited him to come up for a bloody Mary and to see my new condo.

We never got never got further than my bedroom until almost 2:00.  I learned three things.  He is a VERY skilled lover.  He is extremely in to me right now, and the third thing I learned is that I have the largest condo in the building because it is two units combined into one.  I didn’t know that!

I met him again in the lobby at 3:00 after getting cleaned up.  He took me to the Fly Bar for lunch.  Since he already had sex with me twice he did not feel compelled to try to get me drunk.  I did that on my own.

Then he showed me his condo!  I would have said I got my brains fucked out today, but since I had the presence of mind to ask to borrow his wine opener before I left . . . .


Back to Basics!

March 30, 2015

I’m not saying I got spanked, but I got a few emails reminding me I was drifting off subject from my real mission while I was writing all those blog posts about my hotwife playpen condo.  Point taken.  Nobody cares!

I also got an email regarding my rant about the whole Tumblr “hotwife” blogosphere being one giant fantasy cesspool porn site that is keeping many women scared away from actually seeing the positive aspects of living the life.

Lexi is swimming upstream trying to provide real information about the hotwife lifestyle.  Michael has warned me several times to mind my own business, that Tumbler is supposed to be all things to all people and if the keyword “hotwife’ ends up being a fantasy blog, that is because that is what people want it to be.

OK!  I get it now.  Instead of trying to change the landscape I will sit quietly in my little corner and raise my hand to let people know that there is an alternative.  I will no longer rant about the majority just because my opinion is different.

That was the whole reason Michael wanted me to have my own website anyway.  I KNOW in my heart there are men and women out there that want real information about how to have this incredible lifestyle.

Moving along, the question I get asked the most is “how do I get my wife to say yes?”  There is a whole section on my website dedicated to that question, but don’t go there looking for porn or fantasy.  There isn’t any, except that Michael has his own page and “wishes” that Lexi will become a queen of spades.

It hasn’t happened. Not yet anyway . . . . .


A Message to Women

March 31, 2015

Admittedly this message from Lexi is not going to hit a very large target area on Tumblr but will do much better on my website.  Here is who(m) this Post is for:

You are a wife or g/f in a relationship and are considering having a ‘hotwife’ relationship with your man because that’s what he wants.  Most of the time these “hotwife” relationships are typically one way open.  That is to say, he wants to share your body sexually with other men.

Yes, I know I said that wrong.  I did it on purpose to make a point.  He wants YOU to share your body with other men.

Trust me, I understand why this is a foreign concept to you.  Every relationship you ever had as well as the beginning of your relationship with this man, he didn’t want you sharing your body with anyone other than him.

Now I want you to trust me one something else. Men can and so sometimes change.  Well, they don’t change exactly, but become more willing to communicate with you about what they want.

Here is what I mean.  My husband Michael has been fantasizing about me having sex with other men long before he finally said so.  I didn’t have a huge problem with that concept particularly because he and I were having the exact same fantasy.

I was also fantasizing about having sex with other men!  In fact I was getting ready to turn that fantasy into a reality on my own.

So what’s my point?

My point is that you should be open minded about this and communicate with him.  Don’t look for a down side.  Look for an upside.  Remember what I said.  He wants YOU to share your body with other men and in my book that puts YOU in charge of how, when, why, what, where, and who(m)!


Getting Started

March 31, 2015

I am getting enough email from women to know that this is an important conversation to have.  The question is:  If I do this I’m not sure how far I want to go?

My apologies to Outback Steakhouse if I don’t get this quote exactly right.  “There are no rules, just right!”

Actually there is one rule and that is to NOT let your man push you.  Michael got this part wrong.  He said he only challenged me.  That’s bullshit. (Pardon Dr. Lexi’s American slang).

It turned out ok for me but it almost didn’t.  That’s why I know it’s wrong to push her, if you want positive results.  I could have said ‘if you want her spreading her legs for other men’.  I didn’t say that because I don’t think any woman should start with that.

I sure didn’t.  In the beginning I had no idea how far I was willing to go.  Let me clarify that.  I knew how far I wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure how to get to that place without leaving my comfort zone and I don’t think any new “hotwife in training” should ever leave her comfort zone at first.

So how can you experiment without getting out of your comfort zone?  Do it the way Dr. Lexi did.  Go to places like Chili’s and sit at the bar by yourself.  I used Chili’s because everyone knows what Chili’s is.  Have your husband sit on the other side if he wants to watch.

Let men flirt with you.  It’s what men do whether they want to have sex with you or not.  Flirt back!  If you are still in your comfort zone then go further.  How do you go further?

That’s easy.  Men will see how far you are willing to go on their own.  All you have to do is not say “no.”  Every time they take a step forward puts the ball back in your court to say “no”.  Every time you don’t say “no” they will try to advance their ball down your field.


More Getting Started

March 31, 2015

This is sort of a clarification and continuation of my last post because Michael read what I posted and called me to tell me I got it wrong.  I said there was only one rule.  Michael is right.  There is an even bigger rule that any and all hotwives should practice.

This is especially true of any hotwife in training, and that rule is NEVER get into a car that is not yours.  When Michael and I were playing this confidence building game to see how far I would go, we always took both cars.

If you allow a man to advance his ball far enough down your field and he wants you to go outside with him, it is because he wants to kiss you and probably more.

Dr. Lexi thinks you should do this in order to build confidence because it’s very low risk.  Anyone that sees a couple making out in a Chili’s parking lot is not going to think one thing about it.

It also gives you lots of options because the ball is back in your court.  Your options are to say” no”, or allow him to advance both his balls down your field, or to say “I’m interested in getting to know you better, but not tonight.”

Keep in mind that allowing him to advance his balls right then means you will both end up in your car.  If you do that, you will become partially undressed and receive a fairly comprehensive breast exam.  Dr. Lexi loves those types of exams from men.

The first time I got one like that in my car, I came in my panties.  That was back in the beginning when I wasn’t comfortable going commando 100% of the time.

The most important thing I learned about myself that night was that it did not take me out of my comfort zone and it expanded my hotwife horizons.


Hotwife Jewelry

March 31, 2015

Lexi is catching up on email today.

How important is wearing a hotwife anklet?  I can categorically tell you, not very important.  So that begs the question why wear one?

So now the questions are out there on the table.  Let’s back up.  Wearing an Anklet identifies a woman who is living a particular alternative lifestyle.  That’s the idea at least.  It is pretty universally understood that a married woman wearing a bracelet on her right ankle dates other men.

That seems pretty clear.  The confusion comes when married women, unmarried women, teenagers, and even children, wear ankle bracelets on their left ankle, right ankle or both ankles.  This confuses men.  They don’t know what to think.  What if they make an approach and got it wrong?

Personally I almost always wear two anklets on my right ankle, and yes, I get a lot of attention from men, but not like I would have thought.  No one in my almost 9 month history of being a hotwife has ever said to me “So you are a hotwife huh?”

It doesn’t happen.  In fact with only two exceptions, the only place any man has asked me about my anklets is in a bar.  So let’s talk about that.

It is my opinion that I am not getting more attention from men than I was getting without the anklet.  That is to say, I don’t think the anklet sends the message that I am available.  If I am by myself in a bar which I almost always am, I think it is my wedding rings that sends that message, and yes, my breast size is also a factor.

So why wear an anklet?  Personally I like the way it makes me feel sending that message, even if it is not being received as such, which it probably really is and men are afraid to make that assumption.

It’s a lot like not wearing panties.  Nobody knows but me at least for a while.  It makes me feel sexy, naughty, and vulnerable.

Now having said that, men that approach me in a bar because of my anklet, would have approached me anyway, but wearing the anklet is simply one more option for a conversation starter.  


Hotwife Negotiations

March 31, 2015

I got an email yesterday from a woman who said she and her husband have been “communicating” (my favorite word) about her becoming a hotwife (his idea) and him becoming a more traditional cuckold than Michael is.  She didn’t use the term cock cage so I don’t know how traditional she meant.

Evidently they are both into the somewhat edgy kinky side with each other though.  Anyway their negotiations have been going well except for one kind of major point.  He wants to watch her having sex with other men and she is refusing to do that, and then she added “so far” at the end of the sentence.

She wanted to know what I think, and could I offer a suggestion.  I’m going to do both, publically.  I bet there are more couples out there just like you.

It is great that you are communicating and trying to reach a common goal and I can promise you this, as long as you continue to negotiate in good faith there is nothing you can’t resolve . . . . maybe.  This is a pretty big issue though.

Here is my suggestion.  I think he should let you get some experience without an audience.  Not all women respond well to being watched by their husband.  There is a lot of emotion during sex, both ways.

It may turn out that he is like my husband who likes radio better than television.  After you get a little experience then I think you should let him watch you at least once, with you making all the calls.

It might turn out that you were a closet performance queen, and it also might turn out that he doesn’t want to watch after all, like Michael found out the time he watched me.

I think that is a reasonable negotiation that may or may not get you to the home square.  If it doesn’t, and you are still where you are right now I do not want you to tell him to stick his hotwife idea up his ass!

I want you to show him this email up front in case he does not yet understand that he can’t have a hotwife without your cheerful participation.  We’ll let Lexi tell him for you!  Best of luck.


Hotwife vs. Prostitute

March 31, 2015

I’m getting more questions now about what it’s like being a prostitute compared to being a hotwife.  The last time I tried to address this subject I raised more questions than I answered.

First of all I have been a hotwife for nine months and I have only been a prostitute for not quite two months.

Everyone who has read anything of mine knows that Lexi and Alexis are both the same person but for comparative purposes let’s say that Lexi is the Hotwife and Alexis is the Escort.  Both women are married and the men they are seeing know they are married.

Lexi typically meets men in bars and clubs around Tampa who are in town on business and sometimes but not always, goes to their hotel with them for sex.  Then she goes home and gets debriefed by her husband, who often, but not always, has watched the first part of her interaction with these men.

These men don’t always know Lexi is a hotwife because unless they mention her anklets, the subject doesn’t come up. They simply think she is a bored housewife that they scored.  If the subject does come up Lexi has no reason not to tell these men the truth.

Alexis has a made up persona because every single client is extremely curious why women are willing to do what a prostitute does.  Don’t get me wrong, they are not being critical, they are curious.

Alexis works for a upscale Service which is not local. It’s National and other than that I’m not going to explain how it works.  The most obvious difference is that Alexis gets paid for her time and expenses in the case of travel.

I have made one three night trip to Las Vegas so far and I’m going to do another two night trip to Biloxi, this coming weekend and in May I am going on a 5 day cruise.

Beyond the set up of how both Lexi and Alexis are contacted, and meet these men, after that, there is really not a lot of difference as to how the evening goes.

We both get debriefed by our husband Michael when we get home.  His biggest difference is that he does not get to be involved in Alexis’s business dates, until afterward.

I don’t know if this answers the questions but I said a hell of a lot more about it this time!


A Message For Everyone

March 31, 2015

When Michael first talked to me about having my own website he said he bet I had more non-Tumblr followers because I was getting emails about my blog posts to my yahoo email address.  I didn’t understand at first because I’m not into that.

Michael told me that in order for someone to “follow me” on Tumblr they had to have an account which automatically puts my Posts on their dashboard thing.  If they don’t have an account they have to type in our blog address every time to see if there is a post.

“So what?” I asked.

“So, because you are getting emails on Yahoo instead of Tumblr you are doing what we did when we were learning about our lifestyle.”

OK. That made sense to me because we were both searching for stuff on Tumblr, because there was so much stuff there to search and we didn’t have an account.

It turns out he was on the money and here is the proof.  I still get quite a bit of email to my yahoo address but most of it comes from my website address now.  That tells me we are reaching a larger base.  I’m not sure base is the right word.  I’m a blonde and not a college graduate.

That doesn’t matter.  The reason that thrills me is because the only thing I wanted was to reach women like me and men like Michael that wanted to figure it out.

Believe me when I tell you we are still learning.  We do not claim to be the experts on the hotwife lifestyle but we do both claim to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, because if you enter into our lifestyle for the right reason, with the right attitude, you will experience marital Nirvana, as I have!

 Alexis McCall March 31, 2015



April 1, 2015

My post yesterday advising the “hotwife in training” to look for the edge of her comfort level by experimenting with restaurant parking lot car sex went world wide web viral overnight!

Holy Crap!  Lexi got dozens of emails asking for advice from non-hotwife-in-training wives who simply want to share in that experience from the dark side because I painted such a sexually graphic picture of ecstasy.

Most of the emails asked me for advice in planning such an experience for themselves so that they won’t get caught by their husbands.  Here’s my best advice:

Wear white so the cum stains don’t show!  Happy April Fool’s Day!


A New Game!

April 2, 2015

It has been a while since my husband issued me a challenge, but he did warn me that would start happening again now that I have my own place to play.

We are playing a new game tonight.  Michael wants to pick me up at my condo so that my car will be there.  Instead of going to the U Club he is taking me to a four star hotel with a lobby bar that is less than 2 blocks from my condo.

I actually could walk there even wearing my fuck me shoes, but I won’t.  Michael is going to take me there and be seen with me in the bar so no one will think I’m a working girl (tonight anyway).

What Michael is going to do is have a drink (or two) with me until some men come into the bar and then he is going to leave me there.  He wants me to take a cab back to the condo and give the driver ten bucks, if I’m the one paying for it, because the fare won’t even make the minimum.

In Michael’s perfect scenario he is “hoping” I will get picked up and end up back at my condo with someone to play there.  Personally I don’t see that happening but that’s not what he wants to hear, so we are going to try it and see what happens.  He doesn’t ask very much of me.

He wants me to call him when I get back to the condo unless I bring someone home with me then he wants me to text him from somewhere like the bathroom, I guess.  We are still working on the details.

Here is my prediction.  Nothing will happen.  I probably won’t meet anyone in a four star hotel lobby bar that meet my standards, I’ll end up paying my own bar bill, and the cab fare back to the condo, and end up with no story at all for Michael.

I’ll keep you posted. (pun intended)


A New Game! (Update)

April 3, 2015

I should stop making predictions about what may happen in a bar I have never been to before.  I was wrong about everything.  Last night I got both drunk and seriously laid in my own hotwife condo bed!

I didn’t pay for my drinks, or the cab fare back to my hotwife pad, and I wasn’t alone for even two minutes after Michael left me there.

We had one drink together in the lobby bar chatting with a very hot redheaded bartender who is about my age. Her name is Jill.  Evidently Jill has a local following because she was talking to lots of men there.  She knew Michael was my husband because that is how we were introduced.

When Michael left, he paid for my drink and his drink.  When I didn’t leave with him, Jill asked me if he was coming back.  I said he was not.  She asked me if I was in a hurry and I said no.  She grinned at me.

“There is someone here that would love to meet you but I don’t know your situation.”  She said. I gave her my condo neighbor short story about not currently living together full time.

I didn’t see where she went but she was back in thirty seconds.  She said that the guy she was referring to would like to buy me a drink.

I had no idea who she was talking about because I don’t do a lot of looking around in a situation like that.

“Would you let him buy you a drink?”  I asked.

“Oh hell yeah!”  She said.  She gave me a huge smile.

And that is how I ended up taking a man back to my condo last night when the bar closed and making my husband proud of his hotwife!

The interesting part of this story happened after we had sex and I told him it was time for him to leave because I needed sleep.

“So how do you know Jill?”  I asked, as he was dressing at 3:00AM.

“She’s my ex-wife and she would like you to give her a call later today.”  He told me.

“Your ex-wife?”

“Yes.  We make better friends than spouses.  We still hang out.  Call her ok?”  He said as if this kind of thing happens to him all the time.  Who know?  Maybe it does.  I’m going to call her though.  So much for getting any sleep!



April 3, 2015

I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep so I do what I always do in the middle of the night.  I blog!

At 5:00 I sent Michael a text message to call me when he woke up because I didn’t want to wake him.  He called me back immediately.

We talked for a fucking hour on the phone.  About half that time I was being debriefed about what happened to me last night and explaining to him in great detail exactly what it felt like when Jack came inside me.

I wish I could think of some new way to explain what it feels like when sperm enters my body because he is obsessed with that one thing.

Then we talked about Jack and Jill and we both laughed at the same time at the irony of that.  Michael thinks that she wants us to be friends.  Either that or she wants me to critique her ex-husband’s performance.  I’m really not sure what to think.

Anyway, if she wants to be friends Michael said he would leave that up to me, but he hoped I would do that.  I asked him how much was OK to tell her about us and he said I could tell Jill whatever seemed best for me.

 I’m thinking what seems best for Alexis right now is to have a girlfriend that knows everything.  Well, maybe not everything.  I don’t know if Jill is going to be that woman but maybe it’s a start.  Who knows?

Since I am the one in our marriage that thinks relationally, I pointed of to Michael that if Jill and I do become friends, he and I will have to find somewhere else to play that same game as last night.  He said he doesn’t care about that.  He is more interested in getting results like I got last night.  Hmmm . . . .

After we hung up, I thought back to something Michael said to me in bed about “change” after I got back from Las Vegas.  He told me that there were more changes to come.  He has been psychic so far!



April 3, 2015

I called Jill this morning at 9:00.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  She was not surprised to hear from me.  She already knew that Jack and I had consummated our relationship and had given me her number.

I mentioned the Jack and Jill thing.  She says that’s why she divorced him.  She was kidding.

She gave me the long version about their marriage, divorce, and current relationship which I’ll summarize in a minute. 

She thought we might have a lot in common and was interested in knowing more about me.  She suggested that we meet for a drink before work, and I suggested a bloody Mary at Taps, because it’s close to the bar where she works.  So that’s our plan.

I mentioned to her that although I liked Jack, I was not interested beyond last night, in case he was part of her plan.  She told me if she had known we might become friends she would not have tried to hook us up and he has nothing to do with her social life and will get him off my scent.

One of the reasons they divorced was his jealousy of her.  It turned out to be an amicable divorce and although he says they are friends, she says they are only “friendly”.  They have a twenty one year old son at USF who is living with Jack because Jill moved into a one bedroom apartment for now.

There are lots of men chasing around after her and she lets a lot of them catch her.  The reason she tries to find him a girlfriend is so he will stop hanging out at the bar while she is working.  He is jealous of the men she is banging even though they are divorced, and don’t live together.

Now I have to call Michael back and consult with him about this because I need some advice.  Something tells me this is going to be a very busy, no sleep, day for me, and yes, I’m excited about it!


More To The Story

April 3, 2015

I called Michael at work and told him about my conversation with Jill.  I wanted his advice because obviously I am going to have to correct her impression of our marriage.  As usual, Michael doesn’t see any issues with that.

“Just explain about being a hotwife.  That should explain everything about last night.”

“Oh really?  Does that explain why I have my own condo too?”  I asked.

“Sure.  Why not?”  He said.  For once I couldn’t think of a reason why not.  Sometimes the simple explanations are best after all.

Although Michael is not pushing me to become friends with Jill, he at least admitted why he hopes it happens.  He wants me to be more with “involved” with downtown life now that I have a condo.

It is his belief that the more involved I become, the more men I will fuck, and the more stories I will have for him.  He also believes that if I have a partner in crime, it might make me a little more adventurous.  He thinks that Jill would be perfect.

What I think that means is if I go out by myself to play, or with Jill, he won’t have to keep coming up with new ways to get me involved with men.

“Why do you think Jill would be perfect?”

“Because she’s hot, single, and works in a bar.”  He told me.  I couldn’t disagree with any of that.

He suggested I could make her lobby bar a destination since Jill will be able to tell anyone that asks about me that I am a friend of hers and not a working girl.  Not when I am in there with her at least.


Jill 2

April 3, 2015

I met Jill for a drink and the only reason we didn’t get drunk is because she had to work at 2:00.  We are going to be friends though.  There is no doubt about that.  We just click.  We have too much in common.

I gave her most of the truth about my lifestyle and marriage.  The only part I left out is being a prostitute. I will tell her about that eventually.

 While I was explaining our marriage and the whole cuckold thing about being a hotwife, she said to me that she was surprised Michael wasn’t involved with other women because he is a hunk.

I told her I have been trying to get him to date but he says he is more interested in me.  She said that Jack told her Michael was definitely checking her out last night.  That’s what Jack does.  He watches men checking out his ex-wife while he checks out their wives.

My ears perked up. I suddenly remembered something Michael said to me this morning that sailed over my head because the conversation we were having was about my situation, not his.  He said “See if she like boating?”

Then I remembered him noticing that she was both hot, and single.  Hmmm . . . Maybe he IS interested.  That would be perfect for Lexi!

“Michael wants to know if you like boating?  We have a boat but don’t have a lot of boating friends.”

“I love boating!  Alexis, are you really trying to fix him up?” 

“I am indeed.”  I told her.

“Well if you are serious, I’m interested.”

When Michael reads this, we are going to have a serious conversation about even more changes, because if I can hook Michael up with Jill then it will take some of his focus off me.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want him to lose focus on me, but a little less would be good.  I could even let them use my condo!

Jill wants me to come over to the bar tonight and hang out because Friday nights are usually slow in the lobby bar unless there is an event downtown.

I told Michael I would be home tonight and cook dinner.  Hmm . . . . I wonder what he will want me to do?



April 3, 2015

Michael came out of a sales meeting to get my afternoon update on my meeting with Jill.  I decided to hold on to hold on to that particular morsel about hooking them up for the time being because he didn’t have a lot of time to chat.

He is thrilled that Jill and I are going to be friends.  Predictably, he asked me what was next.

Just as predictably when I told him she wanted me to hang out at her bar tonight because Friday nights are slow and they close early, but I can’t because I’m going to be at home tonight, he vetoed my dinner plans.  I smiled to myself.

“Why?”  I asked.  He told me that he had two of his salesmen in Tampa and he could take them out tonight for dinner.  That is probably bullshit but it sounded OK to me.

“Well if I do that, I will probably just stay here tonight then.”  I said.  That was exactly what he wanted me to do anyway, so we made it easy for each other.

He told me he would call me later and I asked him not to because I am going to try and sleep for a few hours.


An Amazing Week!

April 4, 2015

This has been one of my most amazing Hotwife weeks ever, and it almost didn’t happen.

Well, what I mean is that it would have been a good week either way but something really special happened that wouldn’t have happened if my plans hadn’t changed.

Originally I was scheduled to be on a work date in Biloxi Thursday through Saturday.  That date got pushed back a week.  Since I had some extra unscheduled time Michael decided to give me a new and different kind of challenge at an upscale hotel lobby bar in Tampa we hadn’t been to before.

You can read about it here or on my website it you like.  The challenge was to get picked up and end up in the condo, which I did.  But that’s not the story here.

The story is that I have a new friend.  Ever since Michael and I have been living this lifestyle, I have had no women friends.  The few female friends from my former lifestyle began treating me like I had the plague when they learned the significance of wearing an ankle bracelet on my right ankle.

I’m pretty sure they thought I was planning on seducing their husbands.  More likely they were probably afraid their husbands were going to try and seduce me.  It doesn’t matter.  Michael has pointed out many times they were superficial friends anyway.

As a result of taking Michael’s challenge and going to a new lobby bar I met a super hot redhead who is my own age and extremely open minded.  She is the bartender there.  We just clicked.  We have way too much in common not to be friends.

Today is Saturday and it will be only the second night this week I have spent at home in my own bed with my husband, who is currently out on the golf course.  I’m looking forward to it!


Hotwife Question

April 6, 2015

I got an interesting question yesterday.  “You paint a nice picture about your marriage now that you are doing what your husband wants you to do.  Do you guys agree on everything?  Do you ever fight about anything?”

I will tell you that compared to how my marriage was before becoming enlightened to my new Lifestyle, there really is no comparison except to say polar opposites, which isn’t exactly what you asked, but is still relevant.

I understand your question but you didn’t get it quite right.  If I did everything my husband wanted me to do I would be a raging slut, I would never wear a bra, I would have sex with a lot more men, I would have a lower back tattoo, my labia pierced, and I would be a Queen of Spades at least once.

Those things alone show I am not doing everything Michael wants me to do.  It also shows we don’t agree on everything about my lifestyle.

Compared to how our marriage was before becoming a Hotwife I will say that we never fight any more, but we may have a fight about this because Michael keeps editing my answer.

Michael’s position is that we really never used to “verbally fight” like most married couples.  If he is even technically right about that it is only because he was rarely willing to engage with me when I wanted to fight about anything.

We have agreed that I am the one that has changed the most, but in my opinion that’s like saying we have agreed that I am the one spreading my legs for other men.

The reality according to Lexi, is that I no longer have anything I want to fight about because of the two major changes Michael made.  He began to communicate with me and I have now become the center of his focus.



April 6, 2015

Does Lexi have any regrets about all the changes in her life?

Hmm . . . Well I wish we had made these changes before we were married twenty years and before I was 42 years old.

Now that I am having sex with other men and then sharing those experiences with Michael, it has turned our marriage around and made it incredibly good.  I regret those years we wasted

That is the simple answer, but like most questions Lexi gets, there is a deeper meaning to the question in my mind as to the possibility of having regrets later.

Obviously I wish I had a crystal ball to gaze into so I could see my future.  I have no regrets, to be sure, but I do have some concerns that could become regrets.

They are not anything I think about on a daily basis and I’m only writing this post because I was asked the question.

Michael and I are spending less time together now.  Part of that is because I have become a prostitute and I am traveling some of the time.  Part of it is because Michael wants me to become “involved” with a more urban social/dating life, and part of it is because Michael is traveling both for business and weekend golf tournaments.

I am spending more nights downtown in my new condo working on my persona as a married woman with her own place to entertain men I meet in that environment.  That is not a problem at the moment for either of us though.

Another concern is what would happen if Michael suddenly had a change of heart about my lifestyle.  I have made it very clear that this was a one way trip for Lexi.

I will never have another monogamous relationship if something happens to my marriage.

A concern is a potential regret I suppose.  My lifestyle has changed so much so fast that I sometimes wonder if it’s too good to be true.  I hope not, but it’s still a concern.


Hotwife Sex Partners

April 6, 2015

I have spent quite a bit of time explaining to ya’ll that when I go out to play, why my hook up rate isn’t as high as my husband would like.  He thinks it will be higher if I go out more and is pushing me in that direction.

Michael is a businessman and I suppose that is probably a business strategy he is trying to apply to a social situation.  The truth is, my hook up rate would be higher if my standards were lower.

I got an email asking me about the other side of that particular issue.  He wanted to know how long it takes me to know when I make the decision that someone meets my standards and I am willing to put out for him.

Just so you know, this is a very subjective answer to an extremely complicated question, but here goes:

On very rare occasions I simply understand that I have no will of my own around certain men and he knows within a few minutes that he can own me.  If he said, “Let’s go!  I’m going to fuck you!” I would pick up my purse go with him.  That doesn’t ever happen.  I’m just saying.

First there has to be certain amount of physical/sexual chemistry before I am willing to invest any time seeing if there is anything else of substance, so to even let a man buy me a drink or otherwise have a conversation about more than the weather, is not going to happen.

So when that does happen, and I become open minded, I am typically but not always attracted to somewhat younger, serious minded, confident men that know what they want and go after it. (Lexi)

I do not like bullshit, silliness, poor grooming, braggers, whiners, or men that think they are god’s gift to women.  That’s not confidence, its arrogance.

My husband the businessman uses a sales analogy to summarize my last point which is that I like it when a man reads my signals and knows how and when to close the sale.

So how long does this process take in order for me to know if a man that interests me is going to become Mr. Tonight?  Well, I told you it was complicated!  I would say anywhere in between 2 minutes to an hour.  Glad you asked?


Another Hotwife Question

April 7, 2015

I have said several times here is this blog that if my husband had his way, I would have hotwife sex 7 nights a week.

I got a question about that.  I don’t know if it’s a serious question or not but I’m going to treat it as if it is.  Here is the question:  “You say if your hubby had his way you would have hotwife sex every day.  Could you do it?  Could you have a different guy 7 days a week?”

Lexi needs to make a couple of assumptions with the question because it wasn’t spelled out.  I am going to assume you meant 7 days a week, week in and week out over a longer period of time.  I’m also going to assume you will give me a few days off each month to deal with my lunar cycle.

Either way the answer is no!  I like ice cream too but I would get sick of it if I had to eat it every day.  Could I eat ice cream every day for a month?  Probably, but I wouldn’t enjoy it.

Now having said that, ice cream doesn’t make me wet, and it doesn’t make me cum.  It doesn’t make me gasp and moan.  Ice cream doesn’t kiss me nice and make my nipples hard and rub them when it notices.  Ice cream doesn’t talk sugar smack to me and whisper in my ear what it would like to do to me.

 Ice cream does occasionally make my body shudder just like a man does if I get chilled eating it, but I can’t cross my ankles around ice cream and ride it out to completion for us both.

Where was I?  Shit!  My train of thought just ran off the tracks.  Never mind!


Lexi’s Work Weekend

April 13, 2015

I just returned from my second trip as an paid professional and since I’m going to describe it in some detail I better not say where I went, but if you are a reader of my blog you know.

I took the casino shuttle from the airport to the hotel where I was met by my client.  My things were sent to the room.  He took me to the lounge to get to know me in the social sense. 

Then he took me to our room and he got to know me in the carnal sense.  Several times!  We had a very late lunch in the room.

This trip was night and day different from my first trip as an Escort when I went to Las Vegas for three nights.  My client was working a convention, and entertaining me in his spare time.

My client this trip was not working and wanted Lexi to entertain him all of the time.  I’m quite sure that most women in my trade with experience would say “So what?”

I hope someday to have that much experience because I love my job.  The thing is, I am still pretty new to this and I am not used to so much intensity, nor used to non-stop sex for hours, even as a hotwife.

I’m not saying we never left the room, but I am saying I probably spent more time in the bed than out of it.

I was not mistreated in any way.  He was a gentleman and when I needed a break it was not a problem.  I was hired to provide a GFE for him and I did so.  My lips are still chapped from being kissed for hours.  Lucky for me he was very skilled, and gentle.

Friday night was fun and pretty normal.  He took me to dinner in the hotel and then we went to see The Band Perry.

He spent more time looking at me than at the band but it was flattering.  He wasn’t interested in the casino after the show.  He was interested in my ass!

We spent all day Saturday in the room and most of it in bed.  I did have an incredible Stuffed Flounder dinner from room service.  We had sex twice more on Sunday before I headed back to the airport for my flight home.  I slept all the way back to Tampa!


‘Fuck Me’ Shoes

April 17, 2015

I mentioned a few weeks ago that since becoming a hotwife, I have never once had hotwife sex with my shoes off.  I got quite a few emails about that subject.  Most of them were from women telling me I got it right and two of them were from men trying to explain to me why I got it right.

Here’s an update for you.  It has been almost a month since I wrote that post and my record is still intact.  In fact, even surprise sex with my husband now usually includes my shoes if I have them on at the time of the attack. (which I love) (most of the time anyway)

So what’s up with that?  I asked Michael for his opinion.  He is the porn expert in the family.  I thought it was because that’s how they do it in those movies, and both of the men that wrote to me about this subject said it’s because it’s a male fantasy thing.

Michael’s answer kind of surprised me though which is going to be food for thought here.  He says that the people that make porn movies don’t invent that stuff for movies and that if women were not already having sex with their shoes on, the movie makers wouldn’t be making movies that way.

Hmmm . . . . So does that mean that men have always had a fantasy about a woman leaving her shoes on during sex?  Or does it mean that men saw that in a movie and adapted that fantasy because it turned them on?

Like some of the other things Lexi has been curious about, Michael doesn’t share my curiosity about this subject.  When I pointed out to him that I get more email than he does because I’m curious, he says it’s only because of my tits.

Honest to god!  How did men ever get to rule the world with thinking like that?


Hotwife vs. Prostitute

April 19, 2015

I got another email this week about my dual role as Michael’s Hotwife, and my relatively new career as a prostitute.  I can understand why people are curious about that.  No one was more curious than I was in the beginning.

Between the time when Michael and I were only talking about it, until my first actual escort date, I couldn’t imagine how that was going to work and wondered if I was going to be able to keep both roles in perspective.

This is the third time I have addressed this question in my blog and it is the third somewhat different answer, because as I gain more experience with both things, my perspective changes somewhat.

For the most part my life as a hotwife who meets men for sex, to the benefit of my marriage, is pretty straight forward and if I am asked about my lifestyle I tell them the truth which is that I am a married woman who dates other men outside my marriage with the encouragement of my husband.

My career as a prostitute is very different.  I am mainly a short term traveling companion for married businessmen that spend time at Conventions, business Expo’s, seminars, or sales meetings, usually in cities with hotel casinos and want female companionship for a few days.

These men know I am married but they do not know I am a hotwife.  I have a bullshit persona that I use because all of these men are “curious” about why I do what I do since I’m married.

I have a standard “story” for these men about how, as a married woman, I am able to travel for several days without my husband finding out his wife is a whore.

It’s like anything else.  Bullshit can be polished until it shines.  As far as the sex goes, there is fundamentally no difference at all other than the fact that as a hotwife I go home after sex.  As a prostitute/traveling companion I usually I sleep with my shoes on all night!


Hotwife Cocksucking

April 19, 2015

I can’t tell you how many emails I get about this general subject!  They are not all about oral sex, but the general question goes like this . . . “I probably wouldn’t mind becoming a hotwife except that I am going to be expected to _____________ “!  (fill in the blank)

Some women don’t want a penis in their mouth.  Some women don’t mind that, but they don’t want a mouthful of sperm.  Some women don’t want a penis up their anal canal. (Lexi can especially relate to that one!)  Some women don’t want an unwrapped penis anywhere inside their body.

This is from Lexi’s Hotwife 101 guide.  “If you wouldn’t mind becoming a hotwife except for that, then become a hotwife except for that!”  I said this before a few weeks ago but it’s very appropriate here.  “There are no rules!  Just right.”  This is from an Outback Steakhouse ad.  (I don’t want to get sued)

The thing is that saying really applies here.  There is no wrong way to be a hotwife.  There are no rules that say, in order to get your hotwife certification you have to do everything on some list.  You absolutely don’t have to do it the way it is portrayed on Tumblr!

If you want to be a hotwife that only flirts with men while your husband watches from across the room, then do it that way.  If you want to be a hotwife that only likes to be kissed and have a little touchy feely foreplay, then do it that way.

If you want to be a hotwife that goes all way, with some specific limitations, all you have to do is spell them out along the way to your potential leg spreader.  I promise you that no man that thinks he has a chance to have sex with you is going to bitch about your terms!

Being a hotwife at any level that works for you only requires open and honest communication with your husband and that you both agree that regardless of how far you decide to go, it is to the mutual benefit of your marriage.


Boy Clothes

April 24, 2015

I have been emailing with a man who I am pretty sure emailed me under false pretenses.  If that’s not the case, then his direction and focus have changed.   It started out like many of the emails I get, asking me to give him some advice to fit his specific situation, which I did.

I asked him to keep in touch and let me know how it went with his wife.  He wrote me back a few days later with a hilarious account of all of the things that went wrong with his game plan.

I laughed myself silly and if I had been wearing panties I would have wet them.  It is one of the funniest emails I ever read.  I totally believed him because it was full of references to the specific advice I gave him.

I wrote him back a condolence email on the things that went wrong but didn’t apologize for my advice, which wasn’t the problem anyway, but I did feel bad about his situation.

He wrote me back and said he knew it wasn’t my fault.  He blamed his wife.  He said it was because she has started wearing “boy clothes”.  I had no idea what he was talking about and said so.

Several more emails were exchanged with oblique references to his wife wearing boy clothes.  I asked Michael if he knew what the man was talking about.  Michael had no idea either.  Finally I emailed him and said that I had no idea what he was talking about.

The only thing I could think of was that he was referring to her wearing men’s underwear or men’s clothes because she had become a lesbian.  He wrote me back.

“No, Lexi!  Boy clothes is anything she wears that boys want to take off her!”

He got me!


Traveling Hotwife

May 1, 2015

I was wife-napped Monday morning.  My husband is planning on joining the PGA Senior Tour in a few years when he turns 50 and has decided he wants a “presence” in one of the golfing Plantations on Hilton Head Island, SC, in the meantime.  The word presence is open for interpretation.

He was up there last weekend playing golf and met a sexy little chickee doodle in the bar of the hotel.  Those are my words, not his.  She sells real estate there.  She talked him into looking at a condo on the 7th fairway of the main golf course of Shipyard Plantation, which is coincidently just about 200 yards from the beach and he liked it.  Hmm . . . .

He swears that is all she talked him into doing.  Is this role reversal or what?  He is married to a woman who is not only a Hotwife but is also a prostitute.  I have been diligently trying to get him involved with someone, anyone, for quite some time!

The idea here is that he wants to buy this fully furnished condo which is currently on the short term rental market, but needs updating.  His idea is to use it sometimes when it’s not rented.

He got home late Sunday night and I got my ass wife-napped Monday morning and back we went to Hilton Head.  He explained to me that the reason I had to go was to sign the papers.

Evidently this one is going to be in my name as well.  Also evidently, when a buyer is paying cash in South Carolina they can get all the paperwork done in a nanosecond. (A day and a half)

So Monday evening I signed the Purchase Agreement.  Dixie Doodle faxed it to the owner who must have been waiting for it because as fast at the paperwork went out, it came right back signed.

The closing was set for Thursday afternoon.  I could see the gears whirring in Michael’s head.  He was going to want to play golf while we waited and he was going to want me to find a playmate or two at the beach.

Dr. Lexi is going to add the title “Psychic” to her resume!


Hilton Head Island

May 1, 2015

OK, I wasn’t really wife-napped.  I went willingly, but it wasn’t originally on my itinerary of things to do this week so I wasn’t prepared.  I got to come home Thursday afternoon but only because I had a work date Thursday night.

Michael is going to stay up there a couple more days to see about getting a contractor to do some remodeling.  I am hopeful he is going to see about doing Dixie Doodle as well.  She expressed a wiliness to help him out “any way she could”.

That’s not really her last name, but it’s really her first name, and she is a little cutie pie who has no reservations at all using her sexuality to sell real estate, and a husband who evidently doesn’t seem to mind Dixie’s “Can Do” willingness to do whatever it takes.  She is definitely a free spirit!

We had brunch with Dixie Tuesday morning.  She and Michael talked about getting a home inspector and other real estate stuff lined up for a quick close.  She mentioned that she had gotten a tee time for him and that it had been comped.

This was news to me although not a big surprise.  Dixie realized it was a surprise to me almost immediately after the words were out of her mouth.  The result of this revelation was a rather frank discussion in front of Dixie about what Michael wanted me to do, which was go to the beach and get picked up.

I explained to him in detail that I brought neither a bikini nor vamp clothes since this wasn’t part of the original mission.  Michael told me to go shopping and then go to the beach.  I asked him if I had a curfew and he said no.

Dixie’s head looked like it was on a swivel going back and forth listening to both of us. She was quite confused by the conversation.  Finally I took pity on her and explained it.

“He wants me to go to the beach and get picked up.”  I said.

“Seriously?”  She asked.  I pointed to Michael.  He nodded.  She went right with it.

“If you want to get picked up, don’t go to the beach, just go to the pool and lay out on the side where the bar is.”

“Really?”  I asked.

“That’s where I go when I want to get laid!”  Dixie said.

My kinda girl!  Not only that, she was right!


Hotwife Jewelry (one of two)

May 3, 2015

It seems like every time I write about Ankle bracelets I seem to raise more questions than I answer.  I am going to try and answer some of them here except that it’s only going to result in more questions probably, but that is the whole point of this blog in the first place.

First, my standard disclaimer:  The opinions offered by Dr. Lexi are based solely on my personal experience being a practicing Hotwife, living the Lifestyle. (and loving it!)

I wear two anklets on my right ankle most, but not all, of the time.  Does the ankle bracelet(s) cancel out the affect of wearing wedding rings?  No!

Wearing wedding rings puts a bulls eye on my chest by men in a social situation who consider me to be a target of opportunity, when I am alone, or appear to be.  The ankle bracelet confirms their targeting mechanism or whatever you call it, and lets them know I am more approachable than I would be without it.

Think of it as a conversation starter based on the fact that he (they) already know that although I am married, I am an independent woman regarding who I decide to have sex with.

This next question comes in several forms but the basic question is about which ankle, and is there any way to tell a woman’s status for sure just by the anklet?

No!  There isn’t.  My personal advice is to treat all women as if they are not a Hotwife at first.  I will explain that in the second part.

Why does Dr. Lexi usually wear two anklets?  Part of it is to make a fashion statement.  Part of it is to send a strong message about my status as a sexually independent married woman.  Part of it is because most of the time when it looks like I am wearing two anklets, I’m really not.

I have a gold choker necklace that I wear on my ankle in a double wrap and unless someone stares at it, it looks just like two gold ankle bracelets.


Hotwife Jewelry (two of two)

May 3, 2015

I get a lot of email from men asking me how to approach women wearing an Anklet.  I used to say that it’s a conversation starter, but now when I say that, I also add a few conditions.

Let’s divide this subject into two separate parts.  The first part is a social situation like a bar or a club when there is a reasonable likelihood that a woman is there to “mingle”.  Don’t bother sending Dr. Lexi an email asking me what that means!  Puhleeeze!

The second part is a public, but non social situation like at the grocery store, or on an airplane, or in the Dentist’s office.

The whole point of a hotwife wearing an ankle bracelet in the first place is to advertize her status as being married but yet sexually independent.  That statement is a Truism, and is not open for interpretation.

But guess what?  Not all women wearing ankle hardware fall into that category, so Dr. Lexi’s first piece of advice is to use all of the common sense you can muster when dealing with a woman with whom you wish to have a conversation about her jewelry.

I’m going to make this simple.  In the first example which is a social situation, my advice is not to bother having a conversation about her jewelry.  All that should matter to you is that she is there to “mingle”.  Spend your time trying to convince her that you are worth getting to know.

In the second example, which is a public, but non social situation, having a short, non-threatening conversation about ankle jewelry can be useful.  Remember three things:  Be a gentleman!  Be respectful!  Give her an out!

An example of a non-threatening conversation starter is a compliment about her ankle bracelet just like a compliment about any other piece of jewelry.  In the event that you get a chilly reception to your compliment, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not a hotwife, but it definitely means she is not interested.  Be a gentleman and give her an out.  Ask her what aisle the coffee is in. (kidding)

If you get a positive response then ask her a non-threatening question about it, such as, does she typically wear one?  If you keep getting positive responses change the subject and tell her you would like to get to know her.


Busy Hotwife!

May 16, 2015

Lexi has been a busy hotwife lately between business dating as an escort and trying to establish myself as an married urban cum slut posing as a separated housewife living alone downtown considering my options.

I am doing this at the request of my husband Michael, who seems to think that I will have more stories for him if men downtown think I am separated and staying in my condo.

I’m not completely sure I buy into his concept, but I have to admit I am having fun with this role playing thing I am doing, plus I don’t have to deal with his work schedule to make sure he is in place to watch me get picked up in social situations very often any more.

We still do that sometimes, but I think of that more as only visual marital maintenance now.  Michael’s biggest thrill about me being a hotwife as well as a prostitute, has always been, and will probably always be, listening to my graphic description of the entire event of meeting a man in a bar that wants to have sex with me.

Michael loves to listen to me relate the whole event, from being approached, offered a drink, listening to the compliments and sugar smack that men tell me to get me interested in more than just a few drinks.

I have give up trying to get Michael’s main focus off having me describe in detail ad nausea what it feels like at the moment of impending orgasm and god forbid if the man cum’s inside me at the same instant as I do, it’s going to turn into a marathon debriefing.

When I finally pointed out to Michael that there were only so many ways to describe that event and that feeling, Michael smiled and gave me his little boy shrug.  “Maybe you should learn more words.”  He told me.  I’m working on that.

Michael told me in bed the night I got home from my first trip as traveling companion that many more changes were coming our way.  He was right.

In the next few days I’ll try and catch you all up as well as tell you about some of the really great emails I have received lately regarding Hotwife 101.   


Dr. Lexi

May 18, 2015

I got an email asking me where the term “Dr. Lexi” came from.  Dr. Lexi is not really a doctor as most of you know.  The advice you get from Dr. Lexi comes from my heart, not my brain.

My website is for dispensing real hotwife advice to anyone that cares more about the lifestyle than wearing a cock cage and cleaning your wife orally, after she goes out on a date.

I got an email near the beginning of my blog that was addressed to Dr. Lexi.  I thought that was cute and said so publically, and it sort of stuck, and people began referring to me as Dr. Lexi.  So that is that.

The reason I mentioned that is because I got another email asking me for some advice and for once, I honestly didn’t know how to answer it.  It is a question of motive for becoming a hotwife.

I have said here in my blog a few times that I didn’t think entering the hotwife lifestyle as a way to try to save a failing marriage is the right thing to do.

Now I am faced with a situation that is causing me to rethink my position about that.  I got an email from a woman who is more or less calling me out.  She is a married mother of two and a self proclaimed party girl who evidently likes a variety of sex partners without her husband’s permission.

Her husband is not a stupid man, and she says she is not a particularly good liar, so he knows what he knows and has threatened to divorce her often.  She says she has no plans to become monogomous.  She wants to know why I don’t think that becoming a hotwife will change his attitude about her behavior.

To me, this question is a lot deeper than what she asked me.  Changing her status to “hotwife” and doing the same thing she has been doing, except doing it openly now, changes nothing in her marriage unless her husband is on board with it.

What has caused me to rethink this question in a more global sense, is wondering “what if” her husband responds well to her “coming out”, so to speak and gets on board with her plan?

In essence I suppose one could argue that I was wrong, and whatever arrangement a couple makes within their marriage that works for them is the right reason for becoming a hotwife.  On the other hand, maybe Dr. Lexi thinks too much!



May 28, 2015

The night I got home from my first trip as an escort, Michael and I were talking about all of the changes in our marriage, referring to me opening up my end of it by becoming first a practicing Hotwife, and then becoming a prostitute.  He prophetically pointed out that more changes were coming.

The night we had that particular convo was March 21st.  I can’t believe all of the changes that have happened in our marriage since that night, and I’m living most of them.  I have started keeping a diary.

It’s less of a diary and more of a calendar of whose bed I am sleeping in on any given night.  Since that first trip to Las Vegas in March, Michael bought me a condo in Tampa as a hotwife playpen and bought “us” (him) a condo in Hilton Head, SC.

Although our marriage is better than ever, I only spent five nights in bed with my husband in the month of May.  The only reason I know that is because I am keeping track now.

I talk to him every day unless I am on a work trip and we spent several days together but not at night.  I was on two trips this month for a total of 9 days.  I spent several nights in Tampa at my condo there living Michael’s dream as urban slut. (my words, not his)

As for Michael, he is spending quite a bit of time up in South Carolina working on the condo, his golf game, and our redheaded real estate agent Dipsy Doodle. That’s not her name, it’s just what I call her.

I feel much better about being away so much now that Michael has a part time playmate of his own.


Every once in a while

May 29, 2015

I wish this would happen to me more often.  Last night I was introduced to a friend of my girlfriend Jill, a very hot redheaded bartender at one of the upscale hotels in downtown Tampa.

He met her on a business trip when he came into the bar where she works.  It was mutual lust at first sight.  It wasn’t her first affair but it was the one that ended her marriage, because the sex was so far off the charts, she simply failed to go home after going up to his room after work.

I don’t mean that one night.  She stayed there in his room having non-stop honeymoon sex for two straight days.  She said she looked like she had the flu when she finally went home.

This was almost a year ago and her fire is out now but they still play together whenever he is in town.  I was in the bar with her the last time he was there and when he figured out I was a friend of hers he told her he would like to meet me next time he was in town.

That turned out to be last night.  Jill told me what to expect but I was still not prepared.  She and I spent most of the afternoon yesterday drinking rum punch.  I only vaguely recalled seeing her talking to him the day he saw me but remembered liking what I saw.

Every once in a while I meet a man that simply owns my body from the very first touch and that’s that.  I admit that I was not a sober woman when I met him in Jill’s bar last night, but when she introduced me to him he took my hands in his, pulled me to him and kissed me.

It was not a friendly, social, nice to meet you kiss.  It was an “I’m going to fuck your brains out” kind of kiss, and like I said, that was that.  He owned me instantly and we both knew it.

“Alexis, would you like to go upstairs and have a drink with me so we can talk privately?”  He asked.  I nodded dumbly.  I looked like I had the flu when I got back to my condo this morning, and by the way, this is also the first time in a while that I am quite sore.


Proud Hotwife Husband

May 29, 2015

Michael is very proud of his hotwife today.  Even if he hadn’t told me, I would have known from the epic debriefing I got at 7:00 this morning only minutes after returning home from my incredible all night fucking.

He is in South Carolina for a golf tournament this weekend and hopefully playing with his sexy little real estate agent Dixie Doodle although I didn’t get a chance to ask him about that.  He was late for his golf lesson and wanted to talk about me.

Michael is trying to turn me into a sort of urban slut.  I am staying at my condo in downtown posing as a married, but separated, sex starved, cougar on the prowl.  Come to think about it, the only part that isn’t true is that I am not separated.

Michael gets off on having me go out to a bar, getting picked up, and fucked, by men I do not know.  That does not happen all at once like that very often, so when it does, Michael is over the moon thrilled!

I’m pretty sure I set my all time record for getting it done to me quickly last night.  Jill introduced me to her friend at 8:05.  He took hold of my hands and kissed me.  I was done for.  He knew from my reaction to the kiss that he owned me.  We didn’t even sit down for a drink.

Still holding both my hands, he asked me to go up to his room for a drink to talk privately.  At probably no later than 8:12 I was on my back naked on his bed except for my shoes and by 8:14 I delivered up my first of very many orgasms last night because of the way he was licking my nipples.

I have no idea how many times I came but I do know for sure that he got me off three times before sticking his giant penis inside me.  If you think Michael was thrilled by my speed record just wait until he gets home and has more time to debrief me further about the size of the cock inside my body.

Michael is absolutely consumed with his sweet wife being impaled by a huge cock!  He is still trying to turn me into a BBC lover. Have I mentioned lately that I love my life?


The Gentleman

May 29, 2015

I am writing this from the perspective of finally getting a few hours of sleep after the events of last night.  If you didn’t read my earlier posts, I got my brains fucked out last night by a man I knew for less than 10 minutes before he had sex with me.

He is the former lover of my girlfriend Jill, who arranged for him to meet me last night, after seeing me in the bar with her one night about a month ago.  He made it clear to her that he wanted to get to “know” me in the carnal sense, and she made it clear to me that I would like it.

To demonstrate exactly how much I would like it, she held her hands out about a foot apart.  I thought she was bullshitting me because she also said he was fifty years old.  I am sorely mistaken today.

Ten minutes after he kissed me in greeting in the bar I was in his hotel room, naked on his bed being licked into oblivion.  I was cumming my brains out.  Finally after the third time he got me off, I demanded that he fuck me!

In retrospect I probably should have said, “Let’s see what you got.”  At almost the same time I saw it, he asked me if I was safe.

My mind was screaming “You are NOT sticking that thing in my body!”, but I heard my voice gasp out something about not getting pregnant.

I have no idea how I made it through the night.  I came at least 200 times! J  I am pretty sure I have never flushed out that much sperm out of my body before.

When I got home this morning my gizmo was sore but my throat was not.  When I woke up a while ago my womanhood was fine but my throat was sore.  It took some thought before I remembered growling like a dog every time I got close to cresting the wave after about the tenth time he brought me to orgasm.

I’m not used to men asking me about the risk of pregnancy before plugging their penis into my body and ejaculating me full of sperm, so I thought he was a gentleman even though he practically ruined me!


Home Alone

May 29, 2015  10:00PM

It’s Friday night and for the first time in a very long time I am home alone.  I may not end up alone though because I ran into my neighbor the Architect in the lobby while waiting for the elevator.

He was on his way to the Tampa Bay Lightning watch party at Amalie Arena a few blocks from here.  The Bolts are playing in the playoffs in New York.  I don’t really follow hockey so I’m not up on the details.

We have shared a few nights together which made my husband smile knowing he was right that having my own space would make me more willing to spread both my hotwife wings and my hotwife legs.

He is one of the men in this building who believes I am separated on a more or less part time basis from my husband and available as a playmate.  So far I have been a pretty willing playmate because this man is particularly skilled at making my body do what he wants it to.

His end is a little complicated because he has a girlfriend who does not know he is also banging me whenever I am available, which has not been often lately.

Michael doesn’t mind this arrangement with my neighbor so long as he keeps his girlfriend.  Hotwife or not, Michael does not want me dating the same man very many times.  He prefers that I spread my love (legs) around.

My neighbor has made if pretty clear to me that I am the greener grass on the other side of his fence.  I have made it clear that I like things the way they are.  He knows I travel quite a bit but he doesn’t know I am a prostitute.

He’s going to text me after the game if he can dump his girlfriend for the evening and come up for a glass of wine, which is code for wanting to have sex with me.


Lexi’s Monumental Event

June 8, 2015

Ever since becoming a Hotwife, my husband has been has been encouraging me to push the envelope about doing more.  His fantasy for me that had gone unfulfilled the longest, was wanting me to experience BBC.

I’m pretty sure that he has a fantasy or two about his sweet Hotwife becoming an Interracial Pet, and/or involved with interracial orgies, as well as getting a tattoo or jewelry that identifies me to those men, not that I have ever needed any help in that area.  The bracelet on my right ankle tells them all they need to know about me.

I want to be careful how I say this in order not to send the wrong message to anyone, particularly my husband who does not yet know I have fulfilled at least the first part of his fantasy because he is in South Carolina chasing another one of his fantasies, getting ready for a golf tournament.   So Lexi is off her leash again.

I said a couple of months ago that there was no particular reason I hadn’t experienced a BBC other than the fact that I am not normally attracted to men outside my race.  I also said at that time that if I ever was, I would, and now I have.

I also wish I had been more attracted to men outside my race before now.  Holy Shit!  I’m not sure exactly how to explain a racial sexual topic like white chicks and black men comingling their bodily fluids in a non-procreative event like recreational sex, other to say that I now understand why so many of my Caucasian sisters love the experience of being impaled by a giant black cock and become addicted to chasing that experience.

To be honest I’m not sure how far I am going to go down the interracial road, but my eyes have definitely been opened to new experiences like that one.  I see sexual diversity in a whole new light now.

The only problem I see in admitting how much I loved the experience to my husband is that I know Michael is going to push me farther down this road.  Who knows?  Maybe I won’t need a push!


Lexi Unleashed Again!

June 8, 2015

Evidently my website has more followers than I thought or my admission of crossing the interracial dating boundary line is a bigger deal than I thought.   I was already getting email about it from my website before my posting on Tumblr.

Here is an explanation that will address some of the questions.  Lexi is unleashed because I am currently (happily), a golf widow.  Michael’s business is running on autopilot at the moment so he is chasing his dream of becoming a golf professional.

He is also chasing, and being chased by a very sexy redheaded married real estate agent up there named Dixie, which I support for two reasons.  A.  I am not jealous.  B.  It makes me more at ease about living sort of separated for now doing my own thing socially and  sexually, because I am staying most nights in my downtown Tampa condo or in close proximity, with Michael’s encouragement, since he is not at home anyway.

I met the man with whom I wrote about while I was in Las Vegas working as Escort.  I was there on a work date from Tampa but alone in the casino when I met him.  He knows I am married and he knows I am a hotwife but he doesn’t know I am a prostitute.  He thought I was there on a hotwife date.

There was an undeniable mutual attraction, but I was not able to do anything about it at the time.  He is a professional football player and that is all I am going to say about that.  He was willing to come to Tampa to see me and so was I.

He is the first black man I have been instantly, sexually attracted to and that was that.  I knew that if he was serious about coming to visit me it was going to be a monumental event for me and it was.

Not only did I endure a monumental physically sexual fucking several times, but because of that higher level of bliss or ecstasy or whatever is was, I also reached a much higher level of emotional . . . . something, that makes it all beyond spectacular and difficult to put into words.

Like I said in my earlier post, I understand why many women that experience that higher emotional level, from sex at that higher level, become BBC lovers, because they never want to settle for less than that, ever again.  I wonder if it’s like a drug addiction?


Unintended Consequences

June 11, 2015

Two things have happened since my BBC experience and NO I’m not pregnant!  Michael says that when things happen that you didn’t think would happen when you did something, it’s called unintended consequences.  Who knew?

So what I did, was have my first BBC experience and then I wrote about it in my blog and on my website.  I also knew that when Michael found out about it he was going to be over the moon.  He has been after me to do this almost since I became his hotwife.

It was like he was on a quest for me to cross over.  If he had his way I would become a Q of S. To say that he is thrilled about this is an understatement.  One of the consequences that I did expect from that date though was to get a lengthy interrogation about it and wow!  Did I ever!

Michael already knew about it by the time he got home from his trip but I am guessing that my debriefing lasted half the night followed by one of his rather aggressive lovemaking sessions where it takes him much longer to finish.  That is how I knew he was super pleased with me because that doesn’t happen too often.

The unintended part of that happened during my debriefing when after being asked the same question at least ten fucking times I heard my mouth tell my husband that I “loved everything about it” once I got past the pure terror of it.  Then I heard my mouth tell him that I want to do it again.  Where was my brain during this debriefing?

The other unintended consequence was that I got way more emails than I ever got before on any other subject, asking me about it.  I answer every email I get, unless it’s something moronic, so I have been pretty busy.  I will answer them here too when I can take a breath.

I am spending the weekend with my husband catching up.  If I know Michael it will be a hotwife weekend and I am pretty sure I know what he is going to want me to do.


Weekend Plan

June 12, 2015

Michael and I have done some pretty strange stuff in our marital hotwife role playing games with men, but this weekend he is going to take it to a new level and is involving a friend of his and a girlfriend of mine who he is also playing with on a limited basis.

A man from South Carolina who Michael has befriended as a result of his golfing quest, is going to be in Tampa on Sunday for business on Monday.  Michael wants to hook him up with me, but doesn’t want him to know I am his wife.  He thinks Michael’s wife is going to be in Gainesville with our daughter.

Here’s how it is supposed to work.  He has invited his friend (Alan) out on the boat on Sunday.  Michael is bringing along his illicit girlfriend (Jill) and Jill is bringing along her friend (Alexis), as a date for Alan.  Conveniently, we are all married to other people.

I have no idea how this is all going to work out in reality but in Michael’s perfect world he will get to watch me “playing” with his friend Alan while we are on the boat and out on the island.

When I asked Michael if he wanted me to fuck him on the boat in front of him, Michael cringed.  I laughed.  He wants to watch everything but he doesn’t want to listen to another man making me cum and I am fine with things that way.

He wants to watch everything thing else Alan does to me though and then he wants me to invite Alan to my downtown condo and if I want Alan to spent the night with me that fine with Michael.

I’m about 95% sure I’m going to go all in on this because Michael showed me some photos of Alan playing golf and he definitely meets Lexi’s standards as a playmate!

Michael and I are spending the day in Cedar Key working on the plan and having lunch, but while I’m there I plan to extort some sexy boat clothes and maybe a thong bikini out of Michael to cement my participation in his plan!


Weekend Plan B

June 12, 2015

After Michael and I finalized our Sunday boat date plan he called his friend Alan to tell him about his date (Alexis).

It was fun listening to two horn dogs talk about me like a prize.  Michael had already described me physically because the bulk of the conversation was trying to figure out exactly how married I really am, if I have a boyfriend in addition to my husband, and if Michael thought Alan could get into my “married panties”.

Michael couldn’t claim to know too much about me other than I was a friend of his girlfriend, he had met me a few times, I was hot, married, and have large breasts.

At that point Alan changed the plan and is coming in early on Saturday now and wants the four of us to go out Saturday night so he can meet me before Sunday.

Michael likes this plan because he is optimistic that I am going to come through for him and fuck his friend, who does not know I am his wife.  I am also pretty sure it’s going to happen because I have seen his photos and I like what I see!  A lot!

This is going to cause us a small logistical problem though because Jill doesn’t get off work until 10:00 Saturday night so I guess Michael will pick up Alan at the Hilton and do something until 10:00 and I will meet them all at the bar where Jill works.

I’m sure he is expecting me to be a willing playmate, so depending on what I tell him about my husband, will decide where I end up in bed Saturday night.

The only thing I’m sure about right now is that I won’t end up in bed with my husband.  I will either take Alan to my condo or go back to the hotel with him.

I have had fun with my husband the last few days. Although I talk to Michael almost every day, we really have spent very little time together in the last month or so because of his travel schedule, my work date schedule and my hotwife dating.

We are not going to have more togetherness any time soon either.  I have two work trips coming up fast.


Saturday Night

June 15, 2015

I think this was a set up.  I don’t know that and I can’t ask Michael because he and Alan are together today.  Alan is driving Michael back up to Hilton Head because Michael bought a car up there to leave there so he can fly back and forth.  I get the idea that Alan simply came down to Tampa to meet me and party on the boat, and then drive Michael back up there.

There was no business meeting he had to be here for today.  He knew that Michael was fixing him up with a date, but I doubt that Michael told him it was actually his wife he was giving him to play with.

Just so you know, I don’t care if it was or it wasn’t.  Michael got what he wanted, Alan got what he wanted, I got what I wanted, and so did Jill.

Jill had to work until ten Saturday night, so I was there with her where she is a bartender.  I couldn’t talk to Michael on Saturday because he was with Alan.  The guys came into the hotel bar around 9:45.

I was sitting at the bar listening to some elder statesman bitching about the Florida heat while he stared at my breasts.  Jill was on watch for the guys and when she saw Michael come into the bar she mouthed the word “Wow!” referring to Alan.

And that was that.  I was already 90% sure I was in for a fun filled weekend after seeing Alan’s golfing photos.  He is exactly my type of guy.  The only thing I missed on was his age and I missed by almost nine years.  I guessed him to be mid to late thirties.  He is 27.  Yummy!

He is a true Alpha male and he took charge of me right away.  I love that when I am in the mood.  He asked me where my husband was.  I gave him my working girl storyline that my husband works out on an oil platform 20 days at a time.

“That perfect.  I’m keeping you all weekend then!”  He said, and that was that.

I didn’t have to commit to anything.  I just simply didn’t say no to anything he wanted me to do.  All I did was lapse all the way into the submissive side of my psyche and enjoy the ride.


Saturday Night (part 2)

June 15, 2015

If my husband hooked Alan up with me because he wanted to watch me in action on Saturday night, he got what he wanted at Club Prana in Ybor City

Alan wasted no time in taking my social temperature when he found out my make believe husband was out to sea.  The first thing he tested was to see if he could kiss me.  The way I kissed him back let him know he could also fuck me!

Consequently the kiss turned into some semi serious groping which I did nothing to stop, and that set the tone for the the rest of the night.

We ended up in The Sanctuary part of the club which was no sanctuary for me whatsoever, but at least I could hear him while he was examining my body with his hands.  He bought me a drink but never kept his hands off some part of my body.

I’m not saying he was not a gentleman but after that kiss he didn’t want to waste any time getting me to his hotel once he was sure I would have sex with him.  Michael and Jill were on the other side of the room watching us.

Alan said he wanted me to go with him to his hotel.  I sent Jill a text message telling her where I was going, then we went.

We took a cab to the hotel and on the way there he discovered I wasn’t wearing panties.  The question of our age difference was not mentioned but the question of my risk of pregnancy was.  I leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“I’m safe to fuck!”

It’s the first time in quite some time that I have spent all night in bed, playing, kissing, touching, fucking, or talking about it.  We did not sleep at all, and we pretty much cleaned out the honor bar.

I did not want him in my condo in the morning, so I told him I was going to go home to shower and get ready for our boat date.  I gave him the address of my building and told him I would meet him in the lobby at 9:30 which gave me an hour and a half.

I didn’t call Michael because I didn’t want a hundred questions.  I didn’t call Jill either because I didn’t know where she was.


Boat Date: Naughty Lexi!

June 15, 2015

When I asked Michael if he wanted me let Alan have sex with me on the boat he didn’t say no.  He only cringed.  I could have taken that as “no”, or I could have taken that as “non responsive”.  I’m a former paralegal in case you have not read everything.

I decided to let fate and alcohol decide my course of action which meant that because I was showing Alan my seriously submissive side, I was going to leave that decision up to him as to how far things went.  My husband is the one that hooked me up with him so don’t blame me!

It wasn’t my fault Alan did not know I am Michael’s wife.  Michael told me he wanted me to date his friend from Hilton Head.  He may or may not have implied he only wanted to know about it, not actually watch it happen.

 Michael knew I spent Friday night in Alan’s hotel room, so it wasn’t like it was going to be the first time we had sex when we went out on the boat.

We had several drinks at the marina on Sunday morning.  By the time we anchored at Egmont Key, Alan already had the top of my lime green Bikini in his left hand carrying it around like a trophy.

An hour later he had me in waist deep water in the lea of the island with the bottom of my bikini in his other hand.  I was pressed up against the side of the boat, with half of my bikini in each of his hands while he licked one of my nipples.

I began to make quite a bit of noise standing on my tiptoes in the sand bottom, which evidently got Michael’s attention on the boat, because he asked Alan if he wanted a beer as he leaned over the side of the boat and looked down at us.

“Oooops!”  Michael said as he saw what was about to happen.  I looked up into his face.  Michael did not, or could not, look away!

Alan’s trunks were around his ankles and he was spreading my legs apart with his knees, to enter me.  He had no idea my husband was watching us.  He threw both halves of my bikini up onto the boat without looking up, barely missing Michael’s head as I looked at my husband.

I have not talked to Michael today yet about what he saw, but there is no doubt in my mind that he heard me cum.  I bet the next time he asks me to do something like this, I get better instructions!


Weekend Recap

June 17, 2015

This past weekend did not go the way my husband had in mind when he fixed me up with his new friend from South Carolina for the weekend.  Although Michael wanted me to have sex with Alan, he didn’t want to see and hear it happen, and he didn’t want Alan to know I am Michael’s wife.

He only wanted to know about it so he could debrief me after the fact.  Now he doesn’t have to.  He was a witness to one of the many times Alan had sex with me.

Michael is not mad at me about what happened, and he understands that he is the one that put me in this situation.

One of his new favorite terms is “unintended consequences” and holy shit, do we ever have that going on here.  The only thing that went right for Michael, is that Alan still does not know I am Michael’s wife.

I NEVER give my phone number to men.  I learned that lesson right upfront when I started down this path.  I gave it to Alan because he needed to call me to let me know when he was there in the lobby to pick me up for one of our dates. Mistake!

Now he is blowing up my phone with calls and texts because he thinks he is in love with me.  He wants to come back down to Tampa.  He wants to fly me up to Hilton Head.  Fuck!  He is fifteen years younger than me!

For as great of a communicator as Michael has become in this past year, during my transition into becoming both his hotwife and a prostitute, when things don’t go the way he thought, he becomes tight lipped, if not a mute.

The only reason I know that my performance pleased him is because he asked Jill to stay with him Sunday night on the boat and she told he was like an animal when they went to bed and he had never been that hard before.

Don’t get me wrong, she liked it, but she also knew why his performance was improved.  If was for the same reason he was like that with me after my BBC debriefing.


BBC Dating Background

June 17, 2015

My husband has decided that he would rather not talk about my relationship with his friend Alan.

Since I am now more enthusiastic about pursuing interracial dating, and because he wants me to expand my website to talk about that separately from my regular hotwife dating, we have decided to give BBC dating, its own section on

I am doing this for two reasons.  The first reason is that not everyone on Tumblr cares who I am dating.  I don’t want women or couples that are looking for information on the hotwife lifestyle to get confused about my original goal of being a legitimate resource for information and advice on our incredible lifestyle.

The other reason is because I can go into the subject of BBC dating on my website in much greater detail for those that do care about it, because I will not be constrained by my self imposed 375 word blog posting limitation.

I’m not sure yet exactly how involved with BBC dating I am going to be, but whatever it turns out to be will be more than it has been.   Just between you and me, if the next time is as good as the first time, Lexi is going to be an extremely motivated woman and forget all about Alan the very young, Adonis, golf pro, bad boy, alpha male, gym rat, from Hilton Head, that can practically make Lexi cum just from kissing me, and swears he is in love with me!  Deep sigh!

Michael found a captioned photo on one of his porn sites. It shows a naked blonde woman in a sort of prison cell with her arms and legs shackled.  The caption reads: “White girl went to volunteer work in Africa.  Soon she become a unvolunteer worker.  After a first black penetration, she become a volunteer again.”

This is one of those things that makes me go hmm… . and yes, it made me smile now because I have a different perspective than I had before.

If you are reading this on my website the photo and caption are on “Michael’s page.”


 Email Answers

June 17, 2015

This is the second time in ten days I have said something that caused an email spike.  I’m not sure it’s because more people care or if I am just reaching more people.

Last time it was my admission about liking BBC.  This time it’s about my experience with Alan over the weekend.

I didn’t mean to imply that Michael didn’t want me to talk about what happened with me and Alan.  What he said was HE didn’t want to talk about it.

As great a communicator my husband has become, I know when he isn’t going to talk to me about something.  I accept that he is not perfect and thank him for making our marriage so much better that is was.

He did that by turning me out, giving me complete autonomy to date anyone I want and I only have one rule. He does not want me having a FWB. That is to say he is not comfortable with me having a “boyfriend”.  I get that and I agreed.

Having said that however, he is the one that wanted me to hook me up with Alan who is fifteen years younger than me and he doesn’t want Alan to know I am his wife.  I went along with it.

What neither of us expected was that I was going be so attracted to him and get my bell rung so soundly, so often, over the weekend.  From Saturday night until 9:00 AM Monday morning we were together all but an hour and a half of that time.

Michael has no interest in watching me have sex with other men.  He wants me to do it but he doesn’t want to watch.  He didn’t tell me not to do it when he was there though and that’s what happened on Sunday when we were boating.  I’m not going to explain that part over again.

I think he liked what he saw a little too much, but I don’t know for sure because he doesn’t want to talk. So where are things now?  Michael knows Alan is coming back down here to be with me again this weekend.  He is not over me, and I’m not over him.

Michael is going to be up there and Alan is going to be down here with me.  I explained this to my husband last night.  His only instruction to me was not to tell him I am Michael’s wife. Yes dear!


Size Matters!

June 30, 2015

Duh!  “It’s not the size of the wand that matters, it’s the magician behind the wand!”  Everyone has heard that one right?  Well, Dr. Lexi says that’s bullshit!

That falsehood was started by a man with a tiny tendril, or by the wife of a man with a tiny tuber who is trying to protect his ego.

Give me a young, bad boy, Alpha male, with muscles and a massive member, that gets super hard because he wants to stick it in me, and I’ll give you all the magician any right thinking normal woman could ask for, especially Dr. Lexi!

When I can get both my hands around his shaft and still have something left over to put in my mouth, I say there’s your magician right there!

He doesn’t have to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.  Hell, he doesn’t even have to know how to say abracadabra!  All he has to know is what he wants to do with it.  I’ll do the rest, I’ll do it well, and I’ll do it often!

Michael is not a man of massive means in the meat department, but his member is magnanimous during marital maintenance missions.  My issues with my husband in the bedroom before becoming a hotwife were never about size, or whether he could get the job done, it was about frequency, focus, and lack of communication.

All of those problems were solved on his end when he began sharing me with other men.  As for my end, it gave me a chance to experience the recreational side of sex through variety and diversity.

Because of my hotwife experiences and my recent business experience as an escort I can tell you beyond all doubt that size definitely matters in this hotwife’s quality of emotional, orgasmic, life!

When I am being serviced by a man with a “super sized” penis, I am like the Energizer Bunny with her batteries in backwards!


Hotwife Union

July 1, 2015

No, not a hotwife labor union, Dr. Lexi is talking about her marital union with Michael.  You hear people say marriage is supposed to be a perfect union.  A Oneness full of intimacy.   What it’s really full of, is bullshit!  It’s almost as full of shit as that statement in my previous post where I blew that misconception out of the water that “size doesn’t matter”.

Becoming a hotwife absolutely saved our marriage and made it beyond very good.  I am a happy and contented woman in every aspect of my life, but especially my independent sex life.  Having said that however, does not mean that a hotwife marital arrangement is a perfect union.

Because I am a woman living in a man’s world I am still experiencing a certain amount of double standard behavior on the part of the male half of my marital union who wants me to limit my dating with any particular man I meet for sex, and does not allow me to have a FWB.  In other words he want me to spread my love, and my legs, around.

I agreed to these two things from the beginning so I’m not complaining about either one. I got my tail stepped on a little while ago because I spent “too much time together” with a man my own husband hooked me up with.  Go figure.

I’m not going to bother pointing out to him that I am the one that encouraged him to start hanging out with his sexy little redheaded real estate agent Dixie Doodle.  If that doesn’t qualify as a FWB I don’t know what would.

The reason I’m not going to point it out is because those two words that end all debate with Michael about anything at all, will automatically come out of his mouth.  He will say “that’s different.”


Hotwife Union Part 2

July 1, 2015

In the beginning of our hotwife union, Michael and I collaborated on everything that went into the blog or up on the website.  That was then, this is now.  Michael is busy chasing his dream of becoming a senior pro golfer in Hilton Head, and a certain redhead.

There is one other fantasy he is chasing that has to do with me, and his interest in turning me into a BBC queen.  That chapter of my life is ongoing but is sort of the end point of this post.

Michael no longer collaborates with me on what I put online, but occasionally he will ask me to edit or delete something I wrote, and once in a while I will send him something I am going to put up in advance.  I did that yesterday with my “size matters” post.

Me called me immediately and asked me if I was referring to Reggie, who is an NFL player and my first and only experience so far with BBC.  I met Reggie when I was in Las Vegas being a working girl with an engagement and couldn’t hook up.

Reggie ultimately flew to Tampa to see me and the rest was history.  Reggie likes me a lot and would like to continue a relationship.  He is quite a bit younger than me.  He says I meet his demographics because I am an “articulate Caucasian lady with fair eyes, and no racial bias.”

Reggie likes me because I’m a blonde cougar with hazel eyes, and big tits, who likes BBC, but I also like Reggie.  Reggie knows I am married, but thinks I am separated, and doesn’t know I’m a prostitute.

Michael asked me if I was thinking about Reggie when I wrote that post.  I said yes. Reggie called me and wants to come to Tampa to see me again for a few days before training camp starts on July 15th.

Michael asked me when he was coming and I said he wasn’t because I got my tail stepped on for doing the same few weeks ago with his friend from Hilton Head.  Michael was incredulous.

“Alexis, call him back!  That’s different!”


Mixed Hotwife Messages

July 6, 2015

I got my tail stepped on two weeks ago for spending too much time with a certain man my husband hooked me up with that did not know I am his wife.  Michael does not want me having FWB’s.   He wants me dating a lot of men.  He and I did not communicate well about that particular weekend and that particular guy.

He also wants to turn me into a BBC Queen. (my words, not his)  He was thrilled when I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and even more thrilled when I admitted that I liked it and wanted more experience.

Two very confusing things happened on Wednesday before July 4th weekend.  Our twenty year old college student daughter found out accidently from her father that there is more going on in her mother’s sex life that she thought, and my black lover Reggie called me and wanted to come to Tampa to see me for a few days before NFL training camp starts on the 15th.

Meanwhile Michael called a weekend family meeting in Gainesville to deal with our family crisis and tell our daughter whatever it was we were going to tell her about me, which was in my opinion a major overreaction.

Also meanwhile, I told Reggie I couldn’t see him, because I failed to read between the lines of the real message Michael sent me when he stepped on my tail.  It turns out that he only meant he didn’t want me having Caucasian FWB’s, and he welcomes Reggie and The Brotherhood into my life in whatever form it takes.

He told me to call Reggie back, so I did, but did not hear back from Reggie until I was already on my way to Gainesville for the family meeting on Friday.

It turns out that Michael’s real highest priority is in hooking me up with BBC in Tampa and everything else was “manageable” in the time I had available to deal with it while I was in Gainesville.

I told Michael that if he really wanted to help, he should give her a significant check to remodel the “owner’s unit” of her new apartment house, go back to Hilton Head, let me do the explaining, and then I would go back to Tampa on Sunday to pick up Reggie from the airport.

It was a win-win-win-win for all four of us, especially Lexi!


It Was Time!

July 7, 2015

The events of last week didn’t evolve the way I would have chosen, but being forced into it gave me a chance to have as much disclosure with my daughter about my marriage as I wanted to have.

For personal reasons I have explained before, I did not want my daughter to know that her mother is a practicing Hotwife.  Rightly or wrongly, Michael and I decided to spoon feed her a little information at a time about the changes in our lifestyle.

We have given her a few spoonfuls over the last several months.  Initially she thought I was cheating on her father.  Her response to that first spoonful was “What took you so long mom!”  She was thrilled for me and immediately became a co-conspirator.  She knew I had been unhappy during her last few years at home before becoming a full time student/resident of Gainesville.

Two more spoonfuls got her to the point that I was not having an affair with one man, I was openly dating, Michael knows about it and has given me permission.  The story was that we were “looking for viable marital options” which was truthful at the time.

She became more or less convinced in her mind that we are getting a divorce because Michael bought a condo in Hilton Head and has been spending quite a bit more time with her lately traveling back and forth to Tampa and helping her buy a house to use as a three unit apartment building.

Michael panicked when she confronted him with her divorce theory and gave her too much inconsistent information.  She called him on it.

Michael called a family meeting for the weekend not realizing it was July fourth weekend and I got my ass summoned to Gainesville to help explain our real situation.

The “real situation” didn’t get totally explained because Michael didn’t want his end of things explained.  He didn’t want the Hotwife/Cuckold relationship mentioned presumably because he doesn’t want her asking him questions about it.

She calmed down once the three of us were together.  Over dinner Michael and I presented a unified front and convinced her we are staying married, happier than ever, and part of a more open lifestyle is the reason for that.

We agreed to meet for lunch on Saturday to talk more.  I could sense Michael was not comfortable with more talking so when we got back to our room I told him to go back to Hilton Head in the morning and let me take care of the rest of the family meeting since it was mostly about me anyway.


The Rest Of It

July 7, 2015

If there is one thing I have learned by sharing my thoughts on our lifestyle via this blog, it is that no matter what my opinion is, not everyone agrees with me.

I started this blog, as I have said many times, because I couldn’t find real information about this Hotwife lifestyle that wasn’t “flavored.”

One of the things I never found, when looking for real information, was how to communicate with semi adult children about a change in our marital lifestyle.

That is to say when my husband wants me to wear a symbolic Anklet on my right ankle that not only tells men I am a married woman who is not monogamous to my husband, but also tells men that my husband wants to share me sexually with other men. (to the benefit of our marriage)

I’m telling you this because although I love email, it’s better if you understand my thinking before sending me hate mail for “talking the talk but not walking the walk” or however that goes.

Michael’s position is that my sex life is none of her business, but this is coming from a man who rarely communicated with his daughter about anything that mattered except when she was playing soccer in high school.

I was left to deal with the reality of our situation and I dealt with it the best way I knew how which was to keep the focus on myself, tell her as much as the truth as Michael wanted me to, and protect his status as a cuckold which in my opinion was 90% of it.

What specifically is none of her business is that her mother has become a prostitute and travels with men on mini vacations, business conventions, seminars, expos, and weekend getaways.

Michael specifically does not want his daughter to know that he has a fetish about turning me into a BBC lover and is pushing me in that direction.

So I didn’t tell her any of that.  I also didn’t tell her that the harder Michael pushes me in that direction the more I like it and the more cooperative I am becoming!


Weekend Recap

July 7, 2015

Family dynamics are as many and varied as there are families.  My family is no different. We each have our own idea of what’s important.  My daughter grew up in a two parent family and her priority is to make sure that her family stays that way.

She doesn’t think in terms of whether it was dysfunctional or not.  It was what she knew.  It was dysfunctional to me and was the reason I decided to have an affair before Michael and I figured it out.

Although my marriage to Michael is now non-traditional, it is also no longer dysfunctional.  For the most part we are on the same page.  We both love my role as a practicing Hotwife, and he is supportive of my new career as a prostitute working the high end Escort niche of the business.

We have figured out our roles in our non-traditional marriage.  Michael’s idea of what’s important is putting as many men between my legs as he can, and then listening to me graphically describe to him what it was like at the moment of orgasm or the moment of the transfer of bodily fluids.

My idea of what’s important is pretty simple to understand.  I have had more gratifying sex in the last year of my marriage than I had in the first twenty one years.  I am making more money as a prostitute in one month than I made in a year as a paralegal. Go figure!

Lastly, Michael is all about me experiencing BBC now.  I’m not exactly an unwilling participant here ok?  Two weeks ago he didn’t want me spending “too” much time with any one man.

Now it doesn’t matter anymore as long as he “measures up” to Michael’s expectations!  If I have to spell that one out for you . . . .



July 8, 2015

Family dynamics aside, Michael gave me four tasks during the July 4th weekend.  Task One, was being summoned to Gainesville for a family meeting to tell our daughter as much of the truth about our nontraditional marriage as Michael wanted her to know.

Task Two was to soft pedal the Hotwife/Cuckold aspect of what I am doing and substitute the word “open relationship” instead, to explain to her why I am dating men outside my marriage.

Task Three was to keep her from finding out that her mother is a prostitute, while telling her as much of the truth about the other aspects of my life as possible.

Task Four, and in my opinion, the most important Task in order of Michael’s priorities for me, was to get my ass back to Tampa in plenty of time on Sunday afternoon, to pick up my friend Reggie from the airport and spend “quality time” with him.

Michael has given me Carte Blanche as it relates to Reggie.  My “no FWB’s” rule does not apply to Reggie because Reggie is BBC and that’s what Michael wants for me at the moment.  Michael did NOT say these words to me but he might as well have.  “Alexis, I want you to be nice to Reggie!  Give him whatever he wants from you!”

Here’s a news flash for you Michael.  I am already giving Reggie everything I can, but I’m pretty sure that he wants more from me than you know.  Maybe we should talk about that sometime.   But since you want me to be a cheerful giver, I’m all about it.  I’m doing what you asked me to do and loving it so far!

I have spent four days with Reggie and I’m pretty sure I have no brains left.  I introduced him to my sexy redheaded girlfriend Jill last night, just to sort of see if he likes redheads as much as he likes blondes.  That may have been a mistake.  Reggie only likes me but he has friends.

He called a friend of his that plays for the Bucs and he met us at the bar where Jill works, and now we have all been invited to a pre training camp party on Friday night at a mansion off South Westshore  Blvd. in Tampa.

I asked Reggie if Jill and I would be the only two white chicks at the party.  He grinned at me.

“Do you care?”  He asked.  I looked at Jill.  She shook her head.  So did I.


Left Turn

July 9, 2015

Dr. Lexi’s life has just taken a pretty dramatic left turn.  It hasn’t actually happened yet, but it’s going to because it’s in motion and I’m not going to fight it.  I am on an unavoidable collision course with it and I don’t want to stop it.  It’s what Michael said he wanted for me, so now we will find out if he meant it.

I am like the moth drawn to this flame.   My best friend Jill is right beside me on this path, holding my hand, taking the journey with me and drinking the same Cool Aid.  I am blonde, Moth A.  She is redheaded, Moth B.

Michael has been fantasizing about hooking me up with BBC on a continuing basis for at least six months.  This past weekend when I was with him in Gainesville for a family meeting, we were discussing Reggie, my first experience in that area.

My husband admitted to me that buying me the condo in downtown Tampa was partially motivated because he wanted BBC in my life and thought that might make it happen sooner, or easier, or more privately, or whatever.

 I was never opposed to the concept, but there were some pretty obvious natural roadblocks in the way, like where would I go to meet men that met Michael’s criteria, since I wasn’t planning to hang out at any of the night clubs in Tampa that specialize in hooking up interracial couples.

Meeting Reggie in Las Vegas and his trip to Tampa to actually consummate our relationship was a real eye opener for me, in more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

Sex with Reggie met all of Michael’s fantasies of whatever he could imagine sex being like for his wife with another man.  Michael debriefed me for days about Reggie for hours at a time.  Michael still never gets tired of asking me questions about sex with Reggie.

The new issue in Michael’s mind is how to replicate Reggie, since cloning is, well, not viable.

Reggie solved that problem for Michael without knowing it.  I introduced Reggie to Jill.  Reggie has a friend who plays for the Bucs who is partial to redheads instead of blondes.  Go figure!  I’m pretty sure that party Friday night is going to open lots of doors for us both!


Reggie Explained

July 9, 2015

I have received a ton of questions about Reggie so I guess I need to explain him better than I have so far.

Reggie plays football in the NFL.  He plays for a team out west and that is all I’m going to say.  He was in Las Vegas for a fundraiser when I met him in the Hotel casino where I was staying.  I was on a work trip.

Reggie “assumed” I was there with my boyfriend and was cheating on my husband since I was wearing my wedding rings, and told him my husband wasn’t there, when he asked.  I let him think that until after he came to Tampa to see me.

I realized then, I needed to correct his perception of my marriage.  I told him a lie of convenience that I tell many men when the subject of me being a hotwife never comes up.

I told him that Michael and I were separated and I was “in and out” of the marital home but had my own condo downtown.  I was visiting his hotel room at the time of that lie, before we had sex.

After we had sex I knew I was fucked in more ways than one.   It was not ever going to be a typical hotwife hookup.  The physical part was way beyond anything I had ever experienced before and the emotional part put me in the stratosphere of ecstasy.

Here is the bottom line truth.  I have had complete and total disclosure with Reggie about my life, my marriage, my family, my hotwife lifestyle, everything!

Well, not quite everything.  Reggie does not know I am a prostitute and I intend to keep it that way. There is no possible positive outcome for either one of us by sharing that little gem.

Reggie is significantly younger than me.  That is not an issue for him, but the truth of the matter is that he is closer to my daughter’s age than mine.

Reggie likes women with my particular demographics.  He only dates (older) Caucasian women, with blonde hair and umm, a large cup size.

Reggie knows he can’t keep me but tells me all the time he wants to.  There is no doubt in my mind that someday I will see a photo of him in the media somewhere with a blonde wife and a couple of cute racially diverse kids.

In the mean time, before training camp starts . . .


Lexi’s Coconut Telegraph

July 9, 2015

I have been doing this blog for over seven months.  In that time I have heard from dozens of couples that found Tumblr the same way Michael and I found it.  We were looking for real information on the hotwife lifestyle.  A sort of a “how to”.

We couldn’t find anything useful that wasn’t fantasy, or pure bullshit, so I decided to do it myself, to be that voice, for people who actually live our lifestyle, who want advice on our lifestyle, or wanted the benefit of our experience from living the lifestyle.

The upside of that is the same as the downside.  I have made several friends on line as the result of my blog, whom I have never met in person, but still love with all my heart.

My “friends” whom I sort of guided into this wonderful lifestyle of ours, have taken it upon themselves to act as Dr. Lexi’s conscience, as well as my advisors on occasion.

Consequently, when I post something in the morning and by mid afternoon I have already received three or four emails from women who are walking in my shoes, saying “bullshit!” I can be pretty sure I missed the mark, said it wrong, or didn’t say enough.

My only defense is that I am trying to live within a self imposed 400 word blog post limit for fear of people losing interest.

So back to Reggie and hopefully a clarification on what I’m doing/feeling:

Yes, I have Reggie-itis!  No, I’m not in love, but I’m something more than I have been before and more than I should be, maybe because he can take me to places I have never been before emotionally?

Yes, I have had complete disclosure with my husband about what Reggie can do to me, how I feel about it, and I have described ad nausea to Michael a 100 different ways what it feels like when Reggie fills my body with his sperm. Michael wants me to keep going.  I’m not sure what else to say about that.

No, he is not a threat to my marriage to Michael, and yes, Reggie wishes he was. Reggie is late 20 something.  I am 42.

Yes, I will see Reggie again after he leaves on Saturday to go back out west.  No, I won’t have to get permission.  I already got it as one of my negotiating points with Michael.

Yes, Reggie is aware that he will be most likely introduce me to his successor on Friday night at the party.  Reggie doesn’t live in Florida and is going to be pretty busy for the next several months.


Friday Night Party

July 11, 2015

Well, Jill and I were not the only two “vanilla’s” at the party last night but we were definitely in the extreme minority!  There wasn’t even one male vanilla that I saw.

I have no idea how many people were there.  It was more of an open house mix and mingle type party.  People were in and out all evening.

Jill and I got separated within ten minutes.  Reggie says that’s called cutting the herd, meaning it’s a hell of a lot easier to get one woman to make a decision, than a committee.  I can’t argue with that.

She and I were like two kids in a candy store checking out all that licorice.  Even better was most of those men were making it very easy for us to check them out because the process was mutual.

Reggie told me how it would go and he was exactly right.  When he was by my side it was like we were a couple, and no one approached me, but when he gave me space I got lots of respectful personal attention.

I’m pretty sure that almost all those men there were either football players, or involved in the sport in some other way.

One black Adonis who talked to me a few times whenever Reggie was giving me space, was curious about how married I am.  I told him “not very!”  He said he ended his career with the Bears but moved to Tampa to open a sports marketing business.

He said he is having a party on Sunday and invited me.  I asked about Jill.  He said he already invited her and she asked about me.  I said I would talk to her and see.  He handed me his business card.

I was putting it in my purse when he said I might want to take a look at it first so I did.  Fuck!  He is one of my neighbors in Avila and he recognized me.

“I have wanted to talk to you ever since you and your husband moved in, but the timing was never good.”  He said.  I had no idea what to say.

“You can bring your husband if you have to.”  He said.

Reggie and I left the party at midnight because he had a 7:00 AM flight this morning.  I found Jill and told her we were leaving.  She had her own car.  She said she was staying.

She also said we needed to talk.  I said “No shit!”


Saturday Morning

July 11, 2015

I think I finally understand what it’s like for Michael waiting to debrief me after a hotwife date.  I’m waiting to debrief Jill about the party last night!

She and I spent very little time together.  She made it clear to me when I left early with Reggie that she would call me and not the other way around!  Yes ma’am, message received!

So I got almost no sleep last night and dropped Reggie at the airport at 5:30 this morning.  Going back to bed would be pointless unless I could shut off my mind.

I’m OK with Reggie leaving.  It was time.  He served as a perfect partner to enter this part of my lifestyle with.  He absolutely rang my bell!  He is a sweet young guy that was perfect as a starter BBC for me.  Now I want to see what else is out there now that I have a way of meeting them!

He wanted more than I could give, but I’m pretty sure it was a temporary.  He was blinded by my bra size, I’m pretty sure.  I know what I was blinded by.  Holy shit!

Michael is playing in a tournament in Hilton Head this weekend so he is not going to debrief me either.  My last instructions from him were to be home Monday through Wednesday because he wants to “reclaim” me.

That’s not what he said.  I’m using some of the hotwife terminology that normal people in our lifestyle would never say.  The point is we need to talk about how I am going to go forward with the BBC part of what I am doing, talk about our daughter, talk about my work schedule, talk about his business plans to expand in South Carolina, and just generally catch up with each other.

We only have three days because I’m leaving on a weeklong work date cruise on Thursday.

I wonder what he going to think about me hooking up with a man that lives inside our subdivision.  I’m smiling as I think about Michael being torn by his decision about what I should do.  Is he going to want me to go to the party and meet more potential BBC, or is it too close to home?  Hah!  This is going to be good!



July 11, 2015

It’s 1:00 on Saturday.  I still haven’t heard from Jill but I have heard from my husband.  Michael called me from the turn.  No surprise there.  The best part of that was that I knew he only had three or four minutes and he called me instead of his other redhead, Dixie Doodle, the sexy Hilton Head Island realtor and in my opinion is his current local groupie, although he refuses to confirm that for some reason.

Michael wanted to know how it went last night at the party.  I gave him enough information to answer his basic question that I was still a “go” with his BBC wife fantasy thing, but what I really wanted was to get my own question out there.

I didn’t expect an answer, but I wanted the question out there on the table for him to be thinking about.

I told him I met someone at the party last night who meets my standards.  He is another black Adonis, more mature than Reggie, and wants to hook up with me.

Michael said “Hurry up Alexis!  I’m running out of time.  Did he ask to see you?”

I told Michael that he invited me to a house party on Sunday but I needed to ask him if I should go.  He went almost apoplectic.

“Why do you need my permission?  What’s going on?”

When I told him that we live in the same gated community, he said “Oh!” and nothing else.  He was quiet for so long I looked at my phone to see if the call dropped.

“Do you want to go?”  He asked finally.  You may think that he was answering my question with a question, but that’s not what was going on.  He was telling me that he wanted me to do it by putting the ball back in my court.

I made it easy for him.  I told him yes, and that I know I need to be as discreet as possible.

Michael told me to go to the party and have fun.  He told me he loved me and that he had to go.  I asked him if Dixie was watching the tournament.  Evidently, that time the call really did drop.


Saturday Night

July 13, 2015

Jill had to work Saturday night so that’s where Lexi was.  I was sitting in a bar chair in the hotel lobby bar getting drunk listening to my girlfriend on the working side of the bar, give me small snippets of information at a time, about the party after Reggie and I left.  She was talking to me while she worked.

Evidently the later it got, the rowdier it got, and the drunker the women got.  A few of them including my best friend Jill, consummated new relationships with men in the spa that was connected to the pool, on a more or less group basis.

I wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not.  There had been nothing like that while I was there, and I said so.

“That was the whole point of the party dumbass!”  She said, rather unkindly I thought.  I mean, I knew that.  Reggie told me that’s why we were invited.  I guess I was just surprised that Jill was as into that as she was and I didn’t see it coming.

It was a way for open minded Caucasian women to meet members of the BBC community but nobody said anything to me about it turning into a sort of orgy.

“That’s because you were with a date!”  She explained when she realized I hadn’t seen the same things she saw.

“Jim has got it bad for you girlfriend.  You are the reason he’s having the party tomorrow!”  She told me a few minutes later.  She was full of surprises.

“He lives in my subdivision Jill.”

“So what?”  She asked me.  That was a very good point actually.  That was pretty much what my husband said too.  Avila is a huge gated community.  I wasn’t even sure where his street was.

I pointed out to Jill that Jim told me I could bring my husband if I had to.  She pointed out to me that he didn’t mean it.

“I know.”  I confided.

“I’m going to the party Alexis.  Are you going with me?”  Jill asked.  I nodded, and that was that.  It was going to happen.  Michael was going to get his wish!  I was going to show up to the party in my totally passive submissive mode and let nature take its course.



July 14, 2015

Jill came over to my house early Sunday afternoon and we got immediately into the vodka.  She gave me the rest of the details about the Friday night party.  I discovered a side of my girlfriend I had never seen before.

It turns out that Jill discovered that she loved her first few experiences with BBC, and she was very excited about going to this party in my neighborhood a little later in the day.

“What do you mean your first few?”  I asked.

“I got passed around.”  She said.  I didn’t know what to say, so we did a shot of tequila instead.

She didn’t mean that she got passed around in the hot tub from one man to the next.  She meant that she spent the night and was passed around that way.

I asked her if that party had turned into an orgy.  She said she had never been to an orgy so she didn’t know.  I told her I was pretty sure she had.

I asked her if she knew how many were going to be at the party we were going to and she said not very many but she didn’t know for sure and there would probably be more men than women and no couples but that I was the reason Jim was having the party.

Well not just that, it was also the last party before training camp started, so that told me that some of the football players would be there.

Nothing she said really surprised me, but it did make me very nervous and when I get nervous I drink!

One think about it though, I only had a few blocks to drive home and it was not out on the highway.  Jill and I toasted our fates, and headed off to the party to meet them!


The Party

July 15, 2015

It has taken me several days to write this post because I’m still not sure what to think about it.  I wish this was a happier hotwife BBC experience but I’m not sure if that is how I really feel.  I’m not sure it isn’t though either.  I really don’t know what it is.

Something happened to me that was not right in my mind.  I didn’t realize that until Jill and I began comparing notes on Monday when we both realized our notes were full of holes.

I am not saying we were drugged.  We probably weren’t, but I’m not sure of that either.  What I am sure of is that part of my afternoon is missing.  I am not saying that I don’t know what I did, but I am saying what I did is not clear in my mind like it normally is.

Yes, Jill and I were probably already drunk when we showed up to the party.  With me it was nerves.  I knew why I was there and why Michael wanted me there.

I was there for a BBC experience with a man I met at the party on Friday night that made no excuses for why he was having the party on Sunday afternoon.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone I haven’t done stupid shit in my life, but I am telling you Sunday afternoon was a different experience.

When we arrived, there was a uniformed valet that took my car which led Jill and I to believe the party was much larger than it was.

We were greeted at the door by our host who was trailed by a uniformed server who had two frozen drinks on his tray that looked like a blueberry daiquiri.  Our host was drinking one and he proposed a toast to “women who enjoy the exploration of their bodies by men who want to unlock their secret passions.”  I remember that clearly.

Who wouldn’t drink to that toast?  That’s why Jill and I were there.  Twenty minutes later I didn’t remember where I was for sure but wherever I was it didn’t matter.  I didn’t care.

Everything was right in Lexi’s world.  I was on a sun pad on my back naked. I was watching Jill have sex with two men on a different sun pad. I think it was a different sun pad anyway.  I’m not sure.

I only remember a couple of things about the man that was standing over her with his body plugged into her.  He was wearing a huge gold necklace, diamond stud earrings and a gold Rolex watch.  Jill was making a lot of noise.  Seriously!

I wasn’t focused on what Jill was doing though, I was having weird thoughts about her shoes.  She was wearing white squared heeled patent leather pumps and the heels were pointed up at the ceiling.

I remember wondering who made that shoe, how much she paid for them and what size they were.  Shoe size is not a conversation Jill and I have ever had so I was curious about that.

What is even stranger is that while I was wondering about her shoes our host was doing oral sex to me.

A millisecond later I had a huge black snake invade my body like never before, and that was that.  I lost control of my body’s ability to think, to respond, and even breathe. I became nothing more than an extension of his body for what seemed like an eternity.  I became his vessel.



The Party (part 2)

July 15, 2015

I have no idea how many men had sex with me at that party or how many times.  My body probably knows but my mind doesn’t.  It was a lot though.  I am sure about that!  I was in an emotional place I have never been, experiencing sex in a way I never have.

There was something else going on though.  My thinking was fucked up and I still don’t know if it was a combination of alcohol and emotional stimulus that was experiencing maximum overload, or if we were drugged.

Sex was pretty continuous.  It just went on and on.  First outside by the pool on a sun pad at the same time as Jill, then in a bedroom with African motif, then in a different bedroom with paintings of lions and tigers and sculptures of stuff.  I didn’t know what it was and specifically remember thinking that I really didn’t give a shit.

That is not like me to have thoughts like that.  There was nothing wrong with my motor skills but at times, I wondered if this was really me.  I could walk fine even wearing stiletto heeled shoes walking from bedroom to bedroom and back out to the lanai then back to a bedroom with someone else.

It was the first time in my life I have ever been in the same place as other women having sex at the same time. When I wasn’t having sex I was sitting in a chaise drinking vodka and watching two blondes in the pool have sex with several men.

I didn’t give a shit about any of it.  I was just there.  My body belonged to whichever man was penetrating me at the time.

Eventually Jill came and got me and told me it was time to go.  We found our clothes got dressed and left.  It was dark but I remember not giving a shit what time it was.

Jill and I had a somewhat meaningless conversation on the short drive back to my house once I convinced her I was ok to drive.

I told her I was tired and wanted to go to bed and didn’t feel like talking and that was that.  I told her I would call her in the morning and when I did,  that is when she suggested to me may that we may have been drugged.


The Party (Recap)

July 16, 2015

Monday morning Jill and I began to compare notes and we both realized there was a lot of missing detail.  She suggested we may have been drugged, but I felt OK and she felt OK.

I thought that when women were given date rape drugs they could barely move.  She said no, but she’s never been drugged before and neither have I.  I guess in some ways I have led a sheltered life.

She asked me how many women were there.  I said three blonde and a redhead.  She said there was a woman we never saw pulling the train in one of the bedrooms.  I never saw any of that, or at least don’t remember seeing any of it

She asked me how many men were there.  I had no idea.  I guessed ten.  She said there were a lot more than that but she didn’t know either because a lot of them were coming and going from one bedroom. That is why there was confusion about how many men were there.  The train puller evidently had an audience

She asked me how many men had sex with me.  That was a jackpot question and I didn’t know the answer but had been trying my best to figure it out.

The best I could remember for sure was Jim, out on the lanai, my first.  Then there were two men with me in the bigger bedroom, and then two men with me in the smaller bedroom later.  I am aware that I had sex with all of them

She shook her head.  She told me that we both had sex with two men out on the sun pad before we were taken to separate bedrooms.

She said later we were sitting next to each other out by the pool.  I told her I remembered me being there but not her.  She said I asked about her shoes.

I remembered thinking about her shoes while she was fucking, but I don’t remember talking to her.

“Was there a cock in me when I asked about your shoes?”

“No we were drinking vodka.”  Jill said. 

By then I was pretty convinced that there was something in the blue drink we had when we first got there and that seriously pisses me off.  I told Jill she was probably right and asked her what we should do about it.

“There is nothing we can do Alexis.  We can’t prove one thing.  We weren’t raped.  It was a sex party.  We knew that.  It was consensual sex.  We weren’t harmed.  Maybe it was just supposed to calm us down.  I don’t know, and don’t know how to find out.”

I thought about that.  She was right.  I didn’t know either.

“What are you going to tell Michael?”

I told Michael what I could remember but didn’t tell him there were things I wasn’t clear about.

“The truth. It won’t change anything.”  I told her, and I will now that I have had a few days to think about things before posting this.


More Hotwife Advice

July 21, 2015

I got quite a bit of email while I was gone on my trip.  Two of them were about anklets.  My working theory about questions is that if some of you are actually willing to write me and ask, I’m thinking there are others who wonder the same thing but don’t ask.

The question is this:  “I thought that the way you can tell a woman is a hotwife is if she is wearing an ankle bracelet on her right ankle, but I see way more women wearing an anklet that can’t possibly be a hotwife, so how can I tell for sure?”

The short answer is you can’t.  I agree there are lots of women wearing anklets that are not hotwives.  All it takes to prove that is a trip to the grocery or the mall,  and being observant.

Your best bet is to assume she isn’t.  If she is a woman that you would like to get to know, then approach her as you would any other married woman that interests you, which specifically means to be respectful, and be a gentleman.

Women love compliments.  If you give a woman a personal “respectful” compliment and you get a chilly reception, it doesn’t matter whether she is or she isn’t.  She letting you know that on that day and time she is not interested.

Also, if you get a good reception and you get to the point of asking if you can get to know her, it also doesn’t matter whether she is or isn’t.

In fact, I really can’t think of any instance whether it matters whether she is or she isn’t.  To my way of thinking it only matters whether she is receptive or not.

So why do married women like me that are living the lifestyle, wear an ankle bracelet?  I wear it to let men know that I am approachable even though I am wearing wedding rings.  This is obviously more meaningful in a social situation than the grocery store however.

But just because I am approachable does not require me to be receptive to every man that approaches me.  If that were the case I would probably wear a T-shirt that says “I fuck on the first date!”, since that is a true statement!”


Email Catch Up

July 22, 2015

As I said yesterday, when I get more than one email asking me the same thing, maybe there are other people wondering the same thing so I’m going to cover as many of these as I can within my own self imposed word limit.  Here we go:

Yes, Lexi and Alexis is the same person (me).  I’m not sure why there is confusion about that except that a while back Alexis called Lexi a slut!

The reason I stopped posting comments publically that other Tumblr bloggers send me is because I am not into the numbers game.  I do respond privately however to every single comment I get, unless it is bullshit, or just plain silly, like the one I got from the guy that wanted me to help him promote cuckold wedding ceremonies.

Yes, I am shaved.  I have been bare down there for quite a few years actually, not because I became an Anklet wearing hotwife, but because it’s much easier to wash beach sand out of my cookie. (and cum)

No, I never ask a man to wear a condom and yes it was an issue with Michael in the beginning.  We “negotiated” the terms of how I would conduct myself as a hotwife before we started down this road when neither one of us knew what we were doing.  I figured out quickly that men don’t like wearing a condom during sex and neither do I.

In the beginning I thought that if I wasn’t sure about a particular guy I would hand him a condom that I carry in my purse.  My current thinking on the subject is that if I’m not sure about a particular guy, he’s not getting close enough to me to need a condom.  The condom that I still carry in my purse is gathering purse dust.

Yes, I answer all of the personal email I get as long as I get the sense that it is serious minded, and on subject.

What is my most important piece of advice for a prospective hotwife?  I have been singing this song from the very beginning.  Make a plan, be in agreement with your husband about the rules you establish jointly.  Accept the fact that things will change as you get more experience, and Lexi’s number one piece of advice, do NOT allow your husband to pressure you into doing something you are not ready to do.

Always remember this sweetheart, you are the one spreading your legs.  He can’t have you as his hotwife without your participation!  You are hotwife in charge!


More Email Catch Up

July 22, 2015

I’m still working on the email I got that other people may wonder about but don’t ask.

Did I become a hotwife first or a prostitute first?  I became a hotwife first.  When I began my blogging crusade it was because I wanted real women like me to be able to get real information and advice on the Lifestyle, instead of Cuckold fantasy, so I started this blog.

I was “discovered” through the blog by an upscale escort service out of the Northeast that was looking for a woman in the Tampa area with my particular demographics.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Michael has told me a couple of times that he wishes he had someone to brag to that his wife is a prostitute.  Maybe he is serious.

Have I always had an open attitude about sex?  Well, yeah, pretty much.  Sex discovered me when I was fifteen and I was sure I would be a slut my entire life, which I was until I met Michael at UF in Gainesville.

Then I became brain dead and bought into the little house on the prairie concept of the wife and mother thing, for the next almost twenty years where I became not quite, but almost celibate.  Marriage and monogamy does that to women.  Don’t ask me why.

I am pleased to report that I am once again a happily practicing slut!  Sex is maybe more important to me than it should be, but like Scarlet O’Hara said, “I will never be hungry again.”  Not until I have wrinkles and my boobs sag anyway.

Does it bother me that my relationship with my husband has changed so much in the last seven months?  There are pieces of our lifestyle changes that have bothered me.

I don’t think it’s the changes as much as the fact that things seem to be changing weekly.  Michael is a lot smarter than I am about seeing some of these things coming.  He says it is because he is looking at the forest and I am looking at the trees.

Since I want to share real truthful information about my particular lifestyle, I’m going to share both the good and the bad.  My biggest concern at the moment, is my 20 year old semi adult daughter.

Michael and I totally mishandled our information flow to her and she still doesn’t know the complete truth about her mother.  At this moment in time I don’t know what I would have done differently, but not this.

I want you all to understand that becoming a hotwife has improved my marriage a hundred fold and there is nothing about that decision I regret.  Michael’s term for what we are experiencing with our daughter is “unintended consequences”.

Unintended or not, I hope she never finds out her mother is a prostitute!  I do not regret the decision but it’s my business, not hers!


Lexi’s Marriage

July 23, 2015

There seems to be some confusion about the current status of my relationship with my husband.  Trust me, I understand why.  I’m confused too.  Things are changing so quickly that it makes my head spin.

None of the changes are bad and I’m very happy for Michael that he has been successful in business and is now able to chase one of his lifelong dreams.  When things were only changing in my life, they were still changing faster than I could manage and now things are changing in both our lives.  So yeah, it’s confusing.

Do we still live together?  Hmmm.  Yes and no, but mostly no.  We own a home in Tampa.  I rarely stay there anymore because of my work date traveling and my social life.  I never stay there at night if Michael is not there.  Michael stays there maybe half the month.  I visit when we are both in Tampa. J

I have my own condo downtown.  Michael made it clear from the get go he would not spend time there.  It was Lexi’s playpen, a place for me to safely play with the men that I met as a hotwife.

Obviously it has become much more than that now.  Michael has a condo in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  I had virtually no input to that, but was supportive.  I also made it clear that I wasn’t going to go back and forth from Tampa to SC.

Part of that was because I wanted him to have a sexual/social life of his own.  He hasn’t been to my condo and I haven’t been to his.

Do Michael and I still have a sex life?  Yes!  Athough the frequency has gone back to about what it was when I was considering an affair, the quality and the emotional fulfillment of pleasing my husband, is beyond wonderful.  I love Michael.  I know that now because before I didn’t.

We have an intimacy now that we never had before.  Speaking of intimacy, Michael is still intimately involved in my decision making process.  A man asked me yesterday if Michael is still “calling the shots” in my life.

My response to that was that I prefer the term “micro-managing” because I understand the meaning better.  Yes, I’m still being micro-managed on a daily basis and most of the time I don’t mind.  Michael has proven time and again that he usually makes better decisions for me than I make for myself.

Do I agree with all his micro-management decisions?  Of course not!  Does any wife?  I talk to him on the phone every day.  When I have been on a date, sometimes he keeps me on the phone an hour wanting all the minute details of how the sex was and how many times I came.  


Hotwife Diversity

July 24, 2015

This post is a request from a woman I have gotten to know on line who is an avid reader of mine and occasional critic. She wrote to me initially because of a comment I made in a post where I said if anything ever happens to my marriage I would never be involved with any type of monogamous relationship again.   We began corresponding.

She wanted me to consider that not all hotwives are as I portray them, which is that their husband’s want them to sex date other men, and go through a process of getting talked into it.

Patty says that in her own marriage things are very different.  Their marital sex life sucked, but yet all these other men were trying to get into her panties and finally she said “fuck it” and began having sex with other men, lots of them.

She wasn’t having a traditional affair.  Her term for it is that she is a “willing target of opportunity” for a variety of men and that it is “sex based”.

Eventually she got caught, which brought out all the traditional components of trying to “fix” things.  Patty knew her marriage couldn’t be fixed through counseling, church, etc.  The problem in her marriage was not a problem that could be fixed with words, but a penis enlargement would be a step forward.

Neither Patty nor her husband wanted divorce but she made it clear to him that the genie was out of the bottle so to speak, and returning to being a good little monogamous housewife was not one of her negotiating points.

They are three years into an “arrangement” that is working for them so far, since they are still married.  Every other aspect of their marriage is good.  I used that word carefully because it’s not a negotiated settlement, and it’s not a formal agreement.  It is simply an arrangement that has slowly evolved.

Her husband is aware that she has an active sex life outside their marriage, but they don’t talk about it.  She doesn’t rub his nose it.  She believes that he prefers to think she is not seeing other men, but they don’t talk about that either.

She wears an anklet and says she had no trouble meeting men that she can play with during the day, but occasionally she likes to go out at night, but would never say that to her husband.  She tells him something plausible and he doesn’t check.

I told her that it seemed to me that her husband is what I think of as a traditional cuckold.

“Pretty much!”  She said.  This post is for you Patty.



July 27, 2015

Cuckold  If you look up the definition of the word, you will find that it is a noun, and it’s main definition is, “the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.”  It is also noted as being archaic.  So what, you ask?

Well the reason I am talking about it is because of the broad usage of the term in our (global) Hotwife alternative lifestyle in this day and age which is anything but, archaic.

Hotwife and Cuckold seem to be two words that are forever chained together.  Every time I have a conversation with a guy in a bar with high hopes for me because he has noticed my ankle bracelet when I am out practicing my craft, immediately asks me about my husband’s status as a cuckold.

There was only one time that didn’t happen and it’s because I accidently flashed a guy in the lobby bar in the Floridian Hotel and he asked me if I was wearing panties instead.  I’m not sure why he asked since he already knew I wasn’t, but that’s a story for another time.

I asked Michael if being referred to as a cuckold bothered him.  All I got was a shrug at first.  I wanted information, not a shrug!  So I pressed him.

I got a lecture instead.  He pointed out that he is no more of a cuckold than I am an adulteress, which is defined as a married woman having an affair, and since he is encouraging me to share my body with other men, and since he is not a participant when I share it, he doesn’t care what label anyone attaches to him.

OK, that’s fine for Lexi and Michael, but it’s a roadblock for many other couples that want to dip their toes into our lifestyle but are turned off by the negative connotation of the word cuckold.

This is not a problem Dr. Lexi can fix, so I’m doing what I often do when there is an issue I can’t fix.  I get out my little soapbox, step up on it proudly and tell you about it.  What’s my goal?  I’m not sure, other than to make you think.

PS.  This post was written for mainstream couples considering this lifestyle, not the sissies that get locked up in a cock cage when their wife goes out on a date.  So please don’t send me any hate mail!


Anonymous said:

July 28, 2015

Ever since I made my comment about why I don’t post Anonymous messages I receive on Tumblr anymore, I’m getting more than ever.

Some are complimentary, some ask really great questions, some are NOT complimentary.  Some call me a Pampered Princess.  Some call me a bomb thrower, and some tell me to mind my own business.

Some tell me I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about, while others tell me “right on sister!”  Some tell me I am full of shit.  Some tell me they enjoy my writing style, some tell me my posts are too long.

Some ask me to post more photos.  Some tell me that my lifestyle isn’t anywhere close to the average experience that couples are having in this lifestyle.

Hmmm . . . Where to start?  First, I think you are all correct.  I really don’t disagree with any of it.  There have been times in my marriage where my husband called me a lot worse actually, so that part doesn’t bother me.

I am not posting this to debate anyone’s critical thinking of me and/or my opinions.  There is nothing to debate or refute since I don’t disagree with any of it.  I’m also not making this post to defend any of my own critical thinking or opinions.

Michael warned me very early on I was making a mistake by trying to, I’m not sure what the right term would be, but sort of point out that the Hotwife section of Tumblr was based largely on fantasy and porn, and that my blog within the Hotwife section was based on real information about how to actually do it.

I also said that as I gained more experience my blog would probably change with me over time.  I will be the first to admit that it has.

I am totally unrepentant for going ahead and doing it my way.  I am not here to build followers.  I’m pretty sure I have proven that by never asking anyone to “reblog this if . . .”

Based on the number of “Anonymous said:” I am receiving, I assume you are not followers, but guess what?  You are reading it.

So what is my point?  My point is simply a request that you send me an email rather than an “Anonymous said:” so that I can communicate with you.  I won’t debate you or call you names.  I won’t gripe you out.  I would simply like to have a conversation with you.

If all you want to do is lob a grenade in my direction, keep on sending them anonymously.


Hotwife Union Update

July 30, 2015

A while back, both in time and experience, I asked a rhetorical question which was basically, since a traditional Hotwife/Cuckold relationship was only sexually open on the hotwife side, would I be kicked out of the Hotwife Union for suggesting that Michael take the plunge and start dating Jill, or Dixie, or for that matter any other redhead, since he likes redheads with big tits.

Well since that time, I have heard nothing from the Union.  I don’t even know who my union steward is, but never mind that.

The reason I made that suggestion at the time is because I went from being a stay at home hotwife to a professional traveling companion which sort of left Michael with very little female companionship, hotwife or otherwise.

He told me at the time he liked things the way they were and that I should focus all my energy on what I was doing and he would do the same.  So that’s what we did.  We both focused on what I was doing and we still are.

It occurred to me the other day that the reason I have heard nothing from the Union on this matter is because my original question was flawed, along with my thinking! (no blonde comments please)

The way I worded the question was “traditional Hotwife/Cuckold relationship”.  There is the problem right there.  Over the past year and a half I have learned that there is no such thing as a “traditional” relationship like that, just like there is no “average” relationship like that either.

Between my website and my Tumblr blog I get a shit ton of email each week and I answer every single one unless you tell me to “fuck off” or something equally rude.

The point is, every relationship is different.  They are like snowflakes.  No two are the same, which I find hard to believe about snowflakes, but that’s what they say.

So how do we define what our lifestyle is in a traditional sense or an average sense?  There is really only one thing I can think of that we all have in common and that is that all of our husbands want us sharing our bodies sexually with other men.

I was tempted to add “to the mutual benefit of the marriage.”  The reason I didn’t is for the same reason there is no such thing as traditional or average!


Daughter Disclosure

August 3, 2015

I apologize up front.  This post will undoubtedly run long but it is important, if you have children, and are living a sexually open alternative lifestyle marriage.  This post is for those of you that have been asking for an update on how things were going with bringing my twenty year old daughter up to speed on her mother’s sex life. 

Let me say that I appreciate all the support I was given during this personal struggle of deciding if there was a right way or a wrong way, or if it was simply none of her business as so many of you suggested. 

If I had it to do over again, I believe the term is hindsight, I might have opted for the none of your business approach, but Michael and I had already started to piece meal information to her, or spoon feed, a little information at a time.

I’m not going to re-cap that here.  This post is for the people who know what I’m talking about, but the whole story is available in pieces in earlier posts or on my website.

I spent the weekend with my daughter helping her move and set up her new house/apartment and to try and fix her perception that Michael and I are splitting. 

By the time I headed back to Tampa I had filled in all of the blanks except one.  I agree with everyone, that being a prostitute is absolutely none of her business and I hope she never finds out.

I am proud that I was able to tell her all of the rest of my actions and correct her earlier misconceptions which I planted on purpose at the time.  I used the word “actions” carefully because I specifically avoided the term “hotwife”.

If I had said I was a hotwife, I would still be up there answering questions.  I used the term “open marriage”, because it’s an easier concept to explain, but yet still conveys an accurate description of my actions.

To that point, she is now aware that there is no one who represents a threat to my marriage, I have the consent of my husband to date other men and that I’m doing so because I like sex with a variety of men, it’s purely recreational, and most of all, has been therapeutic in fixing our marriage because it has made us closer emotionally. 

She saved me from having to point out that she is doing the exact same thing except she’s not married.  She mentioned it first.  Imagine that! 

She got the idea we were splitting because Michael bought a golf villa in Hilton Head and is opening a new plant up there somewhere.  When our daughter asked him what mom thought about that idea, he told her I was not going, so she assumed our marriage was terminal. 

I explained to her that getting where we are was a process and it evolved over time.  I told her that we initially began experimenting with me dating as part of that process to try and fix a failing marriage and told her truthfully that I was only days away from having an affair when we began our alternative lifestyle marriage. 

Best of all I was able to convince her that our marriage is better now that it has ever been and although it is true that I am not going to Hilton Head even for a visit, Michael and I do not have to be in the same bed every night to have a good, and fulfilling marriage. 

My ever practical daughter wanted almost as much detail on the practical aspects of having sex with other men as her father.  Her biggest concern was where we go to “do it”! 

I will cover the more amusing exchanges I had with my daughter about all of this in another post sometime, and explain that now that she knows what I am really up to she has re-doubled her efforts to turn me into a party girl like her.  Hmmm . . . 


Prostitute vs. Escort

August 4, 2015

Several people have asked me lately why I refer to myself as a prostitute rather than an escort.  You may wonder why I am bothering to explain such a trivial matter rather than blogging about some of life’s deeper mysteries, and that would be your answer right there.

An even better answer would be that I am blogging about it for the same reason a dog licks his balls.  The truth is that when enough people ask me the same question I should probably write a post about it, so that’s really why I’m doing it.

It is honestly a question of perception.  I’m talking about my own perception.  My service refers to all of us as “companions” to our cliental.   When they refer to us companions privately we are “service providers”.  The rest of the world would say we work in the “sex trade.”  Fine!

Now that I have cleared that up, is there a fundamental difference between the two terms?  Not in my mind.  In either case whether a prostitute or an escort we are either being paid for our time or for a service.  In my case I am being paid for my time including expenses.

Here is the part where perception comes in.  Let’s start with the perception of the men that have mentioned this to me.  They seem to think that the term “escort” is a little classier than the term “prostitute”.  I understand their thinking but I totally disagree.

Las Vegas is a perfect example to demonstrate what I’m talking about. There is tons of literature advertising escort services all over the place.  They are in the phonebook.  They are on TV.  It’s like ordering a pizza.  You can have “in call” or “out call”.   You can pay by the hour or by the service.  You can get exotic escorts or you can get escorts to provide exotic services.”

I do not care to be associated with any of that.  You can’t find me in the phone book.  You can’t find me by tipping the bell captain, you can’t find me on Crag’s List, or in printed flyers.  You can’t find me on any website you have access to.

Although being referred to as an escort may seem classier to some people I prefer to refer to myself as a prostitute. I’m not even offended by the term whore, which I also use to describe what I do occasionally as a joke.


Daughter Disclosure Consequences

August 4, 2015

Explaining most of my lifestyle to my daughter was going to have Unintended Consequences.  I knew that.  Some I anticipated and some I didn’t.  One, I anticipated and assumed incorrectly I would get some help from Michael.

Anyone who sees my daughter and me together knows we are related.  We have the same DNA.  That’s why I don’t throw stones at her for her lifestyle.  It’s in her genes and she is driven by what’s in her jeans.  I can relate a little to well.

I’m not sure how else to explain that except to say she lives her college life like an unmarried hotwife.  Our DNA missed one fundamental difference in the exchange.  The boob gene did not make it across the DNA marker chain or chain marker or whatever it is.  It didn’t get passed along.

Any time she has ever been pissed off at me, that always comes up, and it’s always my fault.  I lied to her for a long time telling her I was a late bloomer.  Then she found my ninth grade year book and knew I had been lying to her.

Anyway, now that we are no longer mother/daughter in her mind and more like sisters she wants to get breast augmentation.  Since Michael laid the daughter disclosure project off on me I laid the breast augmentation issue off on him knowing he would say no!

That didn’t happen.  He told her he would talk to me about it.  He wanted me to be the one to tell her no.  She told him I said to talk to him.  Now it’s back in my lap and I’m going to let her do it and I’m going to let Michael pay for it.  Isn’t that what sisters are for?

Speaking of sister’s, my new sister is consumed with getting me laid, which was something I anticipated because she has tried before.  Late Saturday afternoon after we had unpacked a lot of stuff, and I was talked out, and had consumed a few bloody Mary’s to help me with my courage, she suggested going out for a late lunch with her current boyfriend.

She failed to mention that she had also invited another friend of hers along, for me.  It wasn’t exactly a date, but it wasn’t exactly not a date either.   It was a set up any way you look at it and everyone was in on it but me.

He met me at a party a few months ago when I had too much to drink and I made an impression on him although I can’t imagine what it was.

I didn’t remember him which didn’t seem to bother him.  My daughter was disappointed that I hadn’t seemed more receptive, and I was positive I had not heard the last of it when I left Gainesville on Sunday afternoon.

When I was relating this to Michael last night he seemed disappointed too.  I was like Michael, he has probably already done the daughter and now wants to do the mother.  He said, “So what Alexis?  You should do it!  It’s every man’s dream!”

I’m keeping score Michael!


Women In A Sexless Marriage

August 6, 2015

Dr. Lexi was minding her own business checking her email on Yahoo today when she came across this headline.  Hmmm . . . I thought.  That used to be me.  I decided to read it to see if they got it right.

They didn’t.  By the time I was halfway through the article I was already so pissed off that I stopped reading because I was afraid if I didn’t, I would get the little pink paisley crafted hammer out of the woman friendly tool kit I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond for hanging pictures, and smash my computer to bits!

Dr. Lexi is extremely careful now discussing the Intellectual? Property of others ever since I requested permission from the only credible author I could find on the subject of “hotwifing.”

Not only did I not get permission, I got threatened, so that was that, so in, case you can’t find this article or don’t want to waste your time Dr. Lexi is going to interpret it for you without citing it.

It is reported that a mid teen percentage of all married women are living in a sexless marriage.  I have no issue with the number.  They go on to say that it is almost never the fault of the woman and cite that her sex drive is typically higher than that of her husband.  I have no issue with that either.

 I have a huge issue with almost everything else in the article.  It’s bullshit! bullshit! bullshit!

Most women living in a sexless marriage don’t need to dress sexy for their husband and try and find why he is stressed at work or try and understand why he can’t get it up, or try and settle for coddling.  Oop’s that was a Dr. Lexi typo.  I meant to type cuddling.

The article only got one part of that right.  Women in a sexless marriage need to dress sexy for all the rest of the men out there that want to have sex with her.

Even in my darkest days of depression when I was wearing sweats and not wearing makeup there were men at the gym that wanted to have sex with me.  There were men at the grocery store that flirted with me.  There were men in my neighborhood that wanted to have sex with me.  In fact my husband was just about the only one that didn’t want to have sex with me.

A friend of mine that I confided in, said to me “Alexis, who are you saving it for?  It has no moving parts.  I will never wear out.  Use it!”

I get a lot of email from vets that tell me they are having sexual issues as a result of PTSD and want to know how to help their wife understand that they realize she needs a sex life and are looking at our lifestyle.  God bless you all!

This post is not aimed at you.  My heart goes out to all the men and women that have served our Country.  This post is aimed at the men that don’t get it.  Their wife is sitting on gold are there are miner out there looking for her.

Dr. Lexi is looking to cut the number of Women Living In A Sexless Marriage to zero!  Become a Hotwife!


 Sex Scandals!  Give me a break!

August 14, 2015

Dr. Lexi has been spending the week with her husband catching up and doing a lot of marital maintenance both in and out of the bedroom, but to be honest, Michael is a lot more interested in my sex life, than he is in our sex life.   Having said that though, our sex life is still ten times better than it was before he talked me into having a sex life of my own.

Which is why I noticed our twenty something, shirtless, sweaty, muscled, toned, part time, summer fill in, pool boy, eyeing me like a tiger eyes a T-bone steak, when I happened to be getting some rare Tampa morning sun out on our lanai, when he showed up to clean the pool this morning.

I say rare sunshine, because we have had forty inches of rain in the last twelve days.  I was trying to read the paper and drink a bloody Mary, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t noticing him, noticing me.

I’m pretty sure he correctly guessed my status as a cougar because when he finished, he came over to me and handed me one of their generic business cards with his name written on a blank line on the front.  He said the service wanted me to rate his job performance.  I said I would.

I turned the card over.  It said “I would like to get to know you!” along with a phone number, I am pretty sure is his cell phone.

That got me to thinking about an article I was reading in the paper before he totally distracted me by showing up looking so sexy.

The article cited political sex scandals that had blown up in two different states within a day or so of each other.  Dr. Lexi is considering either running for public office or hanging out another shingle besides my prostitute shingle, as a political consultant to female politicians.  I could make millions!

I would advise these women who get caught, to call a press conference.  The reporters would show up smelling blood, a Pulitzer prize, and a huge bonus.  She would stand at the microphone, tap it a couple of times to make sure it was working, clear her throat and say, “I have done nothing wrong.  I am a Hotwife and I am doing exactly what my husband wants me to do, and by the way, I am announcing my bid for re-election in 2016 and I am asking for your support!”

My fellow bloging friends I guarantee you she will win in a landslide regardless of her political affiliation!  Even her detractors would be saying “You go girl!”

Now, because you are wondering what I did with the business card, I will tell you.  I left it on the kitchen counter private side up along with a note for my husband asking him what he wants me to do about it.

Dr. Lexi is working both sides of the political fence ya think?


Hotwife Jewelry

August 17, 2015

I have addressed this topic many times and for a while I was pretty sure that if anyone actually went back and read every post I have made about this very basic subject, no one could ask me a question that would stump me, but that is not what is happening.

What is happening is that as the popularity of the hotwife lifestyle continues to grow and new couples are interested in learning more about it and the same questions are getting recycled.

If you are curious how I know this to be true it’s simple.  I know it from the volume of email I receive.  People either find me from my website using a keyword search or they find my blog on Tumblr the same way.

The good news is that although I get asked the same questions over and over, the answers change somewhat as I gain more experience being a hotwife myself, living the lifestyle.

The question of the week about jewelry goes like this.  I want to buy my wife a piece of jewelry  to advertise her status as a hot wife so men will flirt with her, and I read about an ankle bracelet but there seems to be some confusion about the color, the size, charms or no charms, left ankle or right ankle, and on, and on, and on.

The old answer I used to give was that an understated dainty plain gold or silver anklet worn on the right ankle was the badge of a hotwife and it let men know that her husband encouraged her to date.

The problem with that answer can be found at Walmart and I’m not sure I need to expand on that answer any further.  If you’re not so sure Dr. Lexi is right about that, do your own research.

My new answer is much simpler and more sure fire.  If you are willing to make a jewelry investment that will guarantee your new hotwife will get all the attention from men that want to have sex with her that she can handle, this is an embarrassingly simple solution.

Upsize her wedding rings and send her out to a bar alone.  Tell her to be extremely open minded.  Tell her the result you and, and you’ll get it!

In my humble opinion a wedding ring worn by a woman in a bar alone, is the best piece of hotwife jewelry ever!


Big Trouble

August 17, 2015

Oh boy!  This one is going to get me in trouble with my husband, but it’s going to be worth it because it’s going to be a few days before he sees it and tells me to take it down and to be honest it was too good to pass up.

For those of you that actually my posts, you know that in the beginning of our hotwife lifestyle,  Michael had to get me drunk if he wanted the bottom line from me about how I felt about fucking men I just met at a bar that night.

I didn’t mind doing it.  I just didn’t want to tell him how much I liked doing it.  Now that I have been doing it for almost two years, he doesn’t ask me that question anymore. He is more consumed with having me describe the moment of impact as if I was investigating a plane crash or whatever.

Michael is now totally consumed with having me describe to him in excruciating detail what it feels like at the millisecond that the exchange of bodily fluids takes place when I am having recreational sex, and how close to either side of that event did I achieve orgasm, and what that was like.

So why am I telling you this?  Because now the shoe is on the other foot and I am the one that has to get him drunk in order to find out what men in general and my husband in particular think about when they fantasize about having sex with women.

Michael says: (in no particular order) 

Having sex with a naked woman wearing high heel shoes  

A shaved cookie

Erect nipples 

Big boobs (?)

A woman that thrashes around the on bed wildly out of control while being penetrated

A woman who moans like a wolf baying at the moon.

A woman swearing like a sailor during orgasm.

Reality check time people:

I’m actually not too far off from being his perfect fantasy woman except that no man that has been married for 22 years ever fantasizes about having sex with his wife and vise versa.

The thing is, I can’t remember the last time I had sex without wearing my shoes.  My cookie is shaved.  Big boob size is in the eye of the beholder.  I get lots of positive comments about my breast size though and how hard my nipples get when I am sexually excited.

I am pretty vocal during sex if I am particularly motivated and from time to time my vocabulary has been described as “colorful”.

Baying at the moon like a wolf?  Not so much

I’m guessing this post is not going to last more than a few days before I am ordered to remove it by the authority figure in my life, so read it while you can!


Lexi - Michael Update

August 18, 2015

I guess I need to take responsibility for the fact that Lexi’s Coconut Telegraph was freaking out thinking that Michael and I were splitting because I said that he came home for a week to see me and we spent the whole week together working on Marital Maintenance stuff.

Everything about that is true including the reason that it happened which was really the only tense part about it.

 It had to do with a miscommunication regarding what he wanted me to do about a certain young man in Gainesville.  The result of that misunderstanding was not well received either by him or by me, and it escalated. 

Since I am the main Communicator in our marriage I pointed out clearly to him that since we don’t live together on a full time basis at the moment, if I don’t clearly understand a directive I am given, I suggested it was a management issue, and not a labor issue.

Neither Michael nor I can remember specifically what my follow up comment to him about that was exactly, but we both agree it was most uncomplimentary

The truth is, whenever I go into a red rage about something Michael always backs off because he knows how I am.

For whatever reason, this time he didn’t.  He claims he did not call me a “fucking bitch” and to be honest with you maybe he didn’t.  I don’t remember exactly what he said.  I never do when I go into a red rage.  I am a female member of our species.

What I do know however is that he has called me that in the past, and that’s what I thought I heard him say, but when I am in a red rage as well as suffering from PMS, it really wouldn’t have mattered what he said, and I went off on him.

In the end I got what I wanted.  He came home and focused his attention on me for almost a week.  We are fine.  We are still more separated than together but I am fine with that and so is he.  I have no idea wow that will turn out long term, but I have my condo in downtown Tampa, he has his golf Villa in Hilton Head and we still have our home in Avila.  Life is good!  It’s not perfect, but whose is?

In the end we laughed about the fight and he reminded me of the last time I had a red rage and PMS at the same time.   I got in a bar fight with a man who was trying to pick me up.  I was trying to kill, because he didn’t appreciate my attitude and he called me the dreaded “C” word.

He ended up getting his nose broken.  Not by me, but by another man who was trying to calm things down, and failed.  The cops showed up.  They ended up calling Michael to come get me.  He thinks that story is more amusing than I do.


Ashley Madison . . . Hmm

August 19, 2015

If any couple ever needed a really good reason to get into the hotwife lifestyle, I’m suggesting the data breach by A-M could be that reason.

In the interest of full disclosure,  let me state up front that Dr. Lexi, who is not a real doctor, but I play on Tumblr, and on my website, is also a password (un-)protected member of that site, although inactive, but for a very hotwife lifestyle friendly reason.

When I joined Ashley Madison as a brand new hotwife it was because when Michael and I were negotiating how I was going to find men, I also negotiated that I also wanted to find a FWB or two.  I wanted to interview a few men so to speak and I chose Ashley- Madison as my venue.

That part of Dr. Lexi’s hotwife contract got renegotiated out of my hotwife contract before I even found one, hence I took my profile down and became inactive.  Fast forward to today.

The hackers claim that 37 seven million of the people they outted were men, and that most of the women were fake.  Hmmm.  What’s wrong with that picture?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it.  It’s free for any woman who is smart enough to dig a little deeper. So there is no damning personal credit card data to link her to her home address and phone number, or worse.

That just goes to show you that you can’t even trust the fucking hackers who claim to be badge carrying members of the morals police to tell the truth.

That’s why you have Dr. Lexi here to explain it to you.  It takes two to tango.  The women on Ashley-Madison are not fake.   Most of us were smart enough to know we didn’t have to give up any real damaging personal information to have a truthful profile on that website.

What about the photos, you ask?  The answer should be crystal clear already and I bet you can see it coming.

Any man out there who happens to find his wife’s photo’s in an outted Ashley-Madison profile and is not smart enough to start communicating with her about the hotwife profile, deserves the outcome he is headed for! 


Advice for men

August 25, 2015

Dr. Lexi has had an interesting week so far and I have decided to share a helpful marital tip with men that need a little help communicating their wish to their wives why they want her to open up her end of the marriage, and her legs, to new and difference experiences with men.

Helpful hint:

When you are talking to your wife and she says “what?” or “huh?”  That is a huge hint!  She is not deaf, dipshit!   She is giving you a chance to pull your head out of your ass and communicate your desires on a level that makes more sense to her than simply telling her it turns you on thinking about her fucking other men!

Trust me when I tell you she is already NOT opposed to the concept, but she needs you to give her a more complete reason than “it really turns me on thinking about it!”  You need to paint her a bigger picture.

You need to explain why she should buy into your fantasy that having sex with other men will benefit your relationship and bring you closer together.  You need to explain to her that this concept didn’t come to you in a dream last night.  You need to communicate it has been a long tern fantasy but you only just now got up the nerve to tell her about it because . . . . .(fill in the rest.  You live with her!)

Trust me on this one thing if you never believe another thing I tell you.  She is looking for a reason to do it that makes sense to her.  She is not looking for a reason not to do it!

Women are skeptical creatures when it comes to men.  We have been lied to, cheated on, humiliated, fucked over, raped, brutalized, did I mention cheated on?

But through all of it, women still love their man and want to please him.  Dr. Lexi is the poster child for this female phenomenon.

I had a pretty miserable marriage for the five years prior to my enlightenment.  And here is the key.  My husband began communicating with me.  So guys, this game is yours to lose.  She doesn’t need much.

Just tell her the truth in a way that she will understand because you told her everything!


August 28, 2015  Note from Lexi:  The following is a Tumblr message I received along with the answer I tried to post.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but either Tumblr swallowed it or . . . Hey!  I know.  I'll blame it on upgradeing to Windows 10.  Anyway, here it is.

Message lost while posting

Lexi, I am the male half of a married couple who has been telling my wife I want this for ten years.  I have a lot of questions but the first one I have is about when you said you couldn’t respect a man who gives oral to his wife after the act.  I have no cuckold tendencies (other than this) and am 100 percent straight but the thought of that turns me on a lot. I can’t describe the rush I get when I think about it.  I can’t help what turns me on.Do you think most women feel the way you do? WIll she lose respect for me?  Just curious. It is very interesting how different people accept different rules.  For example I want my wife to have a regular, unlike your husband,and I also would like to have sex after she comes home.   Thanks in advance for your thoughts

P.S. wish us luck.  I think she is ready but just waiting for the right one.

 My response:

You need a spanking for trying to put words in Dr. Lexi’s mouth especially taking a message out of context. You are trying to compare apples with pomegranates.  Even if I did say that, which I can’t find anywhere, but which may or may not be true, why would you even care what I think about that?

You are not going to be doing that to me.  The only thing that should matter to you is what your wife thinks about that concept. The only way you are going to know how she feels about it is by asking her.  That’s part of the communication process you need to be totally committed to sharing with her.

I have made it as plain as I possibly can that there are all kinds of Hotwife relationships out there and whatever two consenting adults want to do inside their marriage is what they should do.  I am on very solid ground here.  I will reference my Post of July 29th  Hotwife Union Update.

I’m not getting the sense from your comments to me that she is as “on board” being a hotwife as you hope. When you say to me “I think she is ready but just waiting for the right one”, that leaves a huge question mark in my third party mind.

I’m a somewhat skeptical female thinker who has heard it all from men in this section of Tumblr.  It makes me wonder if she is just telling you that so you will shut up about it.

If you had said, “We are good to go, she is wearing an anklet, interviewing potential playmates, and we have established our mutual Rules of Engagement”, I would see that very differently.

Telling your wife for ten years that “you want this”, is not quite the same thing as communicating your needs to her, establishing intimacy, listening to how she feels about it, and then negotiating a game plan.

My best advice to you is to think about this, decide exactly where you are on this path and then write to me privately if you would like better advice.




August 28, 2015

Lexi is going to wander off the hotwife reservation today and I apologize if you were expecting nuggets of gold about the lifestyle.  I’m going give you something almost as important though.  A warning!

Yes, it’s true that I am blonde with glamour length, high maintenance, acrylic, pink & white nails.  It’s also true that I am not too tech savvy about computers, or anything else for that matter, except that I know which side of the gas pump that little door is on.

Here’s the warning:  Think twice before clicking on that little icon at the bottom of your screen that says, “Upgrade to Windows 10.”

I need to explain my mindset about this.  Michael warned me not to do this on my own because he knows how I am, so I wish I could blame him for this but I can’t.  If he was here I’m sure he could fix it for me, but he’s not.  He’s somewhere in the Carolina’s playing in a golf tournament which I sincerely hope he loses!

I didn’t actually see this printed anywhere but I’m pretty sure Microsoft was implying that upgrading to Windows 10 is so easy even a blonde can do it!  I did manage to learn how to post stuff both to my Tumblr blog and to my website so I was thinking, how hard can it really be?

Hah!  A hell of a lot harder that I thought!  That’s how hard!  I got off to a pretty good start.  I was amused by some of the homey comments it made while sucking me in to a false sense of security, that all was well, and the upgrade god was going to take care of me.

They even warned me, whoever they is, that my computer would restart several times.  That was odd, I thought, but ok, whatever.  Guess what?  All was not well!

By the time my computer re-booted for the final time, it began asking me questions and wanting me to make decisions about stuff I never even heard of before.

At the end of the day, and I mean seriously, at the end of the day, once it was done upgrading, I couldn’t find anything, there was a shitload of stuff on my screen I will never read, Internet Explorer is gone, along with all my favorites!

I called Michael.  I didn’t cry but I was very upset.  I wanted my life mate, and the man I share all my fantasies with, to console me.  I spent the whole god dam day trying to find stuff.  It didn’t happen

“Told ya!”  He said rather coldly and unfeeling.  Men never look at the bigger picture.  What do you suppose I’m going to say the next time he wants oral sex?

Think “retribution”!


My Incredible Journey

August 29, 2015

“Today is the birthday of a great American!”  I’m not sure where I heard that but it was a comedian talking about himself.    August 29th is/was Michael Jackson’s birthday and as far as I know it’s the only thing I have in common with him.

That has never been a big deal to me but you would be amazed at how many people through the years have said to me “So your birthday is August 29th huh?  You and Michael Jackson!”  So there you go.

But this is not about Michael Jackson, it’s about me.  This past year has been the best year of my life.  It has been an incredible journey.   My marriage went from shitty, to supercharged with the same husband.  How many women who are not Hotwives can say that?

What opened his eyes to my sudden existence in his world after being almost totally ignored for a dozen years while he was focused on everything BUT me, was the fact that another man had made it very clear to a whole group of our boating friends that he wanted to have sex with me, and then did something about it, to prove he was serious. 

It turned out that Michael and Anthony both wanted the same thing which was Anthony having sex with me.  That didn’t happen, but something even better happened.  My husband discovered that all he had to do was communicate with me and I would happily do anything he wanted me to do in that regard. 

Anyway, so here we are August 29th, 2015.  I can no longer tell people I’m 42 years old.  But because I am a Princess, I have made an executive decision that middle age for a practicing Cougar does not start until 45.  Who knows?   Maybe when I turn 45 I will issue another executive order, if my boobs haven’t dropped to far.

Michael is not going to be with me again this year but he sent me a gift to my best friend Jill who is going to give it to me at 10:30 tonight when she gets off work and we go out to celebrate my birthday.

A large part of my incredible journey has been all of you, who read my thoughts, tell me when I get it right, bitch me out when I get it wrong, or ask me what I think about your situation.

Thank you for being a part of my incredible journey.  I love you all!

Alexis McCall

August 29, 2015



August 31, 2015

I really feel sorry for Walmart!  They get blamed for all kinds of stuff.  I have mentioned Walmart a few times in my blog posts and now I wish I hadn’t.

Because my blog has become more mainstream in the Hotwife Blogesphere, whenever I mention anything by name people are going to send me stuff. 

Some of it is amusing but a lot of it is gross.  Last week I was talking about Anklets and made the comment that one only needed to be observant when shopping at Walmart to understand why there is confusion about identifying a hotwife because she is wearing an ankle bracelet.

I got a ton of email about that.  Mostly along the lines of “The women of Walmart”.  None of it was complimentary to anyone at all, but least of all, Walmart!  Many of these women are evidently plumbers.  Who knew?

I love Walmart!  They epitomize the concept of free enterprise, they make an effort to source American made products when they can, but people despise them because they are successful.  That’s not what this is about though.

When I was a brand new Hotwife, my husband got me used to not wearing panties by making challenges for me.  He would give me a location and want me to take an up skirt selfie that proved: A. I was not wearing panties, and B. I was where he wanted me to be. 

Thankfully he never asked me to prove I was at Walmart.  But even if he had, I trusted Michael that any photos I sent him from my phone would not end up on the internet.

I am embarrassed by some of the photos of women doing stupid shit at Walmart that people send me.  There is a huge difference in my mind between women doing flirtatious, sexy, naughty things in public, and women that have no class.

I have never bared my breasts in public as a challenge from my husband, and wouldn’t respect him if he asked me to.  An up skirt selfie is something I can do myself, in an empty aisle at Publix, and takes two seconds.

A woman lifting up her shirt, or pulling down the top of her dress in front of a “rollback” sign at Walmart takes an accomplice.  I’m not saying they are not sharing personal intimacy, but girlfriend, don’t stick out your tongue when you stick out your boobs!  That’s low class!

Yes I know I am going to get some hate mail!  Bring it!



September 5, 2015

I have a new personal friend in Tampa.  She doesn’t want me to use her name but when I asked for her permission to tell her story she said I could use Starfollower37 as her identification.  She is 37 years old.  I can tell you that much.

The reason I am using her code name is because we are collaborating on a way for me to tell her complete story which when finished will be published one segment at a time as a tab on my website called Starfollower37. 

Her story is compelling to me because I have been used to hearing from both men and women where the husband is the one that wants his wife to open up her end of the marriage.

The more time I spent with her, the more drawn in to her story I became.  I finally decided her story was too good not to tell because I can take my time and tell the complete story.  It is relevant, truthful, and most interesting of all to me, was the family dynamics involved.

The main reason we are using her code name is because I am going to tell her husband’s side of the story from her perspective.  She has given me permission to tell their story.  He has not.  I have already learned not to use certain real information without permission from the real person involved. 

In this case, the real person involved is not going to make a fuss, but having worked for a bunch of lawyers for 12 years has given me lots of access to free advice.  That’s why she is going to be Starfollower37 instead of Tammy from Tampa or Frieda from Florida.

Yes this post is a shameless teaser because I want you all to understand this is going to be a pretty radical departure from the type of stuff I usually post.

Starfollower37 did not become a hotwife in the usual way.  She had no idea when she began her journey she would end up as a hotwife.  She was a very unhappily married woman whose husband was ignoring her existence like Michael was ignoring mine.

One morning she woke up and decided she was tired of being miserable, tired of being lonely, and tired of being treated as a family servant.

She decided to start following her own star.  She stopped ignoring the advances of other men.  She stopped telling them “No.”

“Alexis there were a dozen men that want to have sex with me and one that didn’t!  What’s wrong with that picture?”  She asked me one day at Jill’s bar.  I was wondering if she got that from me.  I could relate to her totally

She began an affair with a very enlightened man who, to his credit, didn’t want to just take from her.  He became her mentor and advisor.  Up until that point in her 37th year she had only had sex with one man in her life and she married him. 

Her new friend encouraged her to expand her horizons with other men to gain experience with both men and sex, so that she would know if following her own star would ultimately lead to her happiness or destroy her marriage, which was a cost she was prepared to pay.

This is going to be a different perspective for most of you.  It’s why I want you to read her story once I get it finished.


Hotwife Dating

September 6, 2015

I have posted about this a couple of times different ways.  The last time I mentioned this subject was because I was advising new couples entering our lifestyle.  I advised to avoid having a Boyfriend, FWB, Bull, or whatever other word you can think of to describe a semi monogamous dating routine outside of marriage.

I heard from a lot of you.  Many agreed, and many disagreed.  That’s fine.  Whatever works best for you is what you should do.  There is no such thing in this lifestyle as “One size fits all.”  My advice was aimed at new couples worried about possible emotional entanglements. 

What this post is about is that some of you wanted to know my reasons for not having a FWB relationship, specifically how I feel about having casual sex a couple of times with a man I meet that turns me on, and then not seeing him again. 

The reason is simple.  It is one of the Rules of Engagement my husband and I agreed on.  I have never been tempted to cheat on that arrangement, but there have been a few instances where Michael encouraged me in that direction when I was first getting into the BBC thing. 

The question is, don’t I get tired of starting over all the time meeting men, establishing a basic chemistry and then fucking, all in one time period?

No I don’t.  I never get tired of meeting men, flirting with them, knowing they want to have sex with me.  I love that feeling.  They are totally focused on me, I meet them in an environment that makes it very easy for me to say “yes” if I am so inclined, or to say “no” if I’m not. 

I love the different ways men kiss me.  I love the feel of different hands on my body.  I love the unpredictability of the moment of contact, and the way my body responds to different men during sex.  It never gets old, boring, stale, or predictable

I love it that I never know when I am going to cum, or if I am going to cum multiple times, which is very different from having sex with my husband.

So what happens if I meet a guy and it doesn’t go all that well in bed?  That’s what tomorrows are for.  I get to start over with someone new!

Is it a problem if I meet someone special and I don’t want to say goodbye?  Not really.  Most of the men I meet are married and traveling to Tampa on business and are not going to be in town for more than a few days anyway.  It’s a win-win in my world!


Alexis-Michael Update

September 6, 2015

I’m getting email wanting to know how it’s going with the happily married, but geographically and potentially terminally separated Hotwife and her husband Michael. 

As it turns out I am adapting to it better than he is, because I got a wakeup call early this morning at 6:50AM from my husband, who is attending a golf tournament in Norton, Mass. wherever that is.

He never calls me that early.  I am not in the mood to exchange pleasantries with anyone at that hour of the morning especially when I had to take a cab home from a night club in Ybor City.  I was either somewhat either mildly hung over or still drunk. 

“What’s wrong Michael?”  I asked when I saw the time on my phone when I answered it. 

He assured me that nothing was wrong and the reason he was calling me that early was because he needed to know what my itinerary is for next week. 

I told him that Jill and I are going to a Labor Day dock party at the club tomorrow and that I have a date on Tuesday, and I’m leaving on a work cruise on Thursday to the Bahamas. 

He told me he was missing his woman and was planning on coming home for a few days if I could fit him into my schedule.  That comment put me on high alert. 

“I’m not willing to cancel the plans I have with Jill, because we are meeting some people there, but I can cancel my date for Tuesday if that suits you.  We could have Tuesday and Wednesday.” 

He said that would be fine and he would see me at the house Tuesday morning and asked me to pack an overnight bag for Cedar Key.  I was already on high alert, but if I hadn’t been, that would have done it.  Now I smelled a rat. 

“Michael if this is going to be a negotiation about me moving up to South Carolina it’s going to be a wasted trip.  I’m not doing it!”  I said as forcefully as I could manage with a headache. 

“I just miss you Alexis, OK?”  He said.  That took me off high alert for the moment.  I resisted the impulse to ask him if this had anything to with his redheaded companion Dixie Doodle whom I was told to stop asking him about. 

“OK.  I miss you too Michael.  There are some people out there in the blogosphere that are curious what’s going on with us.”

He told me he was aware of that because he still reads everything I post.  He told me he had nothing to be ashamed of by missing his wife.  I’m taking him at his word, so here is the update.


Hotwife/Prostitute Crossover

September 8, 2015

I was supposed to be leaving today for two days at a resort in Cedar Key with my husband.  That did not happen.  I was right to smell a rat about that.  He is not going to agree with me but since this is my blog and not his, that is how I am reporting it.

Whether his motives were pure or not doesn’t really matter to me. I was suspicious of the outcome, not his motives, so there you go.

He did however, manage to show up and surprise me at the Yacht Club dock part late yesterday afternoon in time to watch me have interaction with my young alpha male date to the party, who knows I am married and doesn’t really care why I invited him, because he is getting free milk from the Cougar cow.

What my husband is going to miss out on by failing to keep our date to Cedar Key is hearing about how I am going to finally be able to crossover or co-mingle my role as a Hotwife with my career as a prostitute.

My manager has always told me that some day it was going to happen because of my public face on my website and Tumblr, and my private profile that clients are able to access through my Service.  She told me that someday one of their members would find me, on both sides of the fence and now it has happened.

We are going on a four day cruise to the Bahamas.  What my client wants is for me to be his hotwife.  He wants me to allow other men to pick me up with the caveat that my “husband” wants to watch them have sex with me.

I am all about this for a number of reasons, least of which is that this seems to be a fairly mainstream occurrence in the hotwife lifestyle and I have exactly zero experience doing it.

Michael watched me at a swinger’s club one time when we were trying to figure out how to be a hotwife, and that was the end of that.  Neither of us liked it.  This time will be different because I have no emotional investment.

I made it clear to my client this morning on our confirmation phone call that I have no idea how to do this, but I am excited about trying.  He told me he didn’t either, but he loved my attitude.

 What else he said to me sounded exactly like something Michael has said to me a dozen times during our early stages trying to figure out this lifestyle when I had questions he couldn’t answer.  He would say, “I don’t know either, but we’ll figure it out!”

When my client said those words to me it sounded like déjà vu all over again!


Hotwife/Prostitute Cruise

September 9, 2015

My client has hired me to be his hotwife on a 3 night cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, FL to the Bahamas.  He isn’t looking for exotic ports of call.  He is looking for a cruise with maximum “boat” time.

This cruise is to try and accomplish two things.  He has fantasized about watching his wife have sex with another man.  That has not happened in almost thirty years of marriage, and now that she has gained 50+ pounds he no longer has that fantasy.  Not about her anyway.

His secondary goal is more personal.  He admitted to me that because of medical problems, he has not seen the north end of an erection in ten years.  He is curious, although not hopeful, that by posing as his wife and then watching men have sex with me in our cabin,  it might give him the extra blood flow down there he is unable to muster any other way since his drug options are pretty limited by his medical issues.

I am going to be his wife on the cruise.  He wants me dress and act like a hotwife.  I have never worn an ankle bracelet on a work date before, and I have never tried to attract the attention of other men on a work date either.

I didn’t tell him that my wedding rings would attract just as much attention as my anklet.  He has his own vision of how this is going to work.

I am particularly excited about my new double role this time because I will be gaining experience as a hotwife, I do not currently have.

He is the first man that has found me on both sides of the fence.  He found my blog and my website first because of his hotwife fantasy, and then as it turned out I happened to work for the Service out of the Northeast where he is a member.

When my manager was interviewing me she explained that becoming a good actress was at least 50% of the job.  She was not referring to faking orgasm.  She was referring to providing a total GFE for men that hired me.

Now this man wants me to turn that attention outward to men on the cruise that are attracted to me because I am a hotwife, and I’m available.

He is aware I am a blogger and has given me permission to write about this experience so long as I use discretion.  I have assured him that discretion is my middle name.



September 15, 2015

Yes I am home from my unusual work date cruise to the Bahamas and yes I am going to write about it at some point but I need to be careful with it.

Anyway, today is not that day.  Today I have something else on my mind which more closely relates to why I have this blog in the first place.  I want to share some of my numbers with you to give you some idea of where I am coming from besides Tampa, FL.

My website is set up as a porn/fantasy free hotwife advice safe haven, sort of, in the sense that it has all of my Tumblr blogs and some specific stuff that is too long to put in a blog post, but has none of the stuff you typically find in other hotwife blogs.

Over this past year I have seen a pretty dramatic shift in where my email comes from.  It’s coming through my website and not so much from Tumblr.  The only reason I am mentioning that is to tell you this:

My email from both places is divided pretty much the same way.  Roughly 80% is from men and 20% is from women.  What that means to me it that the message from both places is reaching the same kind of audience (?)

Anyway, although not all of my email is from people who would like the benefit of my experience figuring out this lifestyle but probably 90% of it is.  The other 10% is from people just saying hi, or telling me I got it right, or I got it wrong, or asking me to post more personal photos. (no!)

I don’t get much hate mail any more since I stopped bashing the porn and fantasy sites on Tumblr.  I’m pretty sure they have written me off as irrelevant which is fine with me.

I’m not much into either Astronomy or Astrology and the only Lunar cycle I follow is my own, which thankfully I haven’t missed any lately.

But what has happened lately is that I have received several emails from men asking me how to tell their wife they want to share her, which is the entire point of the hotwife lifestyle.

I take extra care communicating with these men sometimes exchanging 10-15 emails answering questions about how to have that conversation, encouraging them, giving them counter points to perceived roadblocks, yada yada yada, only to find out at the end of the day, they don’t have the balls to actually sit her down and tell her what they want and the reason they believe it will strengthen the marriage instead of weakening it.

The bottom line here is that I will help anyone figure it out, male or female, but if you already know you can’t make the words come out of your mouth when the moment is at hand, please don’t bother asking me to help you do something you already know you can’t do.  Go back the fantasy sites where you are more comfortable and let me help someone that can do it.  


I wonder if:

September 16, 2015

I wonder if most of the men that fantasize about sharing their wife with other men, would really want that in real life.

I wonder if the men that hint around to their wife because they don’t have the balls to tell her what they want her to do, realize that she is taking notes.

I wonder if most men realize they are married to a “hotwife in waiting” who is eventually going to get tired of waiting and become a hotwife secretly from her husband because he doesn’t communicate with her.

I wonder if the men that hint around to their wife about flirting with other men or “more”, realize they are starting a fire within her that may quickly burn out of control if they don’t give her a complete plan.

I wonder if men actually realize that women have the same sexual desires that they do and if they are sexually unfulfilled in their marriage, so are their wives.

I wonder if there are men out there that actually understand that’s it’s really a woman’s world sexually, because all women are more sexually open to adventure than any man.  (This one is going to get me in trouble) (bring it!)

I wonder why the people who hacked Ashley Madison claimed that most women had fake profiles.  How would they know?  Consider the fact that AM is free for women and we are not required to give out credit card information or addresses.  I’m not currently active on Ashley Madison but I was, and all of my information is still real.  I was not fake.

I wonder why all women’s magazines claim that more women initiate affairs than men.  Actually I know why that is.  It’s because of almost everything else I wondered about above.  Think about it!


Wife Fantasy

September 20, 2015

The concept of turning a traditional marriage into an alternative lifestyle of wife sharing is a ridiculously simple concept to embrace.  It only requires two things.   Both the husband and wife have to become open minded and they need to share intimacy.  You accomplish that by Communicating

That’s it.  If a relationship has those two things any marriage can make the simple adjustments to open up the wife’s end of the marriage.

Michael and I had neither of those things and our marriage sucked.  I was considering an affair when suddenly out of the blue, at a party in front of several other couples, I was being teased about someone wanting to have sex with me.  My husband admitted to the world, the thought of me doing that turned him on.

I didn’t think he was sick or twisted, I was curious.  This man I had been married to for twenty years said something that was such a foreign thought to come out of his mouth made me want to know more about it.

A magical thing happened.  Because I was curious and wanted to try and understand his thinking we began actually communicating with each other.  In about a two week span another magical thing happened.  We were talking almost non-stop about this thing and beginning to develop intimacy in our marriage.

We were telling each other all kinds of things.  Also our sex life went from almost non-existent to through the roof!  Neither one of us had any idea at that time this life style existed.  We both knew about open marriage and swingers, but nothing else.

Michael told me over a glass of wine one night that he was pretty sure most men had that fantasy of their wife having sex with other men.  I told him I could find out.  By then I had admitting that I was surrendering my cyber panties to men on line during the day when I was bored.

That also turned him on and he asked me to start saving the chat logs.  Michael began doing his own research on line at his office and discovered that the term for what he was fantasizing about was called “hotwife”.



Wife Fantasy (part two)

September 20, 2015

Both of my online lovers were army guys over in the desert.  Both admitted to me that they fantasized about their wife banging other men.  One of them told me he was pretty sure she was actually doing it, and when he was getting himself off, that’s who he thought about when he wasn’t thinking about my tits.

Once I learned that this was a pretty normal thing for a husband to fantasize about his wife, that brought Michael and I even closer so that when we began talking about actually turning me into a hotwife it was an easy conversation to have because by then we were communicating and we had developed an intimacy in our marriage that made it ok for us to actually talk about that kind of thing.

I didn’t have a problem with the concept.  What right thinking woman wouldn’t want to date, experience passion, lust, and orgasm?

My biggest and only real fear about doing it was what would happen if I did it and it turned out it really wasn’t what he wanted after all.  That became the new central focus of our conversations.  To be totally honest, you can talk and talk and talk, but until it actually happens, you don’t know.

But I did know a lot of other things about it.  I had already seen how much better our marriage had become.  He was focusing all of his attention on me.  We were communicating, and we had intimacy.

When it finally happened it was a very big deal to me worrying about Michael.  I was worrying about nothing.  He was thrilled.

I have given you the recipe for the transition and I have given you my own real world life example of how it works.  Someone has to go first.  The conversation will be easy to have once you both become open minded and establish intimacy.

Michael and I did it backwards because it was the conversation that led us towards intimacy and becoming open minded.  Either way works.


Hotwife Therapy

September 28, 2015

Nobody ever told me that trying to help men turn their hotwife fantasy into a reality would be easy.  When I decided to become that person of contact that real people could ask for real help to get real information about entering this real and wonderful lifestyle, I wasn’t thinking about this becoming my life work, but that seems to be how its going.

I couldn’t find real information when Michael and I were considering this lifestyle change and Michael got tired of listening to me bitch about the fact that everything here was fantasy based, so he said to me over several glasses of a very fine merlot one night, that if I don’t like what is out there I should do it myself.  So I did.

I used to like Dr. Phil.  I’m not sure what happened to him.  I don’t know if he got burned out, or he decided that the money controlled his professional life or that his style just wasn’t making it happen in the ratings.

The point is, he changed the way he tries to “help people”.  He has become the next Jerry Springer and in my mind just as irrelevant.  He is pissed off all time now.  Every one of his shows now is based on promoting conflict.

Is that going to happen to Dr. Lexi?  I hope not.  There are no ratings for me to worry about.  This job doesn’t pay squat, so that’s not a factor.  I have no advertisers to please, so why am I silently seething at some of the stupid shit men tell me about why there wife doesn’t get it?

Where does a hotwife advisor go for professional help to stop being pissed off by stupid shit men say to her who claim they want help but don’t really, or they couldn’t possibly think . . . . never mind!

The answer to my own question is my Coconut Telegraph.  Those few women who are out there walking in my shoes and reading what I write.  Well, not walking in my very own size 7 shoes, but you know what I mean.

Here are a few things you should not use as an excuse why your wife is not willing to consider this Lifestyle if you decide to ask me for help:

A.   Her religious upbringing.  Bullshit!  Bullshit!  Bullshit!

B.   It’s adultery!   Bullshit!  It only adultery if she is doing it without your knowledge or consent.

C.   She is afraid someone will find out.  Bullshit!  That means she doesn’t trust you!

You get the idea.  Instead of YOU telling ME why she doesn’t get it, you should give me the facts of your situation and I’ll tell you.  See how this is supposed to work?  It keeps Dr. Lexi from becoming pissed off.

One more thing.  I am trying to figure out how to make a sort of taco loaf that I bake in the oven and serve like a meat loaf, but has the ingredients of a Taco Bell taco with medium sauce.  If you have a recipe for something similar I would love to hear from you!

PS.  Don’t bother suggesting that I buy two dozen tacos and crumble them up into a 9 inch loaf pan.


Housekeeping Update

September 30, 2015

I am amazed every day that so many of you actually read what I write both from my Tumblr blog posts and from my website, and actually take the time to write to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I answer all my email, which has gotten to be a lot less contentious since I stopped ranting about a certain element of non-mainstream Hotwife Lifestyle advocates.

My working theory is that if I get a couple of emails about the same things, there are probably others out there that wonder the same thing so here is an update:

The Hotwife Cruise:  I promised to update you all on how that went.  My client agreed to let me tell the story but at the end of the cruise I stupidly offered to let him review it before I posted it.  That was a mistake.  I wrote three posts and sent them to him to review.

They seem to have gone into the Abyss.  I am going to post them.  I will give him a little longer to get back to me as a courtesy however.

Starfollower37:  I have updated her story on the website, and will continue to update until it is finished which means we are caught up to current day.  I’m not sure how much of her story I am going to publish on Tumblr, but some.

Michael - Lexi  update:  I have decided to take a work break.  I was getting burned out with the travel.  I had nothing scheduled until October 20th anyway so I let my Service know not to book me for any trips.  I have three back to back trips scheduled for Las Vegas between October 20th through Thanksgiving week.

My manager suggested I just stay out there in a short term lease arragement and I think that is a great idea so that’s what I am planning to do rather than fly back and forth to Tampa several times.  Michael agreed that it made sense not to fly home for just a few days in between trips.  I was amazed how easy it was to do.  I rented a fully furnished condo, for two months.

I haven’t seen Michael in person for almost a month so I offered to take him on a trip for the two of us to get away and have a vacation.  I was planning to pay for everything.  I wanted to go to the Cayman’s for a few days when I was with my husband and not a client.

Michael turned me down.  He can’t go when I can go.  He is setting up his new plant in South Carolina for a November opening.  I am trying to look at this objectively.  I’m not devastated but I am hurt, and I am very disappointed.

I have decided to let the hotwife community know that even though a marriage can go from shitty to supercharged though building intimacy and open communication, there are still going to be disappointments along the way.  There is no such thing as a perfect marriage!



October 1, 2015

When I was a 15 year old high school slut, in the ninth grade, partying with the football players on Saturday nights, out in the orange groves, with all the pickup trucks backed up in a circle around a bonfire, drinking beer, sitting in the bed of the truck, either on the tailgate, or sitting up, leaning back on the cab, letting guys feel me up, while we were listening to a request oldies radio station that all ten trucks had the same station, I absolutely loved my life!

I had no stress, I was on birth control, I didn’t have a care in the world.  Sometimes I would have sex with just the guy that brought me, and sometimes I got passed around.  I didn’t care.

Having sex with three boys was more fun than having sex with just one.  I was popular early because of my bra size.  I developed early.  My mother passed on the boob gene to me but I somehow failed to pass it on to my daughter.

She sees photos of her grandmother and she looks at me and says WTF?  I’m not sure what to tell her.  She got all the rest of my genes.  She definitely got the slut gene!

I could drink a whole beer back then without getting sick.  If I drank two beers I would throw up at least twice.  When any of the boys threw up they would swear they would never drink beer again as long as they lived.

I never thought that.  Not one time.  I thought maybe I should only drink one next time so I wasn’t too drunk for sex.

New subject:  This is an amusing story that happened to me after one of my trips.  My flight home to Tampa began in Miami where the cruise ended.  I let my client book my flight back to Tampa which was a mistake.

I had to change planes in Orlando.  Who does that?  Nobody!  That’s who.  So I am sitting at the gate in Orlando waiting for the flight to Tampa looking around because I was bored.

I saw this older man wearing a suit and blue tennis shoes.  I thought he looked to be maybe late 60’s or early seventies.  It wasn’t the suit and blue tennis shoes I noticed.  It was the baseball cap he was wearing.

It didn’t have a team logo above the bill.  It had something else.  It was two words one above the other and I couldn’t figure out what it meant.  I wondered if he was foreign because lots of foreign people visit Orlando.

The two words were one above the other.  The word on top was ”Hoof”.  The word below it was “Arted”.  I read it about ten times trying to figure it out.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t English because it made no sense to me.

A few seconds later I heard the words come out of my mouth like a question.  The man sitting across from me who had no idea what I was talking about.  He laughed out loud.

“I don’t know, but It wasn’t me!”  He said.  I was mortified as I realized what his hat said and then I saw the humor in it and laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes.


Getting her to “Yes”

October 5th, 2015

This is meant to be some practical advice for men who want to make their hotwife fantasy become a reality.  If you want the longer version of this, it’s on my website.

Rome was not built in a day.  This is not going to happen overnight.  This is a process, not a onetime communication.

Establishing open communication and intimacy should be your highest priority.  It makes getting her to say “Yes” much quicker and easier.

When you tell her you want her to become your hotwife, you need to paint her a complete picture of why you think having her fulfill your fantasy by opening up her end of the marriage is going to bring the two of you closer together by building intimacy.

She does not need you to explain to her that becoming your hotwife is going to improve the quality of her sex life.  She only needs to be clear that it is going to make your relationship with her better, and make your marriage stronger.

Start small.  Do not scare her with your plan to involve her in gang bangs, threesomes, group sex, having you watch, or participate.  Focus only on her at first.  Give her total autonomy and veto power.  Let her go about “dating” in a way that suits her, with total privacy.  Let her start slowly and seek her own level.

Don’t make it about sex in the beginning.  Meet her at a bar and watch men flirt with her.  Let her build some confidence getting used to interacting socially with men that want to separate her from her panties.

Then go home and talk about it and encourage her to go a little father next time.  Let her ease her way into spreading her legs for other men.  Some hotwife couples thrive very well never taking the penetration step.

Don’t establish smothering rules of engagement.  Common sense is your best friend.  Rules should be established to protect her personal safety and then adjusted as needed.

Michael and I didn’t know what we were doing when we got started.  We tried to anticipate every possible situation before I ever had a situation.  I had two pages of rules when I started.  I only ended up with one.  Not one page, one rule!

The more freedom she has about dating, and the more she understands why doing this will strengthen your marriage, the easier it is for her to say “Yes”, because she doesn’t want to say no.  It just has to make sense to her. She’s not stupid!  


Why Men Are Afraid To Ask

October 8, 2015

Tumblr is full of men who fantasize about their wife becoming a Hotwife.  There seems to be two theories on why they only fantasize about it instead of doing something about it.

One theory is that it’s a secret fantasy that they wouldn’t want to actually happen in real life, sort of like my motorcycle gang rape fantasy.  I wouldn’t want that to happen to me for real but it’s fun to think about in the shower or a lazy morning in bed.

The other theory is that they really want her to become a practicing Hotwife but are afraid to ask.  That’s the one I know about, so that’s the one I’m going to write about.

I get several emails a week from men asking for my help in how to approach their wife about making this fantasy a reality because it really does turn them on thinking about their wife sex dating other men.

Men are afraid to ask for a variety of reasons.  The biggest ones seem to be that she will think you are a sick and twisted pervert, have a secret agenda, looking for a reason to end the marriage, or because you already have a girlfriend.

Interestingly, many of these same men are able to give me a litany of reasons why their wife would never consider doing it.  I find it curious how these men that do not communicate with their wife and have no intimacy in the marriage know so much about how she thinks and what she might or might not be willing to do.

Here is a news flash for you.  Michael and I and had no communication about anything that mattered other than our daughter for probably ten years.  We had zero intimacy and practically a zero sex life.

The difference between my husband and all these men that I am now trying to help is that Michael started talking to me about it one weekend.  I was more curious than suspicious.  A month later I was his hotwife.

I have said this before, but Michael and I did it backwards from the way I advise men to go about it.  It was the idea or the concept of the lifestyle that got Michael and I communicating and therefore beginning to build intimacy in our marriage.

I don’t recommend doing it that way but I am living proof that all you have to do is not be afraid to ask!  What’s the worst that can happen?   Well, I mean besides that!  If you get shot down then you will know that you need help from Dr. Lexi and I’ll help you do it the right way.


Hotwife Salesmanship

October 12, 2015

Most men are terrible communicators with women.  They tend to think about relationships in terms of sports analogies.

I’m not into sports except for both my beloved Florida Gator football team and my beloved Tampa Bay Bucs, both of whom won this weekend, but never mind that.

You get the idea and NO, I’m not planning to cite a bunch of them for you here.  You either get this or you don’t.  I’m not going to pull any punches, or try to push this idea over the goal line, or swing for the fence.  It should be a slam dunk if you just keep your eye on the ball!

I have bad news for you if you are a guy that tries to communicate your desire to have your sweet wife enter into a sexually open ended, alternative lifestyle, marriage if you communicate with her using sport analogies.

You need to be a hell of a lot more involved in your relationship than simply being her cheerleader.  You need to learn how to communicate with her on her terms, not yours.

Here is a novel idea for you to impress her with your new found focus now that you want something from her.  Give her a sexual compliment every single day whether you are banging her or not.

Instead of telling her she looks good, tell her that she looks extra fuckable.  That’s probably something she is not used to hearing from you.  It’s also very communicative on her level.  She will think you have your eye on her instead of some mythical sports ball.

Instead of telling her you like her new dress, tell her you’d like some man that neither of you have ever met to take it off her.

 Always tell you wife the truth!  Never lie to her!  Almost never lie to your wife.  I have no idea why members of my gender do this, but sometimes we want compliments that we are not due.  Here’s an example:

She buys a new pair of jeans.  She is in the bedroom trying them on when you make the mistake of coming in.  “Honey, do you think these jeans make my ass look big?”  She asks.

The sports analogy that goes with this is that there are only three things that can happen when you throw a forward pass and two of them are bad.  I’m not really sure if that’s an analogy or not, but you get the idea.

If you were going to tell her the truth you would say, “No.  Your ass makes your ass look big.”

A better choice here is to sidestep the question unless you can’t think fast enough.  “The jeans look fine.”  That may not be technically correct if she has a large ass, but at least nothing bad is going to happen.  Just remember, Communication is the key!


More on Men

October 16, 2015

Read that title real fast as two words instead of three and you will get the gist of this.

If anyone ever asked me what single Post I made here generated the most email to me it was the one I posted October 8th, Why Men Are Afraid to Ask.  Specifically it was because I said that many of the men who ask me for help turning their wife into a Hotwife also give me a litany of reasons why she would never do it.

I’m pretty sure the reason they do that is so that I can provide a magic bullet to overcome those objections.

I said at the time I found it curious how men who don’t communicate and have no intimacy with their wife know so much about how she thinks.

All of the mail I got from women were along the lines of “you go girl!”  The email I got from men on the subject, not so much.  At least none of the emails were rude, so thank you for that.

A couple of them implied that I wasn’t really trying to help if I had that kind of attitude, but most of them who didn’t think I was being too helpful implied that they had been married to her for Xty X years and they know exactly what she thinks!

OK.  Here is the reality of the situation:

1.    IF these men had open communication and intimacy in their marriage, THEN they wouldn’t need any advice from me in the first place.

2.    If they had a conversation with their wife and they got a litany of objections and they believe that is what she really thinks, then they have no clue what she thinks.  She told you what she wanted you to hear, not what she thinks.

3.    Most all women in their teens and early twenties enter adulthood as more adventurous creatures than almost any man.

4.    Women in love, or who are curious, or do not have a feeling of distrust, can get talked into doing just about anything, sexual or otherwise, throughout their life.  Think Cougar!  Think affair!

5.    Dr. Lexi is trying to help, not piss you off.  You may not like the message but don’t shoot the messenger!  


Back In The Game

October 20, 2015

I have taken almost a month break from men and sex, both working and dating.  I just needed some downtime before my short term move to Las Vegas for work.

Since Michael is staying in South Carolina through the end of the year getting ready to open a new plant, I did a short term rental rather than travelling back and forth to Tampa between dates. 

I am not going to have a lot of time to myself out there for almost six weeks, so I have enjoyed the break.

That break came to a pretty dramatic end on Saturday night.  I was sitting in the lobby bar at 10PM in the hotel where Jill works waiting for her to get off work at 11.  We were going to go to a new club in Tampa.  We never made it.

We were chatting about my trip.  She only had two other customers in the bar.  She was looking over my shoulder when she said, “Oh shit!  Girlfriend you are going to get laid tonight!”

Jill has a “friend” from Chicago that occasionally spends time in Tampa on business.  He always stays in the hotel where she works.  They became lovers the first night he came into her bar.  Now I understand why.

A few months ago I was in the bar talking to Jill and he was in the bar with a client.  She said he asked her a hundred questions about me later.  She has been teasing me about him, and him about me, ever since.

He does not know I am either a hotwife or a prostitute.  All he knows is that I am a married woman who was in the bar alone on a Saturday night talking to Jill and we are friends and he wanted to meet me.

The last few times he has been in town I have been on work trips.  It finally happened on Saturday night.  Jill didn’t even know he was in town.

I will have to say that everything she told me about him was true and I do mean EVERYTHING!  I’m pretty sure this man could charm the fangs off a Cobra.  I’m not sure why I thought of that word.  Yes I am!

He sat down next to me.  Jill introduced us, and within five minutes there was no doubt in my mind that this man was going to have sex with me and that I planned to cooperate fully.

By the time Jill got off work at 11, I was up in room 1227 and Jim already knew I wasn’t wearing panties.  He also knew I have a small pubic triangle, that my nipples are very sensitive to foreplay, that I love kissing, and that I know a lot of swear words that seem to be uttered proportionately to the quality of the orgasm he could make me have.

Saturday night was very special.  Maybe I should take a break more often because I am totally invigorated for my trip!


Hotwife Jewelry Revisited

October 26, 2015

In between the time when I turned off my phone, tablet, and computer when I landed in Las Vegas for my work date on Thursday morning, and when I turned everything back on Sunday afternoon, one of my Tumblr blogs from last March had gone viral, at least from my point of view.

I have no idea why that happened, but it is the second time one of my blog posts has gone viral several months after I posted it.  This one was about hotwife jewelry, specifically wearing ankle bracelets.

Not only did I get 25+ likes, almost overnight, which has never happened before, I also got a dozen emails asking me questions about hotwife jewelry in general.  In fact, I probably get more email about how to visually identify a hotwife, than almost any other subject.

So consider this as a sort of blanket update to all of you who wondered the same thing but didn’t ask.  The ones who wrote to me I will answer via email like I always do.

I am going to make this super simple to understand.  There are three visual clues to correctly identifying a hotwife in specific situations.

The first situation is a bar, or a night club.  If you encounter a woman alone or with her girlfriends and she is wearing wedding rings and an ankle bracelet, and she looks happy, and smiles a lot, she is a hotwife, and she is approachable.

The second situation is If you are a traveling businessman and you see a married woman traveling alone, in the airport, or a hotel lobby bar, or somewhere similar, and she is wearing an ankle bracelet, and she smiles a lot, she is a hotwife and she is approachable.

The third situation is if you are in the grocery store, the mall, Walmart, the County library, at the beach, and you see a woman wearing wedding rings and an ankle bracelet, she may or may not be a hotwife, but she is probably approachable, unless she has several kids in tow.

Here is the bottom line according to Dr. Lexi’s perspective.  Any woman wearing wedding rings who is not in the presence of her husband is fair game for most men, and is probably approachable on some level, at some time, under some conditions, regardless if she is wearing an ankle bracelet or not!


Hotwife Sex

November 8, 2015

One of the questions I get asked most often about being a hotwife, is to explain what it is about sex with other men that turns me on the most.

The truth is that there is not just one reason.  There are lots of reasons.  I have had this conversation often with my husband who probably could be one of the greatest police detectives ever.

He has a way of being able to word the same question a dozen different ways when he is debriefing me after I have had sex with a man I met at a bar or a club, or a library fundraiser.

It turns me on when a man gets an extreme erection when he knows he is going to fuck me.  I am not referring to cock size.  That is not an emotion.  It’s a birthright or whatever.  But how hard he gets when he is planning on sticking it inside my body is pure emotion.  It’s about how he feels about me, and the moment!

It turns me on knowing I have that kind of power over a man who is so focused on me for that period of time that we are together that I am the center of his world.  He is not thinking about his wife, or his job, or his sports teams, or the other stresses of his life.  He is only thinking about sticking his hard cock between my legs.

He is looking at me with lust and pure emotion.  He is thinking about what he is planning to do to my body.  He is not thinking about whether or not I may become pregnant when he cums inside me.  If he is thinking anything about that at all he is probably thinking that is my problem.  I love knowing that it is my problem.  Weird huh?  Maybe so, but you asked what turns me on!  That turns me on big time!

It turns me on the way a man looks at me when we are naked and he is on top of me, between my legs, and we are pushing against each other’s bodies getting closer and closer to the ultimate reason for coupling.

It turns me on feeling his sperm enter my body when he climaxes inside me.  Feeling the transfer of his cum into my body is the ultimate feeling of sexual passion and emotional completion and often makes me experience another orgasm, even if I just did!


Car Sex at Hoover Dam

November 8, 2015

The first time I experienced car sex was actually in a truck, but I’m pretty sure it’s still considered car sex.  I was fifteen.  We were at the Blue Moon Drive in theater in Lakeland, FL where I grew up.

That event was not as memorable as it probably should have been because I was already used to having sex with boys from the Kathleen High School football team in the back of pickup trucks at parties out in the citrus groves.

But this was different.  I was on an official date with one guy in his truck.  We ate at the Sonic drive in before the movie.  He was a lot more interested in my bra size and my reputation than dinner at Sonic or the movie.

 Neither one of us cared about the movie which was Nightmare on Elm St. #3.  I was expected to put out for him and I did.  He had sex with me on the inside of his truck on the front seat.  That was meaningful to me.

The second time I had car sex was two years ago outside a Chili’s Restaurant on Dale Mabry Ave. in Tampa, on the hood of my car, more or less.  I was a brand new hotwife and Michael was giving me shit because he thought my standards were too high because my hook up rate was too low.

I was a 41 year old respectable married woman with a 19 year old daughter.  I let a man get me drunk at the bar.  We were supposed to be negotiating where we were going to go to have sex.  The very last thing I imagined was that it was going to be right there in the parking lot of the restaurant on the hood of my car!

Fast forward to November 2015.  I am staying in Las Vegas for several weeks working.  The woman I am renting my condo from is a real estate agent who is a fifty year old married party girl with hot panties, and breast augmentation, who has recruited me as her accomplice.

She told her husband I am separated from my husband and looking for property in Las Vegas.  I’m not sure why she told him I can only look at property at night.

She introduced me to her surgeon with predicable results.  I instantly knew he wanted to perform a comprehensive breast exam on me.  Dinner was not at Sonic, it was as Les Criox.  He didn’t take me to a drive in theater.  He took me to a remote overlook of the Hoover Dam.


desviadoduo asked:

Hi Lexi.... I just stumbled upon your blog here on tumblr and have enjoyed reading it. I am a Hotwife who truly enjoys everything about the lifestyle. I also relate to the desires you describe when you meet a new guy! For me it is the "new energy" that turns me on! And, also the idea that a guy gets hard for me and wants to penetrate me! Anyway, I would also like to dive into the world as a "prostitute" but like you don't want to be associated with the websites.... craigslist etc.. Advice?


Missing Hotwife

November 24, 2015

It turns out that my plan to stay in Las Vegas for all of the work dates that have been booked for me up to Christmas has been re-negotiated.

My husband is missing his hotwife and wants us to spend Thanksgiving in Gainesville with our daughter.  I spent all god dam night on an airplane back to Tampa and now I am wide awake.  For some reason I suffer from jet lag both directions.  Go figure!

Actually I am very happy for the break.  Unless one is into the Las Vegas lifestyle, it’s not a fun place to live.  Don’t get me wrong though, for a hotwife wanting to practice her craft, getting picked up in a bar or casino for casual sex, with a man she just met, the way I do it, is about as easy as it gets.

That’s because most of the men that approach me are from somewhere else, traveling on business, without their wives, and are looking for some female companionship they can talk into going to their hotel room for fun and frolic.

The problem with that for this particular hotwife is that I am already in the sex trade for my day job, which it why I am there in the first place.  After spending several days with a man as his traveling companion, I’m not looking to go out to a bar to get picked up for sex.

Michael came out to Las Vegas for a weekend to see me and planted the seed about coming home for the holiday because I have a break in between clients.

This is going to be interesting because he knows where I am and what I am doing.  Our daughter does not.  She is a 21 year old college student and business woman and is consumed with her own life.  At least she won’t be trying to get me laid while her father is there!

It’s good to be home for a while.  It will give me a chance to catch up with my blog and website.  I have lots to write about!


Missing Hotwife (Clarification)

November 24, 2015

It’s nice to know that my husband and both my girlfriends are paying attention to what I post on line.  Within probably an hour after my original Post I got three call outs.  That is to say, I got called out three times for something I guess I implied in my earlier Blog Post today.

This is what happens when I try and update my blog when I am jet lagged exhausted.  Evidently I implied that I never had any hotwife experiences in Las Vegas because I was either working or when I wasn’t working my day job, as a traveling companion, I never went out.

I got some snarky comments along the line of “Well that’s not what you told me!”  OK.  In the interest of honesty as well as clarification, Jill is correct, and so is Michael, and so is Brandy.  That’s not what I told them.

There were some nights when I was bored, in between clients, when I went out to experience what I already knew was there.  That is to say, an endless supply of men, who exceeded my minimum standards by a country mile, that wanted to hook up with me.

Not only am I human, I am a hotwife, with means, motive, and opportunity. I plan my work dates carefully around my period so that I do not have disappointed clients.

That often means I am most human during the time when I have extra motive.  I’m not going to spell that out for you more than I have.

My husband has been a major proponent of my involvement with BBC, so he was totally thrilled to learn of that particular hotwife hook up.  That debriefing was epic!  So was my night preceding, which began at Drai’s Nightclub.

So yes, I have had a few memorable hotwife experiences in Las Vegas.  When I wrote that original Post this afternoon, I was looking at it from my work perspective.  I was out there for six weeks and I hooked up maybe five times.  I stayed in most nights when I was not working.

I’m going back out on the 6th for two more dates then back to Tampa through the end of the year.  I have two cruises scheduled for January but after that I’m going to take some time off from being an escort.  I’m going to take some time for myself.

Maybe I will take one of those all inclusive getaway trips to Jamaica and give my husband a reason to debrief me for hours!


A new Lexi Hotwife Challenge!

November 25, 2015

I apologize in advance because unless you are a regular reader of my blog Posts, or have followed me on my website, this may not make a lot sense to you.

That is because it is written for those very few (kidding) friends, and followers, who know about my journey and transformation from being in a miserable traditional, allegedly monogamous marriage, to becoming a Hotwife which has not only opened up my end of our marriage sexually, to date other men, but has supercharged it as well.

I am home for Thanksgiving to spend it with my daughter who lives in Gainesville. Go Gators!  Michael is going to join us from Hilton Head Island where he is currently expanding his business.

Michael has been missing his hotwife and I know now what his plan for me is going to be for the next week that I will be in Tampa. He is going to be in Tampa as well, to be with me.

I have been issued a new challenge because of some casual comments I may have made about how easy it has become for me to hook up with men for casual sex because of the way I am doing it now.

Michael wants me to prove it.  He wants to actually watch me hook up with a man I have never met and leave the bar with him to have sex.  In the two plus years I have been a practicing hotwife, when Michael and I have played this game before, where he meets me at a bar to watch men hit on me, the times I actually followed through sexually, he could count on one hand.

That’s because I was never comfortable with how we were going about it, going to a sports bar on Dale Mabry Ave. with the prospect of my naked ass ending in some smelly low budget motel room down the road, or having car sex in a park, or doing it right there in the parking lot! Yes that actually happened to me!

Michael said my standards were too high.  I pointed out that he was not the one spreading his legs. That didn’t shut him up but I made my point.  Fast forward to November 2015.

Michael and I are truly happily married.  However, we do not live together currently and have not for the past six months.  It has nothing to do with our personal relationship though.  It has to do with our careers.  I’m not going to explain that here.  If you know about me, you know the story.

I am still living in Tampa, happily casually dating other men and having sex with them, and Michael is happily debriefing me long distance, after every date.

This is going to be a very different experience for my husband.  I do a lot of coaching for prospective hotwife couples and couples new to the lifestyle and I always warn the husband to be careful what he wishes for because once his Genie is out of the bottle, she is never going back in.

That is one thing I never have to worry about with my husband.  The further out of the bottle his Genie gets, the better he likes it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and followers.  For my Continental friends and followers, I’m sure you have things to be thankful for as well.  I love you all!  Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life with you!

Alexis McCall


Answers to Questions

November 27, 2015

Am I into sex toys?

I have discovered that a bean bag chair is the greatest sex toy ever!  A man can have sex with me in any imaginable position using a bean bag.  It’s even better than a sex swing, which is my second favorite sex apparatus or whatever.

When a man has an extra large penis, a bean bag is very comfortable for me during rear entry sex which is preferable for me to experience multiple orgasms because I can maintain my breathing and never hyperventilate from ending up face down into the bedding.

Even more importantly, once I get my body sort of molded into position I can’t thrash around out of control and hurt myself while I am getting my brains pleased out!

How can I tell if a man likes me when I am on a work date?

If a man is watching me dress, in our room, getting ready to go to dinner, I can pretty much tell by the way he watches me getting dressed.  The best indicator though is after I get dressed and I’m ready to go, he undresses me and takes me to bed instead, and we end up ordering from room service later on.

Do I ever wear panties?

I have said many times that I never wear panties anymore and that is true on a day to day basis.  Not wearing panties makes me feel naughty, sexy, and vulnerable, which are all good qualities for a hotwife.  Occasionally however, depending on exactly how naughty I am feeling, I will wear panties as a prop if I wear an obscenely short dress when I go to a club.

The only other time I wear panties is by request, on a work date, by a man that wants to remove them from me.  My profile bio includes a statement that I don’t wear panties unless requested.  Men have told me they like knowing that because it gives them a starting point for their imagination to work.


He is going to meet me at our home in Tampa on Monday since it has not yet sold.  We are going to spend a few days together before I go back to Las Vegas to work, so he can watch me do my hotwife thing.

He encourages me to hotwife date more than I do so that he gets more stories.  I only have one rule to follow which is not to date one guy more than a few times.  He does not want me to develop a relationship with someone.  I have no problem with that rule.

He is less interested in debriefing me after a work date than he is when I have a hotwife experience.  He has never expressed that to me, but this Post is going to let him know that I am aware of that.  He is a lot more interested in hearing about hook up sex than a paid sex date.



November 30, 2015

Lexi is feeling a lot of pressure right now.  My husband called me out on something I said during one of our phone conversations, prior to my flight home from Las Vegas, to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter in Gainesville.  No, we did NOT have this conversation in front of her!

During a relaxed time over a few glasses of wine last week before I came home, while Michael was debriefing me on the phone about a mostly unplanned, but not totally, BBC hook up I got involved with, where every single one of my brain cells got completely and totally fucked out, he was lamenting the fact that something like that rarely happened in the beginning of my hotwife tenure, when he met me at a bar to watch a hook up.

That has always and forever been his favorite thing to see.  He loves to watch me actually make the hook up and leave the bar with someone he knows is going to have sex with his wife.

The problem was, it didn’t happen very often the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing, and rarely met a guy that met my standards.

I know how to do it now after two years experience.  We were not going to the right type of places to meet upscale men.  Michael says I bragged about being able to hook up almost 100% of the time now and wants me to prove it!

I do recall saying something about my hook up rate being significantly higher now and that got turned into a challenge and tonight is the first of three nights that Michael and I are going to be in Tampa together reliving my early days as a hotwife.

He is on his way down from Hilton Head Island now and is going to meet me in the Hotel lobby bar where Jill works to watch me do my magic.

There is only one problem and it has nothing to do with my period for a change.  Most of my casual sex, hotwife hookups, in Tampa lately have been with guys in town on business staying at upscale hotels.  That is where I let them prey on me as a married woman out having a drink in a hotel bar alone.

It is ridiculously easy for me to hook up with a man for recreational sex when I am motivated.  What worries me about tonight is that I have no idea how Thanksgiving is going to affect the Monday after, business travel to downtown Tampa!  Oh well . . . .  I have two hours before I’ll know!


Happy Hotwife Husband!

December 3, 2015

Michael is not a traditional cuckold and I do not refer to him as such.  I am his hotwife and on Monday night I showed him exactly how easy it is for me to meet a guy in a hotel lobby bar, let him buy me two drinks, talk sugar smack to me, and then let him take me to his room for sex.

It has not always that easy for me to hook up with men that meet my admittedly probably somewhat too high standards, but after doing this for two years, through trial and mostly error, I figured out that if I go to an upscale hotel bar, I meet more upscale men that want to have sex with me.

My husband has not been able to watch me hook up with someone in several months and when I wrote in a blog post that that my hook up rate was now almost 100% when I was motivated, he wanted me to prove it.  So Monday he came home to Tampa to watch me work my magic.

He gave me a thirty minute head start and then showed up at the hotel lobby bar where my BFF Jill is a bartender.  I was already practically hooked up by the time Michael came into the bar and got a table where he could watch me.

The young man I was talking to at the bar was from Indiana, in sales, married, in Tampa for a sales call, and looking for female companionship.  Jill knew why I was there so she pretended she didn’t know me.

I don’t think he even noticed my ankle bracelet and the subject never came up.  The fact that I was wearing wedding rings, was in the bar alone, let him buy me a drink, and told him I was not waiting for my husband, gave him all the information he needed to correctly assume I was there for the same reason he was.

I painted him that picture because I didn’t want him to spend a lot of time trying to close this particular sale once I knew my husband was in the bar watching us.  He made couple of comments about getting to “know” me better somewhere more private.

The second time he said it, I said “It sounds to me like you are trying to get me to go to your room with you.”  He said that is exactly what he was trying to do.

“You aren’t going to get me pregnant are you?”  I asked.  He assured me he would not, which was a lie, because he didn’t try NOT to get me pregnant!

I asked him if he was a good kisser.  He said he was.  I asked him to prove it.  He moved in on me and kissed me for about 10 seconds.  I picked up my purse and said “OK let’s go, but I only have about an hour.”

I even got to give my husband a little wave as we left the bar, walked across the lobby and got on the elevator. Michael was still looking at me as the elevator door closed.  I smiled at him.


Happy Hotwife Husband Two!

December 3, 2015

His name was Brad and when we got to his hotel room he forgot all about his promise not to get me pregnant. (I wasn’t worried) Once he discovered I was not wearing panties under my skirt, the only thing on his mind was getting me wet enough to get his body plugged into mine.

After about two minutes of foreplay I told him to “fuck me” and he did.  I was very turned on but mainly because of what the entire event meant to me.  My husband got to get to see me actually hook up with a man that was going to have sex with his wife.

I came twice.  The first time I was in sort of a frantic rush because of my emotional state but once I came, I settled down and we got our movements into sync and it took him a long time to climax, and when he did, I did.

We talked for a while in his room and he wanted to do it again but I needed to leave.  I told him I didn’t have enough time.  He was a gentleman.  I was in his room about an hour.

I was hoping that Michael was still in the bar when I left Brad’s room.  I didn’t do much fixing up because I wanted Michael to see the visual results of my work.  I wasn’t wrecked but it was clear what I had been doing.

He was there.  He had moved to the bar and was talking to my girlfriend Jill.  She fixed me a very strong drink.  My husband was totally thrilled and grinning from ear to ear!  He began debriefing me immediately.

This was not the first time Michael has seen me leave a bar with a man, but he never knew for sure if I was going to have sex with him or not unless he followed the tracker in my phone to a motel.  This time was the first time he watched me leave a hotel lobby bar and get in the elevator to go do it.

In the beginning of this hotwife lifestyle when I used to go home after getting hooked up, Michael often times debriefed me for most of the night, sometimes to my frustration level.  Monday night was like old times in bed with him in the dark answering his question about what it felt like the instant that Brad came inside me.

He asked me that question at least five different ways like a lawyer would.  I was lying in his arms talking to him.  This time there was no frustration.  I was as thrilled for him as he was for my.  I have a very happy hotwife husband!  This might be a good time to ask for some jewelry!  (kidding)


My Christmas Present!

December 5, 2015

Ladies, have you ever known about a Christmas present you were going to receive from your husband that you could not talk him out of getting for you simply because he wanted you to have it?  If so, then welcome to my world.

At least Michael had the good sense to let me pick out the color and pattern.  No, that is actually not correct either. I was threatened.  He showed me the one he was going to have shipped to me if I refused to get involved in the selection process.  I really didn’t have a choice!

The technical name for this is piece of furniture is “Stiletto High Heel Shoe” chair, or “Diva” chair, but let’s call it what it really is.  It’s a sex chair.  Its main function is not for sitting.  In fact its only real function is for fucking and that is exactly what my husband expects me to use it for.

If I had not agreed to pick out the pattern and colors for this “apparatus”, the one Michael was going to have shipped to my condo was going to be red velvet with black trim.  It reminded me of how an old western whore house was decorated, or Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa if you have ever been there.

Michael told me that any man that comes over to my condo is going to be thinking about sex anyway, but when he sees that chair in the living room … . well you get the idea.

Michael wants me to get more involved with BBC because he likes my stories about the experiences.  Now that we have refined my hotwife guidelines excluding interracial sex parties and now that I am showing up in some prominent little black books, Michael is hopeful I will be doing more entertaining at my condo, of the BBC persuasion, hence the new Apparatus in my living room.

It is an early Christmas present because I am leaving to go back to Las Vegas on the 8th and most likely will not be spending Christmas in Florida.  It looks like I might be spending it on a cruise, but I’m not sure yet.


Aww Shit!

December 16, 2015

I get a lot of my blog post ideas from the exchanges I have with men via email that write to me and want me to give them a silver bullet they can shoot at their wife that will magically make her want to spread her legs for any man that looks at her twice.

I can do that, but its medicine that a lot of men think takes to long to swallow.  It’s called building intimacy and communicating openly and honestly and sad to say, there is no short cut.

All that stuff she swept under the rug all those years while you were being a “guy” doing guy things that were in your best interest at the moment but not hers, have come back to haunt you because now you have finally figured out that the fantasy you have about sharing her with other men, is just that.  It’s a fantasy and is never going to happen because you have been 90% dog and 10% caring husband.

Don’t blame her for the fact that you finally had a wakeup call to the reality of your life and you want her to do something for you that is sort of “out there”, in an alternative marriage called “hotwife” which is a completely foreign concept to her because you have not, and now you cannot, communicate openly and honestly with her because at this point, if you tell her you want her to open up her end of your marriage and start having sex dates with other men, you know she is going to think you have several screws loose.

Well do not despair!  Dr. Lexi has come up with a remedial plan for those of you that have zero intimacy and zero communication with your wife but want her to fulfill your fantasy of turning her into an anklet wearing slut who is probably going to seduce the kid that cuts your grass after school!

It’s not a silver bullet.  It’s bronze bullet.  It doesn’t require much intimacy but it does require some communication, doesn’t take as long as building intimacy, and has a proven track record with men I have been coaching on line lately.

I designed this new strategy because I got tired of the response I was getting when I explained to men that building intimacy was a lot like Rome.  It wasn’t built in a day.  “Aww shit!”  They would say.


The Bronze Bullet Hotwife Builder

December 20, 2015

I get a lot of email from men that hope Dr. Lexi can give them a silver bullet to shoot at their wife to magically, overnight, turn her into a sex starved, anklet wearing, leg spreading, slut, that will spread those sexy legs for any man that smiles at her.

The good news is that I can offer almost any man a silver bullet with one caveat.  If you strike the word “overnight”, and replace it with the word “eventually” I can offer you a plan that will convince your wife that opening up her end of your marriage, along with her legs, will benefit your marriage.

The problem is, the cost is too high for most men to pay because it’s a long term process that requires a shit load of patience and focus, while you start from ground zero to try and undo all the sins of the past and try to re-establish open Communication and Intimacy, which are two essential building blocks of this process.  My success rate so far coaching men that are willing to pay that price and accept this as a long term project is 100%

Every single one of the men that I have coached so far, that have bought into this long term intimacy building process over the last year and a half, not only now has a hotwife, they have also supercharged their marriage!

Since I do this because I am paying it forward and expect you to do the same, it’s a labor of love.  Becoming a hotwife took my marriage from shitty, to supercharged and if it worked for Michael and me it can work for anyone.

The problem is that most men are unwilling to take a long term approach because they can’t see past the tip of their erection, and that’s not very far.

I got tired of listening men whine about this process and I put together an alternative strategy to get the result you want and it’s a significant shortcut.  It does not require intimacy but it does require you to be able to sit her down and tell her what you want her to do.

I equate the bronze bullet with brass balls.  My success rate using this strategy is also 100% so far, but the sample size is much smaller.  If you use this strategy and your wife runs off with the guy who cleans your pool or doesn’t run off, but tells you he got her pregnant, don’t blame me!

The Bronze Bullet strategy is explained in Part Two.


The Bronze Bullet Hotwife Builder #2

December 20, 2015

Let’s get to it.  You have zero Intimacy and no open Communication. You are a womanizing dog!  You have no credibility and your wife has been sweeping issues under the rug for so long there is a hump you may trip over any day.

You wake up one morning after hearing your wife whispering into the phone that she can’t talk right now.  Does she have a lover?  You suddenly realize that thought gives you a much harder erection thinking she is spreading her legs for one of your buddies, than thinking about any of the Jenner/Kardashian women spreading their legs for you.

Suddenly you decide you want to turn this fantasy into a reality and you do some research and find Dr. Lexi, but you can’t swallow the medicine because it takes too long to swallow, plus intimacy is out of the question!

1.     You are going to have to sit her down and tell her what you want her to do.  You are going to have to paint her a complete picture about why opening up her end of your marriage by dating other men and sharing the details with you is going to make your marriage stronger, but since you have no Intimacy, you are going to have to do it using Credibility, which you don’t have either, but a certain amount can be gained quickly during The Conversation.

2.    How do you do that?  You can build short term Credibility pretty quickly by telling her things that she already knows to be true.  Admit you have zero Communication and Intimacy.  She already knows that.  If you are a womanizing dog, she knows that too, so admit it.  Admit any relationship shortcoming that you can think of, because she can think of plenty.  The more things you admit, the more Credibility you gain.  Disclaimer:  Admitting things she might NOT know about is not only stupid, and dangerous, but also may result in personal injury!

3.    Explain that you have a fantasy about wanting to share her with other men.  Be painfully graphic if you have to, and be sure to include the idea that it is going to refocus your attention on her rather than fishing, or hunting, or playing golf, but don’t get carried away and lose the Credibility you just gained.

4.    Hearing the truth from you will make her curious enough to at least be willing to listen to this concept, but if you can’t paint her a complete and believable picture showing her the up side to you your marriage, and how this is going to turn your marital ship around, don’t blame Dr. Lexi*, if you get shot down, or she runs off with her first lover.  You wanted a short cut so here it is!

*Dr. Lexi is not a real doctor!


Leaving Las Vegas

December 21, 2015

No, this is not a blog post about the movie with the fictional prostitute Sera and her relationship with the screenwriter played by Nicholas Cage.  It’s about the real life prostitute and hotwife Alexis, saying goodbye to my temporary home at City Place on the Las Vegas strip where I have been living and working for the last two months.

I am returning to my home in Tampa, Florida by way of a yearend holiday work cruise with one of my clients leaving out of Miami the day after I return home from here.  I am looking forward to some serious downtime after the first of the year.

I have decided to take some time for myself.  I want to spend some time getting to know my daughter now that she is an adult and beginning to see the world through adult eyes.  That’s almost as cool as seeing Christmas through the eyes of a small child who is just beginning to understand the concept of Santa Claus.

I want to spend some time with my husband if possible, without going to South Carolina to do it.  If it had not been for a most likely drunk comment he made at a beach party one night when I was being teased about a young man that made it pretty clear to everyone that he wanted to have sex with me, Michael and I would have never had “The Conversation” that led us into this wonderful alternative marriage lifestyle that opened up my end of our marriage to date other men, for the benefit of our marriage, and which ultimately led to my latest career.

I will not miss anything about Las Vegas.  If this is someone’s idea about being a desert oasis, I’m pretty sure Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.  When there is a freeze warning in Tampa, people freak out, except for my husband.  People bring all their potted plants into the house and sleep with them.

I’m pretty sure there are no “local” people here but if there are, I’m also pretty sure a freeze warning means they worry more about a business downturn than frost on their windows and hard nipples on their women.  That’s why Michael loves cold weather.  He knows it makes my nipples hard.

Hmm . . .I am getting off message here.  Somehow a post about leaving Las Vegas turned into a post about my hard nipples.  That was not my intent.  My intent was to wish all of my friends and followers a very unrepentant, politically incorrect, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  I love you all!

Alexis McCall aka Lexi, aka Dr. Lexi


Happy Hotwife New Year!

January 3, 2016

My husband and I travelled in different circles for much of 2015 and nothing is going to change about that anytime soon, but he wanted to try and hook up with me in Orlando for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

He thought it would be nice to end the year and begin the New Year with his wife.  That would have been easier if I had known about it sooner but after being married to this man for 22 years I am used to this sort of thing.

I was on a holiday cruise with a work client so I didn’t have time to prepare for spending two nights with Michael in Orlando.  I thought we were going to spend a quiet New Years Eve together and then go to the Citrus Bowl game on New Year’s Day.

Clearly I didn’t ask enough questions.  I made my fashion choices based on going to a Florida Gators football game.  I was dressed appropriately for spending the entire day partying and watching a football game with temperatures in the mid eighties.

Michael drove down from Hilton Head Island and I drove over from Tampa.  We met at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel.  That is to say that we were both staying there in the same room.

I called him after I checked in, to see where he was.  He was at one of the pool bars with a few of his fraternity brothers.  That set off alarm bells in my head.  There was a whole lot more to this plan then I knew.

“Michael, I did not bring a party dress.  What’s going on?”  I asked sweetly.

He told me that the weekend sort of escalated into a fraternity reunion because one of the guys was an executive with the Citrus Bowl’s major sponsor.  There was going to be a party in one of the ballrooms that night.

I wasn’t mad at Michael.  He probably didn’t know, because he wouldn’t think to ask, because he doesn’t care, because he’s very flexible about partying, because he’s still a fraternity brother at heart.  Men that think that way never think about the implications that type of thinking has on the woman in his life.

So I went shopping, and that is how I spent my New Years Eve afternoon.  When I got back to the hotel, I booked a spa appointment as a walk in, which included the hair salon.  I didn’t see my husband until about an hour before the party.

Don’t worry.  The story has a happy ending!


Happy Hotwife New Year! #2

January 3, 2016

The New Years Eve party was a very elaborate event with all of the amenities one would expect when attending a New Year’s Eve party at an upscale hotel in Orlando, FL.  Michael knew enough about it to have brought a suit to wear, but apparently not enough to think to give me a heads up.

It worked out.  There were about 30 couples and maybe two dozen more fraternity brothers there without a wife, or girlfriend, or date.

There was one woman there that seemed to be slightly out of place.  I’m pretty sure no one else noticed it, at least none of the men in the room, because they were focused more on noticing her.

I am both a hotwife and a prostitute so I notice things about women.  As a working girl, I go out of my way to appear not to be one.  My business success has been to appear to be a wife, professionally.  The first thing I noticed about this wife, besides her sexuality and all her diamonds, was her ankle bracelet.

She was doing it backwards.  She was a married woman almost trying to appear not to be.  It was if she was going the extra mile to act professionally, unprofessional.  I had no idea if she was a hotwife, or just a pissed off wife, but she seemed to be putting herself “out there” socially, mingling.

It occurred to me that she might be another wife like me that was caught totally unaware of the plan and not handling it well.  I have been a hotwife long enough that I am no longer curious about why women wear an ankle bracelet on their right ankle.

I have written about this subject ad nausea in my blog and my website.  I notice when a woman is wearing one but I am not curious any more, whether she is a hotwife or not.

There were bars set up in opposite corners of the room.  I was waiting for the bartender to make a drink for me when she came up and stood beside me at the bar.  We were alone so I introduced myself.

We traded a few compliments and then I noticed her fingernails.  Every other one was painted blue, but not Florida Gator blue.  It was Michigan blue and the others were painted in yellow.  The blue nails had a yellow M and the yellow nails had a blue M.  It was really pretty artistic.

She was with the Enemy!  She was a University of Michigan fan! Her name was Lola.  We became friends but not why you might think.


Happy Hotwife New Year! #3

January 3, 2016

Lola’s toenails were painted exactly like her fingernails.  When she pointed that out to me and we both looked down, it gave her an excuse to notice my own ankle bracelet, or rather comment on it.

She wanted to know if I was wearing two anklets.  I told her it was a necklace that I wore in a double wrap.  She wanted me open the conversation and I didn’t do it, so neither did she.  We talked about what a Michigan fan was doing at a University of Florida football fraternity reunion New Year’s Eve party.

They live in Michigan.  Her husband got a job up there at a chemical company.  They met at a bar in Detroit.  He is a chemical engineer from Florida.  She was a school teacher from the Detroit suburbs.

She got pregnant.  They got married.  It was not a marriage made in heaven to begin with and still wasn’t 20+ years later.

I could relate, but it was New Year’s Eve.  I was in party mode for one reason, she was in party mode for another reason.  I didn’t ask if Lola found what she was looking for that night but I sure did.

At midnight we all went outside and watched the fireworks from several directions, all over Orlando.  Nobody does fireworks as good as Disney.  After that I reconnected with my husband and we made our own fireworks.

In many ways I think our marriage is even stronger now that we are not living together because there is no day to day relationship stress to have to deal with like Lola has.


Bonding with Lola

January 5, 2016

Lola and I bonded on New Year’s Day, but not for the reason you might think.  There were three departure times for our group at the hotel to head over to the pre-game tailgate party at the Citrus Bowl.

Most of the guys like to get an early start with a tailgate bloody Mary breakfast at a Florida bowl game so there was no reason for me to rush my guts out to get over there early.

I took the third bus at 9:30 and so did Lola.  I know how to dress for a bowl game in Florida on New Year’s Day.